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The FTC won’t offer to fix your computer

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Some cons send pop-up computer warnings to pitch unnecessary – and sometimes harmful – tech support services. Some make phone calls. Others – like one scammer the FTC just sued – send spam emails that falsely claim the FTC hired them to help remove problem software. In this case, announced today, the court has ordered the defendant to stop claiming he’s affiliated with the FTC, to shut down his websites and phone numbers, and inform current customers who contact him that he is not affiliated with the FTC. If you got one of those messages, please tell the FTC.

The FTC doesn’t hire companies to contact people and give technical support. The FTC says this imposter created a fake FTC press release, including the real FTC seal and motto, to make people believe he was connected with the agency. He sent the fake press release and spam messages saying it was his job to call people and remove tracking software from their computers. And, according to the FTC, if he got access to someone’s computer, he told them it was infected and tried to sell them technical support services.

If you get a pop up, call, spam email or any other urgent message – from anyone – about a virus on your computer, stop. Don’t click on any links, don’t send any money, and don’t give anyone control of your computer. The person behind the message probably wants access to your computer to grab your data, install malware, or sell you unnecessary services. Please report those messages at




IVE BEEN GETTING CALLS LIKE THIS FOR YEARS SAYING THERE FROM THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION OR FROM Microsoft TEC SUPPORT---and have told them over and over to stop calling-and lots of time they were rude very rude about it---and even know when our computer is on---they wanted money to remove a virus they keep saying we have on our computer---I just hope the kids don't let them have control of the computer at any time---they said they did not-but act guilty---I hope these cons got sued for millions and wish I could meet them face to face to give them a piece of my mind

Same thing happened with me. Claimed to be with Microsoft. Offered to remove virus for a fee. Had to trash a good computer out of fear that other computers on my home system could be violated. Such a scam.

I got a message on my computer, blue screen. Windows left another message when I logged on again. It said it was looking into the problem and would let me know. This has happened before and they never get back to me. I don't know if this was legit or not.

This is part of how the BSoD (blue screen of death) recovery works. On Windows 7 or before Windows is sends dump info to Microsoft once you log back in. This minidump contains no personal info. On Win8 and 10, the minidump is sent when the BSoD occurs. This is completley normal.

My devices suffered intrusion , the individuals responsible had complete control of the S5 Galaxy Phone , landline , laptop , fire , and 10 tablet. Explaining this situation to anyone was very difficult especially our network provider , the FCC , FTC , and others that should be concern . When the network provider sent a Technician to the home , he confirmed a problem but also stated that it would take the likes of security clearance in order to perform what was explained. Upon disconnection of his equipment , the laptop flashed and was never able to restart. That s5 Galaxy was shut down without administrative permission , never to be activated again due to information stolen and the Monthly provider confirmed your number duplicated , the response of the technical help explained that I had to seek a new number not the individual that got issued my number. The intrusion was and is still adding difficulties to the victims... When is the government going to figure out that the individuals complaining are the ones suffering do to the manipulation from other that don't care about U.S 4th Amendment and the invasion of ones privacy. When an individual disrupts others , its purposefully done so and the individual should pay the maximum penalties.

too all readers, do-not answer! listen on a answering device first! then do-not answer, even if you are lonely! do-not answer! and if you do answer by mistake, hang up; and never answer with the word "YES".

Thank you for this information..

I received a call many times and he got angry when I told him I wasn't going to use his service he got angry. He said he could get into my aol account which he did. I had to have my computer serviced and aol account changed. He even called after but I didn't answer. It cost me $189.00. I'm still afraid to go online. It's scary. I never got his name but I have the phone number.

I got a call and I thought something was fishy. the number was 6152166281

You can report any kind of problem you like to the FTC, getting spammed, etc., but you can count on the FTC to never ever respond. I've never had the FTC provide any indication to me that it's followed up or acted upon any of my complaints or information provided re: spamming, robocalls despite my having put all of my numbers (one's unlisted) on DNC lists. Just got another one, not going to bother to report the number or that I got it because I don't believe the FTC ever follows up or takes any action.

Three million consumers called, wrote, or went online to tell us about fraud or identity theft in 2016. Each one of those reports is important to us – and to other law enforcement nationwide and helps us bring cases against scammers of all kinds. Sometimes, these cases result in refunds for the affected consumers. But these reports also add up to a picture of what happened during the year.

Your reports matter. In 2016, the FTC brought cases that forced companies like Volkswagen ($10 billion) and Herbalife ($200 million) to refund money to consumers injured by those companies’ deceptive practices, and also directly returned over $160 million to people affected by scams.

Learn more about why your complaints matter by watching this video.

Thank you for this information, as I have been duped twice. Your advice is embedded in my mine and will try to print this sheet out.

We were getting calls like those mentioned above, however, now they claim my Windows license is about to expire and they want to help me by reinstating it. We get these calls about 6 times per day. Last time, I called the number they supply (which I suspect gives them certain rights since I called them) and I told them to take me off their call list. The number I was told to call is:800-998-5202 and was hung up on when I asked to be taken off their list.

Thank You FTC for your service. I get your emails and have been able to stay on top of the latest scams.

I have this virus and it takes over thing I try to do. I have tried to FTC but have never Ben able to reach because of the virus

To make a complaint to the FTC, please go to

The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Just got knocked off again. By this virus on my system

Repeated calls from #8282120198, "lee terry" wanting to " fix my computer ".

Yes, my friend has had this happen twice now, and had to change everything at the bank, even having done this the first time they still tried to use her card information so that is the reason for the second time in having to go to the bank again. They now keep calling her for a wireless phone on her caller ID, they are getting out of control with all these calls. As for me I get at least 4 calls a day from them as well, and I let them talk & think that I am going to perform their instructions, I then tell them that I work for Microsoft in which I don't, and ask God for forgiveness and they call me every name in the book. I even get calls in the morning at 7 am est from them. Do Not Call doesn't work?

They are starting again to call my & several of my friends, they even called from my own home #?? A bit concerning how they are doing this because I don't give out any information to them & tell them to Stop Calling. Why put our #'s on the Do Not Call List as it does Not work.. For those that did get scammed by these people I can tell you to keep checking your bank accounts, as they did this to a friend and they had to close out 2 accounts, issued 3 debit cards, and they still continue to call them. This is so wrong, and will they ever be stopped? On the account above my friend was trying to use their debit card out of state & at the same time these people were trying to do the same, Thank God the bank locked their account. When getting home they called the bank & they explained as to why they did this, and it kept on from different states as well.. If anything the FTC really needs to get these scammers, and Thank you for doing all that you are Kudos to the FTC..

Number 1 216 421 8619, Cleveland Ohio. Calls 4-5 times a day .i tried to call back over and over, number is not in service says disconnected. How are they using telephone lines. They are saying Microsoft tech calling about a virus and want me to turn on my desk top computer, I use my iPad . They call so much, I blocked the number. Guess what, they just call earlier and late at night. What is wrong with people today. He has the worst English I have ever heard. .i wonder what country he is calling from? Good luck to us all.

Is it possible to retrieve my FTC identity theft report that I reported earlier this year? Thank you

I don't know if that's possible, but you can call the FTC Identity Theft line at 1-877-438-4338 and ask.

Got another call today. As soom as I heard the Indian voice and the word computer, I said a number of unpleasant things to him. His answer was that I was in danger and I hung up. Isn't there any way the people usig this number can be finded by the government for this abuse. i am supposed tobe on the no call list, but it doesn't work.

I just received a call yesterday from a person who sounded like they were from India. Reporting my computer was in great danger and I needed to go sit in front of it and wait for instructions. I gave them a piece of my mind and hung up.

fix my computer and protect my Big data. Please i need your help.

Does your computer have a virus or bad software? Learn how to get rid of computer programs that cause problems.

My malwarebytes scan comes back clear even in roots as does virus scan but since hackers had control thru screen share Inam afraid they have key logger software on it. Any other way I can look myself to determine? Don’t have money to go to tech shop.

The FTC has this page about dealing with tech support scams.

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