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Honor and remember

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Whether stationed stateside or deployed to another part of the world, our military personnel make sacrifices during their service. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice. In fact, since the country’s founding, more than one million servicemembers have lost their lives during a conflict. As we approach Memorial Day, we honor those fallen troops who died in service of the nation.

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My enternal gratitude to all our military personnel who gave their lives that we might live in freedom.

Thanks to all veterans from a veteran, An Thoi, rvn, 1969

God Bless all our our military men and women. I thank you for your services to our country .

Thanks to all veterans. God bless each of you for keeping our country safe.

I know and understand the sacrifices because my father is a veteran. The continuous fight for freedom will always result in sacrifice. I truly appreciate all that our soldiers do now and have done in the past. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless our Military!!!!!

Thanks to all are service men and women for all you do an all you miss while abroad .God bless you all

Thank you to all vets,those that have given their lives,and those still alive.


Thanks to all our soldiers retired and active. All of you sacrificed so much so we can live in a free country. May all of you always feel our Lords Love and Presence in your life. I pray for all of you daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

yes, i understand that there are family and their children that have sacrificed their lives serving our country.we honor them and respect those that have rendered their service and time,in the armed forces.we thank you,

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