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Student loan scam gets an F from the FTC

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The costs of student loans and fees can be overwhelming. You might see online ads that promise to help lower your payments or get your loans forgiven. But be wary of companies that make those promises, and never pay an upfront fee. Today, the FTC announced it had filed charges against Strategic Student Solutions, Student Relief Center, and related companies for lying to consumers about providing student loan debt relief and charging illegal upfront fees.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Strategic Student Solutions promised consumers loan forgiveness or payment reduction and credit repair services, but they didn’t deliver. They told consumers that their monthly fees would be put toward their student loans. They also charged consumers illegal upfront fees of up to $1,200.

Consumers found out later that they had not been enrolled in forgiveness or repayment programs, that none of their payments had been put towards their student loans, and their credit had not been repaired. In fact, consumers often ended up farther behind on their payments than when they first signed up for the companies’ services.

If you have paid money to Strategic Student Solutions or Student Relief Center, contact your loan servicer immediately. Depending on the type of loans you have, you may want to discuss a repayment plan or other options for your situation.

Remember, you do not have to pay for help with your student loans. Never pay an upfront fee for the promise of debt relief. Learn how to spot a debt relief scheme.

To report a student loan debt relief scam, file a complaint with:

·       the FTC at

·       the CFPB at

·       your state’s Attorney General’s office.

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Have received a couple of calls from (617)378-9444. Goes into Voicemail. Some lady allegedly called Julie Brown. Tried to call back to tell them to stop calling me and they immediately hang up.

Navient is a terrible, coniviving shady company that is basically "double dipping " old and closed student loan debt. They have kept my tax return yet none of this so called debt is on my credit reports, and I am still not clear on how they pulled that off. Navient is in cahoots with the department of education and I have been passed around like a joint to every single government acronym you can think of. They also have several class action lawsuits against them for the same thing. I'm done being lied to and basically robbed by a company that, until I started investigating it myself, have never heard of. Class action here I come.

Spoofed calls every day to our office. Is anything being done to stop this? Spoofing itself, from my understanding, is illegal.

please help. how can i stop these calls?

Read these FTC tips about how to stop unwanted calls.

10 calls a day, all spoofed #'s. it doesn't matter what I say or how many times I request DNC. If you call back the # its spoofed so no way to track them down. please help, this is my business cell.

They just started calling me 2weeks ago, I said that my number is a recycled phone number and before I said to take me off their call list they hung up on me. Because these people are seeking more info about me I know they’re they’re attempting identity theft or take out a loan in my name or a credit card. Because I gave them zero info the phone calls have turned into texts that state some persons name and address and that’s it. Either way, never tell them if it is or isn’t you and always just ignore the calls. They went from 6 calls a day everyday to maybe two texts. I curse them all for their bad, harassment behaviors.

Yeah they call me 5 times a day. They wont stop talking if you tell them to take you off the list. When they finish their pitch and you repeat yourself they just ask I'm sorry I didn't hear you, do you want to join. It is completely annoying. A big problem I have is they are somehow using local numbers to call. I called one back and got a sweet old lady who had no clue what I was talking about. These people need shot!

Multiple calls from the "Student Helpline" who won't give me a valid callback number, their name, company name, valid company name or URL for their company. The first thing they ask for is my Student Loan Case Number. They say that they are "on the government web site". The phone numbers are all "spoofed" numbers that, most all, are not-in-service per the phone company. List follows:
570-695-6524, 571-237-5970, 631-239-8731, 570-725-7124, 570-314-6042, 570-725-6125, 571-244-5032, 202-495-2266, 571-236-1735, 571-725-6323 and 253-236-2595.

I have not had a student loan since 1982.

I know it's difficult to accomplish but I'd like these calls STOPPED and the perpetrators punished. Maybe the FCC should make spoofing phone numbers completely illegal and the fines extremely high.

Same here in Atlanta, 10+ calls per day from local and non-local #'s.. Really Frustrating. No student loans here... How did they get our #'s?

I am getting calls from several numbers about oweing student loans I don't have one do I talk to them are not

Annoying! I have never had a single student loan in my life! I got a call from phone #618-374-0295 from a Nancy Taylor about my "federal student loan" and she wants me to call her about my "repayment of this federal student loan and to call her at 866-815-7117 and reference case #60644". As I have never in my life had a student loan, I am not wasting my time. I am appalled that they can spam even people at work!

Funny, the same person, Nancy Taylor, called with the same message, same return number, and EVEN THE SAME CASE NUMBER. These aren't brainiacs. Please FTC make it stop!!! I have never answered them, block every number, and the calls keep on coming. Please fix this!!!

We have been getting these calls 2 to3 times a day for about 2 1/2 months then they stopped for a month and started again for a 2 1/2 months this has been going on for a year and 3 months at all hours of the day and night. My mom is very handicap and its very hared for her to get to the phone sometimes .. We are really getting sick and tired of it. It is causing my mom to get stressed out and wind up in the hospital because her blood presser goes up. I really wish they would do something about this.

I get these on voice mail when they do not just hang up she says it is From Angela Coleman to call 866 581 0505 and from Julia Morison at 866 546 5757 with a ref number.

I have received numerous calls from 616-931-8210 from Amy Nelson and to call back 866-518-8668 regarding a federal student loan. I am retired, and I've never had a student loan and want them to stop calling me. I am on a do not call list as well. Please make them stop asap if you can!!

I get these calls all the time. I never had a student loan I’m 75 years old. I just got one a little while ago and it had a name and phone number. They all want you to press a number for a representative or another number to opt out. I don’t press any number. I’m afraid to press any numbers that may allow them to get info or use my number for foreign etc calls. They say I only have 72 hours and then I’m not qualified anymore. But I still keep getting the calls. Hard to block because they’re always different names and numbers. Very annoying especially when sleeping or in another part of the house. HELP!!


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