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New FTC website helps small businesses

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When scammers and hackers attack small businesses, it hurts not only the businesses’ reputations and bottom line, but also the integrity of the marketplace. Today, FTC Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen announced a new FTC website,, to help business owners avoid scams, protect their computers and networks, and keep their customers’ and employees’ data safe. If you own a business you’ll want to check it out!

At you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to avoid scams that target businesses
  • Advice to help you protect your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data
  • Videos that show what you can do to secure your business’s networks

You can also find the FTC’s newest article Small Business Computer Security Basics, which has tips to help companies protect their files and devices, train employees to think twice before sharing account information, and keep their wireless network protected. The article also tells you what to do if a hacker gets into your computers or networks.

So go to, bookmark it and visit it often. And subscribe to the FTC’s business blog to stay connected.


Im going through a lot of scams, identity theft. My name's spelling incorrect,fake reports by debt collector to the all 3 credit bureau.

If you need help recovering from identity theft, go to It explains what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage.

I think this site will be of great help, for small businesses owners.

So the FTC is only concerning itself with providing information security advice to small business? Via a blog no less, that won't be seen by 99.99% of the intended target audience. Well played....
Perhaps the FTC could spend their budget providing much needed informatiin security advice to the tax payers. You know, those people that not only pay your salaries, but the same people that shoulder the majority of the financial burden from crime on the internet?
And maybe you choose to spend that budget on some advertising? Maybe some TV spots, radio spots, spots on websites used by the most targeted taxpayers?
Or is that just too difficult? Probably that.
Nevermind, go about your business...

I hope you'll review our information about Privacy, Identity and Online Security. You'll find dozens of articles organized into four categories:  limiting calls & emails, online security, identity theft and protecting kids online.

If you experience identity theft, go to You can file a report to law enforcement, give details about what happened to you, and create a personal recovery plan. You can also create pre-printed letters and forms to send to creditors and any businesss that were affected by the theft.

Would you like free print information delivered to your home? The FTC provides that too. Go to and browse the topics. You'll find fact sheets, bookmarks, booklets and other material about information security and other topics. You can order online and the material will be delivered. There's no charge for the material or shipping.

If you need to report a different type of  problem, go to The information you provide will go into a secure database that the FTC maintains and shares with law enforcement nationwide and internationally. Law enforcement uses that information for investigations. In some cases, the FTC is able to provide refunds to people; go to this page for a list of recent FTC cases resulting in refunds.

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