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Planting seeds for a financially literate future

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April showers bring May flowers. April also is a good time to plant seeds for a financially fit future. After all, April is Financial Literacy Month.

Seeds of information from the Federal Trade Commission are free. They include publications on saving and shopping, credit and debt, buying a home or car, or looking for a job or paying for school; short videos on understanding credit scores and dealing with debt collectors; and worksheets on creating a budget and shopping for a mortgage.

Financial Literacy Month is an ideal time to learn – or teach others – the importance of consumers’ rights, and how to file a complaint if something goes wrong.


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I'm an advocate for financial literacy (with the work I do in the field of plain language); however, I often think we put all the emphasis on people learning about their financial life and not enough energy into getting the financial sector to write about money in ways that people can understand. How can the public become financially literate when they have to wade through complex explanations of Terms and Conditions for their credit cards, or need an attorney to explain their mortgage contract, or even need help filling out bank forms. Financial literacy works in two directions: helping citizens understand, but also presenting them with understandable information.

Thanx - helpful info

bona fide

Great information, please keep it coming! Thanks

Great info, thanks for the good work

That would be too much work for the salaries they receive! Help the public that aren't fortunate, ha! Credit reporting is even against us! Transunion drops 31 points because 150 is utilized for a 300 credit card! My payment of 150 is not factored in though, so I guess it will jump 10 points when that updates! 31 points! Why bother! 30 yrs employed same place same corruption and I have not a thing to show for it. All because of what you mentioned, bought a house, got screwed and downhill ever since! Love merica!

You don't have to wait till you receive your bill to pay your credit card. Pay as you use it or ask the credit card company when they report to the CRA's and when they need to receive the payment by so it will reflect a zero balance

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