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NutriMost Gets A Reality Check

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Swimsuit season is around the corner! If you are looking for a diet gimmick to melt the pounds away, consider this reality check. It involves a case against a weight loss program that made false and unproven weight loss claims that cost people money.

The FTC settled with NutriMost LLC, a company that produces and promotes a weight loss plan called the NutriMost System. The company distributes the NutriMost System through its own weight loss centers, and licenses or franchises it to chiropractors and other licensed practitioners to sell out of their own practices.

Ads for NutriMost claimed that people would safely lose 20-40 pounds or more in 40 days. NutriMost said users would lose weight “faster, easier, better, and healthier than ever before” because the company created personalized weight loss formulas “more unique than a fingerprint.” But under the FTC’s settlement, NutriMost must stop making misleading and unsupported claims about its technology and supplements. These include the unproven claims that the NutriMost System enabled consumers to achieve permanent weight loss, targeted weight loss, and helped treat or cure diabetes, psoriasis, and other diseases.

Consumers who paid $1,895 for the system had to sign an agreement saying they couldn’t make negative comments or reviews. Although NutriMost used consumer testimonials in their ads, the FTC says many were false or misleading because they failed to disclose that only some people in the testimonials followed the actual NutriMost System. NutriMost also failed to disclose that other reviews came from NutriMost franchisees, their relatives or employees.

Promises of easy weight loss can be appealing, but nothing beats diet and exercise. If you think a weight loss product is a scam, report it at

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Not referring to this topic. I received 6 calls today for 704-125-4171 which I did not answer, id said unavailable or name unavailable, Time to change my number.

I got 19 calls from 724-578-3172 claiming they were from United States Financial Aid and saying I qualify for free money within hours if leaving the office. Case is being investigated by FTC.

i yogi keeps calling 3 to 4 times a day I had them
two years ago they where suppose to be a computer service to repair problems on the computer I payed a
lot of money to them and they suddenly went out of business now someone from there keeps calling wanting me to let them in my computer here is one number they use 212-548-1245 stone harbor comes up on my telephone they keep harnessing me constantly
sometime it say unknown caller these people need to be stopped

I yogi are a bunch of ripoffs! It seems like they "need" $200 to "fix" every problem. The first fix was to run Malwarebytes. It worked well. I wrote down the name, and did a google search, and Malwarebytes offers a free download, as well as a paid version.

The nest "problem" was that I needed to upgrade to Windows 8, apparently because Win7 was riddled with problems. I'm still using Win7 3 years later. Apparently, the "problem" fixed itself :)

They did the same called early march and proposed a clean up of my computer for 200 to 350 dollars and said they worked for Microsoft. they asked me to download a program for them to fix my computer which was dying quickly...
they used the numbers 1 8157896252 { not in service} and 201 821 2910 and today 1 7041254171
they are crooks and should be stopped !

That almost sounds too good to be true because you can't lose 20-40 pounds in 40 days. It sounds like a scam because the effective way to lose weight is by exercising and eating healthy.

I went on this program two years ago, during which time,I got very ill with Bad Bronchitis. I couldn't stop the program because was already almost a month in. I still lost a about 30 pounds. The program was expensive, the food was expensive to purchase. They do nothing to support you afterwards. I ended up gaining all the weight back. The program is a scam, I want my money back. My husband and I both did this program in Michigan.

Hi Gedda, Have you found a way to get your money back, I am the same place as you are, want my money back. did not work.

I did the program 1 year ago and I did lose 25lbs, however, I ended up in the hospital with severe chest pains! I was starving myself! I was always hungry and a year later I’ve gained back 20 of the pounds I shed! Anyone is going to lose weight when only taking in 500 calories per day! I did feel good while I was eating super healthy foods & not drinking alcohol! The supplements are a hoax-

I did this program also paid $2000, the first week I started it I followed it like they explained, lost 10lbs in that first week on this 500 calorie. I ended up in the hospital with the worse chest pains that lasted almost 2 weeks. Once I mentioned this to them they tried using they’re tactics on how it’s all natural and it shouldn’t do that ! It’s all bs.... I did get 1/2 of my money but never again will I do anything like this. Do you’re reasearch and read reviews before spending this much money and if anything says no refund!!! Run!!!!

I also did this and lost 20 pounds. After that first month, I got really bad bronchitis and spent 2 1/2 months in bed sick. I did not have any strength and could not leave the bed. I also gained the weight back plus some. Not eating sugar and eating healthier was really great.

Would love that $2000 back also!

I cannot find anything about not using chemicals and buying special personal care items. Does anyone know why Nutrimost says this?

How do I get my money back? I did the program one and a half times. I lost 35 pounds in total. I have gained it all back.

I filed a complaint with FTC and being disabled I cannot just exercise to get the weight off. I was scammed by a chiropractor and so I complained, nothing was done to them at all! I was told by the FTC to join a gym! HUH< wish I could! Now what am I suppose to do?? I found a writer who is helping me to get my money back, hopefully we can!

I used this product for a year and didn't lose no weight.

Wow! I just went to a nutrimost appointment and was so ready until they hit me with the price. For 40 days...I think not. And also I couldnt understand how that technology would work without any blood work or urine test or anything like that. Glad I checked for other reviews because I must admit it was a bit enticing.

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