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Join the #Milchat about rental scams

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On May 11, @MilConsumer and @StopFraudCo (the Stop Fraud campaign of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office) will host a chat to discuss consumer challenges related to permanent changes of station during military service. Servicemembers and military families may face a PCS at this time of year; get tips on avoiding pitfalls like identity theft or rental scams. Be part of the conversation at #Milchat or #Milconsumer at 3:00 pm ET/1:00 pm MT.

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Please send reminder email.

Craigslist post gets a reply.... pay me & I will give the keys to the doorman!!with your reservation #      THERE IS NO DOORMAN... THE UNIT IS AN REO... THEREFORE NOT OCCUPIED! NO DESK PERSON OR MANAGER FOR THE BUILDING.

The message here is needed. These rental scams are every where in the USA. I moved fro Florida to Tennessee The apartment I moved out of charged me for a water bill twice. The first one was $61.97 & the second one was $41.26. This was for same month of April 2017. This is wrong and they know it is wrong. I moved out April 21, 2017 becasue of death of my grandson. I lived with hm & both names were on leased. Rental scams are rising more and more. Learn to read the contract & read between the lines. These property managers talk a sweet game, until time to fill out application and the price quoted is different than the one on the internet. Majority of these apartment numbers are not in the state the apartment is vacant. These toll free numbers are either in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, or some place other than where the apartment is vacant. I agree there is a scam going on right before our eyes. When we ask questions they get offended, I do not care of your offended attitude. I will ask questions and need an accurate and honest answers. If can't give one, then I will leave you premises and go elsewhere.

I was almost rented a house that belonged to someone else. Was told send my deposit via money gram or wal mart and the would send the keys out that day. Number was 702-723-7528 from a computer based landline on E. Pearl Ave. Sandy Valley, Nevada.

I had a similar situation but this persons # was based in VA, using Google voice. I called them out on it & they acted so offended citing scripture even. These rental scams are getting out of hand!

hello, i want to know more about rental scams and how to list the one's I know about

Please see the FTC publication, Rental Listing Scams.

Hi, I have been on Facebook for 10yrs, no problems. But recently, seems like I have become a target to online military / fake scammers. I have come across a few, in s short period. People, especially single women need to be very aware.

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