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Amazon offers refunds for unauthorized in-app charges

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Amazon will make up to $70 million in refunds available to customers who were charged for unauthorized in-app purchases made by a child.

You may be eligible for a refund from Amazon if you were billed for unauthorized charges made by a child, and the charges were for in-app purchases made between November 2011 and May 2016.

If you’re eligible for a refund, you should have received an email from Amazon on May 26, 2017 with instructions on how to request your refund. You also can:

The deadline to request your refund is May 26, 2018. Amazon is managing the refund process so if you do request a refund, you’ll have to check with Amazon to find out the status.

You can learn more about the FTC’s action against Amazon at To learn more about kids’ apps, check out Understanding Mobile Apps.

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I've been looking for someone who is honestly trying to help the people these guru take advantage of . I have been taking like a fool. But one day I will see justice . Thanks so much

I have a multitude of charges made through amazon by my children. A rediculous amount honestly. How can i retreive a refund from an account that amazon closed. The only response i get is that i will receive an email within 24 hours. Well months later and who knows how many phone calls I still have not received this email.

I've been approved for the refund and was told it would take 14 days electronically or 30 days by mail. It is 19 days since that approval and I have been going back and forth with amazon. They state the electronic part of my refund has been refunded back to my card but here is the kicker. That card was from 5 years ago so it would have been expired and my bank has shown no activity on a deposit. If it would have kicked back then i would be getting a check soon. I know im getting a check for a small amount due to the email but the rest is in limbo and so far amazon has not been helpful. I dont know where else to go in order to get the money they promised me.

I wish you luck...I'm in the same boat, I've been going back and forth between Amazon and Epiq, no one can tell me where my refund has gone, the original card and bank account that the charges were against have been closed for over 4 years. Amazon has created a mind-blowing cluster of who's on first....I filed a consumer complaint today through the FTC but not sure what the result will be.

Was this ever resolved? I am now having this issue of 5 years of unknown auto charges, bc my kids subscribed by accident.

Amazon approved my refund but they will not send me the money. They said $40 went back to original payment but 60.38 could not be returned so they'd send a check. It's been a month and I've contacted them and they're just giving me the runaround. That $40 was never refunded to me because I don't have those cards anymore. Who can I complain to or get some help so I can get my refund?

You can let the FTC know about this at

I was told I would recieve a check for the remainder of my refund by June 30th. The card that was charged the unauthorized purchase is no longer active. I have yet to recieve the money and now I am being told there is no further information they can provide to me. I reported this to my states Attorney General and the BBB.

Apparently I am not the only one experiencing this nightmare of trying to get a refund that I was approved for. It has been 72 days,over 10 emails all unhelpful at best, incoherent at worst and 5 Phone calls which resulted in only a run around, pass the buck, excuse after excuse dead end. Apparently they somehow credited a card that has been deactivated for over 2 years and an account that was also been closed for 2 years. Because of this idiotic mistake on their part, I have not received the check I was promised and they contacted me about. This is so wrong. This Billion dollar company with a CEO who was named the second riches man in the world is deny me, who is on disability my refund of $56.89 ????

Same thing is currently happening to me. They credited debit cards that had been expired and I have no way of tracking refund down. I would have been better off not knowing that they were giving me a refund.

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