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DeVry refund update

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As part of the FTC’s settlement with DeVry University for deceptive advertising, the school agreed to pay $49.4 million to the FTC for partial refunds to some students. The FTC plans to mail checks before the end of the summer to people who:

  • enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015;
  • paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • completed at least one class credit.

The amount of each refund will depend on how much a person paid to DeVry. The refunds will not be the full amount of money people paid.

The FTC will use DeVry’s records to identify students eligible for refunds. If you were a DeVry student between January 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015, you don’t need to do anything to apply for a refund. If you think you might be eligible, and your address has changed since you attended DeVry, you can call the FTC refund administrator at 844-578-2645 to update your address.

For information about the DeVry redress program, visit and sign up for email updates. To learn more about repaying federal student aid, check out the Department of Education’s loan repayment page.

Note: On May 11, 2017, we edited this post to clarify that a student had to enroll in a degree program for the first time between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015.

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How can you check to see if there was a letter mailed to you January 2017 because honestly I don't remember. I remember getting a check. WHO can we contact about whether the loans will be forgiven.

I received a refund of $85.68, I applied it towards my 50k in student loan debt.

When did you received that refund? and was that the first one?

I attended Devry from. 2008 thru 2010. I meet all 4 requirements. I have not heard from every or.received a refund.

My name is Christa T. I attended the DeVry University between 2008 to 2011 in Houston, Texas. What information do I need to be eligible for this. I graduated and was promised I would have a job prior to graduation. They even told me before attending during the orientation that I can work on campus. But unfortunately I was never hired regardless how many applications I put. I graduate and technical management but a lot of employers ask the same question. What exactly is technical management? Unfortunately I couldn't even answer that question. I just told it's like computer information systems. Because it wasn't information systems I couldn't be hired within my field. How do I become eligible for this?

I moved and never received my check. How do I get the refund I am due?

I joined Devry in the middle of 2008. I was convinced by someone coming in my high school class and talking all about it. I enrolled with the information that I would be doing game design. Surprising now that it's not even an option anymore within their listing

Though throughout my attendance I soon realized that most of the professor that are teaching there didn't know anything about the course that I wanted to learn. So we all were learning about how to design games. Not only that I had someone who didn't even allow me to proceed in taking the finals since I wasn't doing everything their way. When I did manage to pass that class they only gave me a B though I graduate with a high mark to count as an a.

As I continued my education with Devry they didn't have any of the classes that I wanted to attend available at their school, and stated that I would have to:
A.)Take online courses
B.)Go 30 miles to their main school to take the class.
Though at the time I didn't have any income or job, and I had no excessive transportation to get to the school. I've heard of people that were given time to wait for the class to be available, but as I tried to ask for the same they denied me that choice. I feel that at most that decision was mainly due to a racial decision from what I've seen. And mainly forced me to take online courses.

I started taking the online courses and without a doubt were the biggest disappointment due to the fact as I would ask a question to the teacher I would get a response back the next day. Which they would respond back with a "Can you please be more specific?". It was the biggest waste of my time and I hardly got any help from the teachers. They did have tutors at the school, but most of them were just students at the school that did anything but help me. Most of the time when they were available was at times comprehensive towards my schedule.

Throughout this process I tried to get out of the online classes before I got to my first test which allowed you to get refunded, but as I noticed I wasn't going to succeed I had no way to get out of the class since the school was not available to process that on the weekends. I don't know how it is now.

This process continued multiple times with me not having much of any other choice to taking classes besides being force to do online. it always ended the same way, and instead of the "student success coach" finding alternative would only allow me to do online which in the end didn't do anything, but waste all of my loan on it. The classes I wanted to attend were never available do to since they were never enough students needing to take the class as their reasoning. As I came to the end of my limit of income for the school. I left leaving disappointing, and them stating that they tried to help me which is a bit of an understatement, and not even getting half way to succeeding the program I wanted to so much.

Though as I continue my life without my degree I was soon contacted by the IRS about my loans stating that I took out another loan in the middle of my course (which I never recall doing). I went back and forth with the school and the IRS about the loan, and no one not even the school knows what I'm talking about. They school stated it was from some other loan provider, and again they didn't even know what loan I was talking about. Overall the IRS was kind enough to fix that, and put that mysterious loan with my other loans which is lame. So now I'm stuck with two individual loans that I have been trying to take care of, but for the most part they loan provider hasn't been helpful. I still have problems trying to sort that out. They been giving me information that hasn't worked at all, and I still haven't been able to get this fix.

Either way from all of this going on. I'm still stuck with a outrage loan that I wanted to succeed at my dream career, but the twist in all this I'm currently trying to develop my own game right now as an indie developer. Though the weight of the loan is on me I still wanted to following something of my dreams even if it's still me trying to learn everything that the school sadly didn't do well.

Is there any update on this situation??

It is now April 2019 and still waiting for a refund from attending Devry about 10 years ago. Where is my refund??

I graduated from DeVry summer of 2009. Do I qualify for this? I think I started around 2006 or 2007. I have not received anything payments.

Learn about the criteria for a refund and who to contact for more information at

I was a student from 06/2007 to 05/2009 I haven't been contacted once by anybody nor have I received any form of a check, can somebody please help? I graduated with an associate's degree from the ECT program, no loans, paid for everything with a credit card. Any info on how to receive this payment would be greatly appreciated! Thank You

Learn about the criteria for a refund and who to contact for more information at

I haven't got the first round of "checks" - I was in DeVry from 2013 - 2015

Learn about the criteria for an FTC refund and get more information at

I met the criteria yet I never received a check or loan forgiveness. Is there someone I can call to speak with to find out exactly what happened?

Learn about the criteria for FTC refunds and get more information at

I too met all of the criteria and have called the number given on the website in addition to calling DeVry direct and have only received the run around. Is there a legitimate person I can speak with regarding this issue. I am still paying off student loans and did not get a job as they promised. I went to all of the job fairs and resume workshops but ultimately was completely let down as so many of these other students were. I received both my Associates and Bachelors from DeVry and was highly encouraged to continue to get my Masters. I am very glad I did not continue because all that would have done would have made my debt increase.

Hello, I did receive the "first round" of checks, when should I expect the second?

Read about the second round of checks at

the link you posted as a response does not have a date or range of when the 2nd round of checks will be sent out

The announcement is dated April 2019.

I attended DeVry and graduated with my Bachelor's degree in June 2008. I am still paying on student loans, I never received any information about being eligible for a refund. I meet all of the qualifications, why was I not contacted and why did I not receive a refund?

I moved since i got my first check. How do i make sure they have my new address for my second check?

Go to to get contact information for the refund administrator.

Well USPS said I have an refund check coming today. So I checked here and looks like I am getting a second check. Hope it’s better then $300 because what I am paying in student loans back is absolutely way more then that!!

This year my tax refund was completely taken away and sent to debt collectors because of Devry. Is there a way to get it back?

Really praying that all of us get our loans from Devry university forgiven. Sadly this last check in May of 2019 was $130.00, which is horrid. I have a loan of over $55,000.00 and Devry is denying me my transcripts. I'm stuck....a single mom of 2 small kids in the same job and same pay when I started at Devry 5 years ago. I was sucked in by their lies. Shame on them and the underhanded practices and the people responsible for ruining thousands of futures.

This is my first check received. Letter states this current check is the 2nd check sent.

I attended Devry from January 2012-August 2012. I passed one class in psychology and the other two that I had taken, I did not. (it was a very trying time for me, travelling with two small kids of mine and going through a divorce. But my point is at the time it was $9500.00 that the school charged me. Now it is at $14,772.09 with all that interest. I always felt that I was being charged more than it should have been. $9500 for three classes seems outragious! But now its almost double. Be nice if you can review the $ amounts per credit during that time and for my degree although I never finished, it was only those three classes. I never liked their customer service so I quit. I couldn't put up with the attitudes in the office and trying to get my questions answered. It's not worth the aggravation. Maybe you can put some better light on this subject or might be something else to look into. Thank you.

I got the April 2019 email about the 2nd round of checks, but can't seem to get any more Information than that. Anyone know anything?

Go to for information.

I've moved, what do I need to do? Also, how do we find out the amount of the check?

You can call the FTC's refund administrator at 844-578-2645. Get more information at

Hello...students who were in the Master's Degree Program were promised a lot of the same as those who were in the Bachelor's Degree and Associate Degree Program. Are we excluded from the settlement and if so, why? We were promised the same things as students.

They’re still full of deception I want all of my money back that just disbursed.

When it says 1st time enrollment in a bachelor's or an associate's degree does that mean with them or ever. For example if I was in a bachelor program at Baker college then started devey in a bachelor program am I not eligible?

To be eligible for a partial refund from the FTC, a student had to meet all four of these eligibility requirements.

  • You enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015.
  • You paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits.
  • You did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement.
  • You completed at least one class credit.

Read more about the refunds at

I was in studying in Devry from 2011-2014 and i have paid cash and have a lot of student loans that need to be paid and I have not been successful to get a job with the degree that they offered me. how can I get loan forgiveness?

Go here to find information from the US Department of Education about loan forgiveness and repaying your loans.

I recieved a first round check(which didnt even scratch the surface of my loan) but have since moved. How do I find out if a second round was mailed and if it was mailed to my current address?

Any NEW updates to a resolution on this?

I’ve been trying to find out how to update my address since April! When you call the number, it’s just a recording and there is no option to update my address. I received the notification that the post office sent it back because it went to my old address. I wish I could get a solid answer of how to get what’s due to me.

I have attended Devry from 2008-2012, and I have not received a letter regarding the FTC Settlement. I did move to a different state which may be the reason I have not received any notices and I have struggled to find a job in my field and now I am having to pay almost $1000/month. I have become hopeless and this mentally and financially impacted my life. I am not able to pay my bills or afford to even have a child right now with all this debt fro Devry. How can I apply? What can I do?

Read about DeVry refunds at www.FTC.govDeVry.

I went to devry and received my associates in between that time but have moved out of the country. how can i go about finding more information on this to see if i am eligible?

Read about DeVry refunds at

I never got my check. Who do I contact?

I'm shock to see that even I have proof that I attended Devry University in Orlando back in 2006 and paid more than 89% of tuition with Loans and somehow I was not selected to receive Checks.

My wife enrolled for bachelors at DeVry in May 2011. She continued to go to school there until summer of 2015. During this timeframe we accumulated almost $55,000 in student loan debt. I am really not sure who can we speak to or get some assistance as all my wife has received a check of $125.00 as part of this settlement, which is mind boggling. I have been trying to call the telephone # on FTC website but of no avail. Please let us know what should be our next step


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