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Fake emails could cost you thousands

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Think you got an email from a business you know? Scammers sometimes use emails that look legit to trick you into sending money to them.

The email might say it’s from a real estate professional you’re working with, telling you there’s a last-minute change and you should now wire your closing costs to a different account. Or it could seem to be an email – with an invoice – from your utility company, telling you to wire payment. Whatever the story, if you wire that money, it goes to the scammer – and you may never see your money again.

These scammers might get your information by hacking into a business. Once they know about you, they send an email that seems to come from the business, telling you where to send money.  So, how can you spot these scams? 

  • Never wire money to anyone who emails – or calls – and asks you to. Instead, check it out.
  • Contact the company through a number or email address you know is real. Don’t use phone numbers or links in the email.
  • Don’t open email attachments, even from someone you know, unless you’re expecting it. Opening attachments can put malware on your computer.

If you’ve already sent in money to a scammer, act quickly.    

  • If you wired money through your bank, ask them right away for a wire recall. If you used a money transfer company, like Western Union or MoneyGram, call their complaint lines immediately.
  • Report your experience to the FTC and to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at Give as much information as you can, including all requested banking information. The sooner you get this report in to ic3, the more likely they can help you.
  • If your bank asks for a police report, give them a copy of your report to

Also, learn more about protecting yourself from phishing


Debt collectors can contact you by phone, letter, email or text message to collect a debt, as long as they follow the rules and disclose that they are debt collectors.

This FTC article about your rights when you deal with debt collectors has more information.

I was about scammed by a false outfit calling their selves Advance America installment loans .

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I just received an email from a law firm so they say I can't find any information concerning the law firm or the phone number that was in the email. I reported it to the FTC

There is an outside chance that my Social Security Number was compromised due to a fake email supposedly from Chase Bank about my credit card. I filled in some information including my SS # when I realized it may be a scam. I did not send it but if they can see what I am typing it may have been released. Please advise. 804-xxx xxxx

The FTC has tips about what to do if information is lost or exposed. There are tips related to Social Security numbers.

I want an email address that I can send to potential scammers so that you can catch them red handed with your tracking abilities. I have been on a website to meet people but all I seem to get is scammers using stolen pictures of people. Please provide us a false email address that you can monitor and reply to these scammers instead of us getting deeper involved with them. The website in reference is called Tagged.

Put something for sale on Craigslist. Got an e-mail from interested party offering more money than I had asked, and additional funds to pay a moving co. to pick up the item because they were on a business trip. Wanted to send a check and have me cash and pay a certain amount to the movers when they came to pick up. They ask for address & phone number only. This happened twice in a couple days. Are they coming to my house to break in and steal the item? What do they gain by just getting my name and phone number?

As this blog describes, sometimes scammers sometimes use emails that look legitimate to trick people into sending money to them. They pretend to engage in a transaction with you, and send you a check and ask you to cash the check and send or give some funds to their accomplice.

Similar thing happened with me. Guy didn't even want to look at the furniture but said that he would send me a check and have someone pick up the furniture. It just seemed so strange that I didn't give my address and ignored his emails.

Recently I received an email from "Apple" confirming my purchase of an app for $35. Of course I panicked because I did not purchase the app. In the email, it stated that if I did not make this purchase, please click here. In my haste to resolve this issue, I clicked and it brought me to the Apple login page which didn't look quite right and I realized then that it was a scam. Later, I compared all my other emails from Apple and it is so clear that this email was fake.

I received same type email to verify purchase on itune acct. I knew it was scam because my charge acct number info is not on my acct page. After several times, they quit sending emails.

Today (1/19/18) I received an email from the address of edak. lawfirm. garton@ outlook. com> stating I owed money on a payday online loan. Since I have never applied for one I knew it was a scam. The email was forwarded to the FTC scam website. The email was very threatening and the wording was that of a 1st grader. Beware!!!

I got an email from amazon saying my email was changed. I called and they informed me it was legit. I changed my email back and added a two step verification. I also changed my pass for my email and added a two step verification. A day later I got mass flood of subscription emails. I deleted them but the last one was an invoice from Home Depot. I called and it was legit. The last 4 digits of the card was not mine. I panicked and put a security freeze on my credit because my email did have my tax return in there. I also alerted the irs and had to fill out a 10439 form. Made a police report, contacted FTC, placed fraud alert on my credit reports, also went to the bank and had ACH payments stopped. The email they tried to change my amazon to was The package from Home Depot was marked fraud so they never got it. I live in Philadelphia and it was going to a Philly address. Meanwhile I checked my credit report that week and I had no inquiries. So have they used a card that belonged to someone else on my account I wonder? I’m still confused on how they got my email and password. I even have signed up for experienc credit watch just to add my children. You cannot freeze a child’s credit report unless it has been used. I’m just praying nothing else happens.

I got scam with $500.dallors

Emailed notice like this are going to happen. Computers have made people dumb. You rely on email and texting so much you can't even remember a phone number you call all the time. Every company uses a computer that is why your information is out there. realize you did this to yourself and the only way to get away from it is stop using the computer for everything.

I had the same email a few months back. It was from a Raychelle traynor. She had the same case number and said they will go To my employer. She also said I would have To make a $200 payment in good faith, or they will file with the local sheriffs and he will be at my door. She also said she was from cash advance and would not send me proof, as I knew I did not take a loan out with them. Same story from a man who said he was atty. Joel haven , representing checks inc. I asked several times for proof and he would not send either. I have just received another one last week from an Andre, sent me a fake arrest warrant copy. I sent all to my attorney. He said they were all scammers . Unreal....these people need to be caught!!

I got an email from capital loaner commission!!! Are these people real?

I just got one of theses email today and the name they used was Ashley Martin over due department and a email that said (debtsofunpaidloan @gmai. com I have never gotten any loans from any when

so I got a email about having a westurn union waitn for me I was given a Mtcn number to track on the westurn union site and I did it says active and almost ready 1.7 million 5k payments but I was not asked to pay anything in order to get the first payment so I'm confused

I have been searching for a couple of months to see if anyone has received an email like the couple I received. They do not say who they are just that they know that one email I am using (an old one that I have upgraded years ago). And that they are going to share with all my contacts about the porn sites I have been visiting (don't do that either) if I don't pay them $500/$750 at bit coin in the next 10 days. Both started in Spam but I deleted.

The hacker just stole my father's email and ask the money to his client in advance in Hongkong bank account for the trekking in Nepal. We are from Nepal and my dad organizes trekking through his email address. My dad was totally unaware about it and his clients sent 5 thousand Euro from France to Hongkong account as the hacker asked...and the client sent money on February....because the hacker managed to email them in a same way my dad used to send and asked the transfer in advance to Hongkong bank account.
They are filing complaints in FBI and police department from France but it has been more than 2 months ..We are very much upset and stressed...
I want to ask if there is any possible ways to arrest the hacker as he sent his Banking information for the wire transfer..Can FBI do something with the bank details ?

P.S Do not ever trust anyone and if someone is asking you wire transfer specifically for the business company.. always double check before you transfer money and make sure to talk with the person directly...

Today I got an email from Richard Duckett with an email address legal @ ezmoney 24365. com. A summon letter stating that I owe money in July 2014 for $300 that if I don't reply May 17 that there's going to be a lawsuit against me. I called the phone listed on the email several times (323)-795-2212 and it's no longer in service.There is address in Los Angeles which matched in bbb. I checked BBB and called the number given (310) 997-4876. I called and it does not say the company name and directed me to press 1 and after it sounds like a live person pick up a call and next thing I heard was a recording to please leave a detailed message. I called back several times (same lady by the name of Carol) asked if this is ez money loan. She rudely says no at first and called back again and when I said Hello she hanged up. I'm worried coz the email says I have to reply by May 17. I'm scared to reply on the email. This is the address on the email:EZ Money Loans Inc. 418 S San Vicente Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 collection sezmoney 24365. . Please advised if this is a scam or how can reply to some company without confirmation that this is not a scam. Please help.

Every debt collector has to send you a written “validation notice” that says how much money you owe, within five days after they first contact you. The validation notice must say:

  • the amount of the debt
  • the name of the creditor you owe the debt to
  • tell you your legal rights under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

If you did not get a validation notice yet, you could tell the person to send a validation notice before you talk about the debt. You could read this FTC article about old debts. Some debts are too old for a debt collector to be able to sue you to collect on them. Read about time-barred debts.


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