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“Made in USA” should mean it

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As the result of a lawsuit and settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, Block Division, Inc., a Texas-based company, has promised to halt its misleading claims that its pulley blocks and equipment were “Made in the USA.” Many parts of the company’s products originated in other countries. In fact, the company’s pulleys used steel plates produced overseas that were pre-stamped “Made in USA” before they were shipped into the United States.

Block Division sells metal pulleys for industrial and personal use – for example, for farming and ranching, to provide handicap rigging, to lift boats, to operate overhead doors, or to move theatrical scenery. The company was ordered to stop making any false claim that its products were “Made in the USA” and to ensure its advertisements, sales, distribution and product labeling remain in compliance.

The FTC’s long-standing Enforcement Policy Statement on U.S. Origin Claims  helps businesses know when it’s appropriate to use the “Made in USA” label. That, in turn, helps you trust the labels you see.

  • A company that makes a “Made in the USA” product should be able to prove that all or virtually all of that product was made in the United States.
  • Products processed or finished in the USA that have materials from other countries shouldn’t be labeled “Made in the USA” without further explanation. 

Have a feeling that a product isn’t “Made in USA” as labeled? File a complaint with the FTC.

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That is great because many fish oil dietary supplements have the US flag on the bottle and proudly claim "Made in USA" when in fact entirely made in China. I checked the US customs import and many fish oils in capsules and bottles are made in China but the products say "Made in USA" and they have the nerve to put our hard fought symbol of the American flag on their bottles.
Buy American.

It's a common things. You know it now? I know it from 10 years. A business man wants profit not finding brand. Where you find a real business man? A real business man never think about benifit he just want his customer satisfaction.

Auto Metal Direct AMD auto parts Sheet Metal did it to us all the parts were made in ROC

I would like the cosmetic & skin care industry were monitored better. If one does not look closely, it may appear to have bee sourced in the USA but a closer look shows it is only 'Distributed' here! And the label does not always say where it came from. My concern is the pharmaceutical companies. Are the actually produced here or where? Some pharmacies change sources for medications frequently do the pill has a different appearance. How can customers be guaranteed the pills are made in the USA? The pharmacies are trying to obtain the best rices but this does not mean the medications are the best for the patient.

Pharms that require Rx usually say that their product is made in Ireland or Israel, etc. The country of manufacture is almost always printed but not in gigantic letters They are most compliant with the law of all the industries I have looked at.

I need some one help me about claims becouas I'm not sure that real claims number or case

This is a sore spot for me. I wish I could remember who I asked about being made in the USA. I was going to buy something. I asked if everything was made in the USA because it was stamped that way. Guess what they told me. They said that most of it was, but not all. The excuse was that small parts were made overseas and that there wasn't much they could do about it. I didn't buy the item. Made me think about how many products do stamp it Made in the USA. I would imagine that it is mind boggling how many companies out there know what they are doing.

The Last I read to claim made in SSA 80% had to be manufactured in the USA, other wise, all they could say is, Assembled in the USA.. I think the law also, says they Can say which parts, of a product, are made here..

Makes me ANGRY!

Last year I reported 500 numbers to the do not call registry and nothing works.
Sometimes I receive calls from the same number, so frustrating.
Some robocalls are from credit card services but the vast majority are live calls from contractors, home improvement and solar energy companies. Who gave my number to them??? If I knew I would call and try and stop these. It's been going on for years, I get several a day. Sorry but the do not call registry hasn't helped.

I would like my dishes, pots & pans made in America and not in China after watching a special regarding their recycled products.

Really, really, really bothersome !!!!

Upsetting to think the FTC is getting a bunch of $ for suing the violators of the donotcall Registry. And the people of the USA are the victims are the donotcall registry and we do not get a single little penny. I applaud their efforts but we are the ones giving them the #'s to file against and get nothing for our troubles and efforts. Sounds like something needs to be fixed here. Who else agrees with me?

I think more work should be done to protect the consumer. I hired a contractor to remodel my kitchen. The reason I hired this contractor was not because he was cheaper. It's because he claimed all material used will be MADE IN US. When the City's inspector inspecting their work (on other defective issues), the inspector told me the cabinets were MADE IN CHINA. When I confronted this contractor, he said the materials were from China, but they put them together in US!!!

I believe ALL products sold in America, whether in a store, online, or by mail; should be labeled with Country of Origin. And it should be strictly enforced. How are we supposed to support American industry and American workers if we don't know where our products are made?

I agree with so many of these comments. I especially like Doctor D's comment. I want to ONLY buy American. Any company that tries to defraud Americans to believing we are purchasing 100% American made products when in reality we are not; those companies making false claims should have a stiff penalty placed on their products, made to pay a fine and be exposed for their false claims. Who is responsible for protecting Americans for these false claims?

Over in Asia, there is a place called U.S.A., Japan. They pulled that crud so they could send things over here with the "made in the U.S.A." stamp. It's completely idiotic, though that's where most of our presumed "American" products come from.

Try finding a power tool or wood working machine geared to contractors, DIYers, and/or hobbyists that's made in the U.S. Impossible.

Excuse me? Agreed to halt making false claims, that's it?

Lawmakers --

As usual, clear cut theft by lying to rob people is called "misleading claims". Please, we are not blind to the fact that when a business steals it's ok and is called "misleading" but if I did the same thing, suddenly I get cuffed and called a "thief".

Yes as usual, big business is in the back pockets of lawmakers. We know, they must be "protected" from serving prison time for theft and robbery like I would if I did it, to heck with the citizenry!!!

If I rob YOU dear lawmaker, if I just agree to "halt" stealing, can I get off FREE every time too?? pretty please can I???

Awww ... guess not, I don't have have a business name!!



In addition to my above statement, I must add this one:

Calling it a "false claim" is catering to business, as usual. When I say a lie, it's called what it is - A LIE.

Lawmakers -

Stop calling a LIE a "false claim" because it's a business doing it. A lie is a lie!! Stop the 1984 George Orwell double speak already.

A liar is a liar, ok. It is not a "false claim" so stop "watering down" the robbery method they used by calling it "something that doesn't sound so bad"!!

Sickening. It's a wonder I don't stop voting.

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