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Pass it on: tech support scams

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Earlier today, we announced a bunch of cases against tech support scammers: the people who act like there’s a problem with your computer and then try to convince you to fork over money to fix – ahem – “fix” it. Except there never was a problem, and they weren’t really from tech support.

Many of us have gotten those calls. Some of us have seen what looks like a pop-up on our computer screen. People I know – and maybe some that you know – have been convinced enough to talk with the scammers. That’s why the FTC, our partners at the Florida Attorney General’s office, and other law enforcement are trying to stop these scammers in their tracks.

So, what can you do? Well, now that you know how to spot the scam, you can pass that knowledge on. Tell people about it. And, if you’re on social media, share this post – and this quick video. (It shares better from this link.) It shows what happens in a tech support scam – and what you can do about it. And thanks!


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I'm going to copy this notice and give it to all my customers. I have a computer repair company and a commercial print shop. Thanks

Been happening for years and I have tried reporting it only thing I could do was cancel my card with the bank and file a fraud report with the bank. That was 3 years ago!

Take out your computer battery for 5 mins. Restart computer

hey i would like to visit your shop im haveing this same problem im reading now they trying to get me i know i have some issues on my computer but i know better to not go threw this scam they got me one time b4 but i dont want them to get me now so any info u can give me about your shop will be helpful

Thanks for this payment

Most of the time, these things are hard to get off the screen once they've taken often. They are usually loud and cover the entire screen with no way to click out or stop it. I've restarted the computer, for it to still be there. Any advice on that?

Do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and press task manager, end the task of the browser you're using, and don't restore your page, never turn off your computer with this happening

Thank you Mr. Helper!!

just shut your computer down, it wont hurt your computer if you shut it down, dont be scared of it. Indian tech support scammers play with the fears and use all scare tactics to scam you.

I spoke with an Indian guy tonight when this happened! His name is Amrit. Wanted 199.99 up to 399.99 I never heard of the pop up scammers before!

I had this problem about June of 2018. The loud message "warned" me that someone is trying to get access to my bank information.. I called the number and the guy that answered tried to sell me the $199.99 package if I take advantage of it TODAY. It wouldn't let me shut down the right way, so even though I was using a laptop, I just unplugged the printer and everything I could, then hit the power button. I left it off approximately 15 minutes and it was gone when I turned it back on. I also checked with my bank the next day to make sure there had been no damage done.

Yes this number 1-855-955-3999 asked me to repair my computer he called me out of nowhere and wanted money to fix my computer it was an Indian guy accent please help

You can hang up someone calls again and wants to fix your computer.

Tech support scammers call people and make up stories to try and convince people their computers need repairs. They urge you to act immediately, and pay a fee. You don't have to do what they say.

Please report the call at The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Cora--even though that pop-up tells you it will corrupt your computer it will not. Do a "hard" shutdown of your computer. Give it about 20 seconds off. It should have disappeared when you start your computer normally. Don't do a restart, as that may not give the pop-up time to "drain" from the ram memory.

This has happened to me several times, usually switch off and restart, followed by a scan, job done, but today it was still there, after several attempts, got my brother to check the number, said dangerous, so switched off modem, turned pc on did scan, modem off for 1/2 hr or so, back on, and all seems well, so far. Really hope this helps. good luck.

I received a call from a man with an accent possibly Asian or Nigerian.he claim he was tech-support from Microsoft Wanted to fix my computer.I knew he was a scammer, I exposed him good he hung up never heard from him again.

That happened to me
When I told him he was a scammer he hanged up

I got the same. They are from India based on their accent. And I have encountered some of them years ago that works as IT with a company subcontracted with Procter and Gamble. Some multinational companies here are hiring people from India who are into computers. Not trying to be prejudiced but because of my exposures to them I know their accents very well.

It just happened to me yesterday!

It happened to me too! I got a pop up on my screen that said I had the Trojan virus and to call Windows Tech Support immediately, and there was an 800 number to call. I fell for it, was charged $460 and am currently disputing the charges. The company was called MyTechAdvise. Beware!

Suzi I fell for it too and paid the $400. I then tried to cancel after the call. I did a stop payment through my credit card and got a new credit card. Then about a year later the big scam started. They called me stating their company was being shut down and were required to refund the money, by then I had got the money through the credit card. I fell for it, in a sense. I thought I could record the calls and get the information to provide to the FTC. However, I ended up with my computer be jacked and them wanting a $thousands ransom to give it back. My computer tech was able to recover my computer only because my hard drive had been setup with partitions. The main partition was what they had disabled. Tech was able to take my hard drive out, reformat and reinstall my recovery backup system.

I had them back in 2018 and I paid 500 for three years imagine my surprise now; and then I did use them once for rel tech support but then out of the blue today the NTS people from CA number called and said my updates failed security checks were happening. they walked me thru the the issue as well as tried to get me to pay another 349.99 for three years thats when I stated that I was not expired but did not know my real date of expiration until call ended. I am lucky because they have had the same credit card number for a year now and have done nothing illegal yet. I am filing a BBB claim in CA for them to log in there as well as in NY for the NJ company. Nothing online for the CA company only numbers they gave me. it really sucks

Very important scam notice from the Federal Trade Commission

Do you have the internet address for this FTC info? I was told by the scammer that the FCC was closing the company and they have to give my money back, but they want to get back onto my computer to make sure their program is removed, which has already been done.

Don't let a scammer get back on your computer! That's a common scammers' trick. They rip people off, then call back and say they want to "refund" you, and ask to get into your computer again, or ask for your bank account number so they can "deposit" a refund. If you tell them your bank account number, they can take your money.

If the FTC closes a company down, and gets refunds for people, the FTC manages the refund process.

Please help investigators and report this company at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. Thank you!

I have NEVER paid these scammers, but they're now calling to offer me a refund anyway. Hoping I'll be greedy enough to give them my banking info. They're calling from 866 217 9772. Told they I was gling to publicize the number. Call it and give them a hard time!

It happened to me. However, I was smart enough and ended up getting back my money.

How did you get your money back? What did you do?

fell for it. managed to put a stop payment on my card. problem is they keep calling me. I have blocked the number then they call from an unknown number. Reported them to FTC. They still call. How can I stop the calls?

Yes, I need to know more

One of those criminals crashed two of my laptops because I wouldn't pay.

I fell for a tech support scam. They were called Tech Matrix. When I googled them there were many complaints. They said they were from India.

Turn off remote access enabling. If you don't know how, look it up on the internet, specific to your operating system.

It's about time. These people have been operating with virtual immunity for a long time now and have scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money.

I had one pop up over and over on my computer...had to call Apple to get it fixed for real...for free. Very scary.

I've had those pop ups and callers stating they're from Windows, what's one to do????

This FTC article explains how tech support scams start, and what to do if you get another call. 

The short answer is: If you get an unexpected pop-up, call or or other urgent message about problems with your computer, stop. Don’t click on any links, don’t give anyone control of your computer and don’t send any money.

Hello, thank you for the message I would like pictures infügr only unfortunately does not flail it, because I sent the names to them were determined also well with which pictures the fraudsters announce everything and the honest people come because of those in disrepute and I am I'm sure the cheaters come mostly from Ghana and Nigeria. Thanks for writing to me. With best wishes.

If you could include buttons to share these posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, that would be great... love these pieces of information! Thanks for sharing!

These people from: 1-800-542-0248 are claiming they are from Linked In technical support. They have charged my credit cards and attempted to withdrawal from my paypal account.

I recently had a call from "Smart Snake", (Alex Harper), telling me I was hacked and needed to let him clean my computer. The phone number he gave was: 1-866-550-0710. He sounds decidedly E. Indian.

They told me that when computer in shop. Now I tell them I do not have a computer. They have gotten to me, also but no more!

PC Care 24/7 is still alive and stinging folks using other names. I already gave FTC my case complete with an address and opportunity for a sting operation and nothing has happened. I reported my case within 10 days last August.

they already got me

Just posted with Craigslist get a text from a Google account telling me to punch in a code which will take me to I'm offline site with Craigslist pretty crazy don't really quite understand it yet but beware

Even Amazon does this when you ask for help. they send you to Cisco and a site called Tydan Tech LLC. they would charge me for a firewall for 6 years for 599,98. I cancelled my Credit and Debit cards and called my bank to stop any payment from this company.
It is also a scam from other companies. beware!

Imh, I had a similar experience and was referred to Tydan by Amazon. I have tried to get Amazon to investigate but they have not cooperated. Now they are billing me for some services that they performed and trying to collect for a two-year contract. They also generated an e-mail in my name saying that I accepted their conditions. Totally fraudulent. Is there anything that I can do to make sure that they are investigated.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I called google g-mail help and was advised my computer is corrupted and they could fix it for only $500.00. Doesn't sound legit to me????????

If you’re need help with your computer, call your security software company directly, but don’t use the phone number you see in a pop-up. Get the company’s contact information from a software package, or the receipt you got when you bought the software.

Some scam companies make up business names that sound  like legitimate company names, and they pay extra so their names come up at the top of your search results. That's why it's best to get the number for a software company from the package the software came in. 


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