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The millions of people who reported scams last year told us that imposters were the top fraud of the year. Imposters have called many of us – maybe even most of us, pretending to be anyone from the IRS to a family member in trouble, from fake tech “help” for your computer to a business selling things that turned out to be bogus. Their goal? To get your money as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, we recently heard about scammers calling to ask for contributions to the “Legal Aid Society” and pretending to be from the “national legal aid/defenders office.” A quick search of the phone number the callers used showed complaints for different kinds of imposter scams. (Of course, scammers can make caller ID show any number – even the name that shows up on the display. So don’t rely on caller ID to help you decide if a call is legit.) Imposters can pretend to be anyone, but the twist on this imposter scam is that the scammers are pretending to be from well-respected community service organizations and appealing to your civic spirit.

To make sure your donation dollars are doing the good you want them to, learn more about giving wisely. If you get a dubious call, or one that pressures you to donate right away, tell the FTC so we can investigate. We rely on you – and our partners in your community – to tell us what you’re seeing. In fact, our most recent imposter scam case – against a company that pretended to be from a community help center, the government, radio stations, and companies like Walmart – came about because of a tip from a legal services group in Washington, DC. So every report, from everyone, makes a difference.

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I am a dispatcher for the Autauga County, Alabama Sheriffs Office and we receive about 25 robo sales calls per shift. We are an emergency response law enforcement dispatch. Thursday we had a police officer shot in Prattville, Al and as we were dealing with that we had 5 robo calls. We are talking life and death here. Pls stop this insanity. The officer was saved because of his vest, thank God. But the next time a citizen calls for assistance we could be on the phone with scammers.

A known hacker send me e-mail, when I apply for jobs. She spoof calls me and spam calls me as well.

What can be done about spoof phone numbers used for telemarketing calls? I am on the do not call list, but continue to get unwanted calls. Normally I do not answer any calls that I do not recognize the number. Imagine my surprise when I got a call using my own number. On occasion where I have opted to answer a call to be request being taken off the call list, I get immediate hang-ups.

Call blocking no longer works on these calls. Complaints filed with the FCC are useless (you even get a reply that basically says they can't do anything about a specific complaint). The Do Not Call List has been useless for years. You can't trust caller ID - today it showed "Discover" (and the real Discover #), although it was a scammer from India, who hung up. I can't switch to a cell phone, as there is no reception where I live. I'm left with not answering any calls where I don't recognize the # - NOT what I pay for every month (in addition to an unlisted #). I can't believe that it is still worth their time for these disgusting, evil people to keep doing this - are there really that many stupid people who still fall for it, or are they just doing it because they enjoy making other people's lives miserable? WHY CAN"T WE HAVE A WAY TO FIGHT BACK?!

Was filling out when another demon called.nerve to tell me go to hell. Alvin 000-000-0000

I just got a call and a voice message telling me that i owe the IRS back taxes. I file my taxes every year in a timely manner and don't owe anything. The voice mail continued to say they were starting legal proceedings against me unless i called this number: 1 844 525 8660. called it back 6 times over an hour and all you get is a recorded message saying all operators are busy. On my caller id, nothing came up but the number and i'm prety sure if it was the IRS it would have said that or Government or something.

If Anyone believes that a government run bureaucracy is going to SOLVE THIS problem then you have never worked inside of government. I was a paid civil servant for over 30 years and I can tell you that COUNTY government offices are always looking for revenue-- ESPECIALLY a health care based one such as what where I worked, there were other things we were SUPPOSED To do and documentation that we were contracted to do AND we were so FAR overloaded that it would be like expecting a pick up truck to haul AlL of the garbage for two city blocks.. Working under constraints and rules that tied out hands-- We had to see sixty people every month for an hour and complete 2 hrs of paperwork for each person. Plus we had to do annual updates with each person AND handle the crisis issues that walked in the door. I presented the REAL picture to Medi-Cal on a dry erase board and made it CLEAR that no one could do what we were expected to do, I PROVED TO THE HEAD FOLKS @ Medi-Cal that it was mathematically impossible to do what we were expected to do. What happened? MY co-workers saw me as a snitch. I was their boss but they conspired and made me look like I had done something that I had not done. I pulled every string I could and EXPOSED THEM... PROVED they were working to make me look bad-- making up stories against their immediate Supervisor. What happened. I was transferred. I am the one that obtained their grants and made their money by providing ALL of the training that we USED to pay for MYSELF> I brought in thousands of dollars by presenting information that other companies wanted and were willing to pay for. I PROVED IT!! NO DOUBT> What happened? I was still moved to a place where they worked to get rid of me. Do you know wny? MONEY!! They were making thousands themselves while I earned my lousy salary-- the people above me were making huge kickbacks. Programs to stop people from calling you have NO INCOME based reason to continue. They would just be doing a service with NO income for doing it. What happens then? They will tell you to do a bunch of repetative stuff and you will wear down quick, NO changes will occur and you will be wasting your time because there is NO real system to deal with the damn problem. Five people maybe-- answering thousands of calls and they have no real POWER To DO ANYTHING> So what CAN they do? NOTHING!! So just change your number and then do not sign up online for anything- CALL the company that you want to do business with. PLUS hire a reputable company to come and clean your computer or take it to a place that will also sell you sofware that is real and will WORK!!! I have been through what you are going through and I am a bit afraid to answer you-- AND there is NO way that there is a force that is going to STOP what you are talking about. PEOPLE need to think before they buy AND don't leave your info with ANYONE. People are idiots and if a good con artist can just get them on the phone-- they will bite. THOSE People need to stop and then- -when there is NO money in it. IT will dry up. HA HA HA, NO way. Change your phone number over and over. Find one that does not have the traffic and then.... NEVER make any transactions that are not encrypted!!!

I have been getting calls for weeks from someone named "Linda" who says she is calling from Capitol One Bank. It is a recording, and they call several times a day. I never answer it, but today decided to call back and see what it was about. A man answered with "Capitol One" as his greeting but proceeded to ask for my credit card number. I said I do not have a credit card with Capitol One. I said to stop calling me and he said he would put me on the Do Not Call list. I'm worried now that I gave too much info in just giving my phone number. I called Capitol One Bank myself and asked them about these phone numbers and the rep said they are NOT associated with Capitol One Bank. The number that pops up on Caller ID is 800-955-6600. The recording asks you to call 866-953-7906.

It was nice when the Do Not Call list actually worked. It's sad when I lose more respect and trust in official government agencies. Money spent fixing this issue is called "cost of business" and owed us as taxpayers. Since I am receiving legitimate job offers by phone I can thank the internet for providing information about the calling number. I'd rather be thanking my government.

If genuine,they will leave a clear message. Tell your relatives and friends to leave short message, then you call back. Problem is Drs office calls,they say 800 service or anumber like 888-xxx-xxxxx. That is a problem.
many are genuine appointment reminders.

That National Do Not Call Registry? Well it DO NOT WORK! The scammers just ignore it completely, and the FTC does not do a THING about it! It is high time that the FTC shut down Heather and her siblings who keep calling about the exact same scams offering to lower my interest rates or extend the warranty on my vehicle.


Finally, FORCE the phone companies to stop allowing scammers to block their Caller ID and fake their Caller ID! The phone companies SELL this service to scammers, and then try to charge consumers an extra $10 per month over the normal cost of their Caller ID service to unblock the blocked Caller ID service that they SOLD TO THE SCAMMERS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

Your JOB is to protect US, the consumers, and NOT the scammers or the complicit phone companies! So do your darned job that WE THE PEOPLE pay you to do!

Is this man a scammer , head to marry me

I think the Do Not Call List initially was a good idea. But my concern is that when your time is expired on the list. I think it is 5 years.... that the list is sold to highest bidder. This may not be true, but this is my opinion because that's when the calls started.

Your time on the list does not expire! Your number stays on the list until you tell us to remove it, or the number is disconnected or reassigned.

There's a company called Nomorobo.com that has free service for all landlines, and $2 a month for iPhones. You report the number to them and it's blocked. It really works, too. After you've had it a while, all of your phone solicitations/spam will disappear. Occasionally one will get through, but I just report the new one.

The FTC can't do anything about spoofed Caller ID numbers or names. Moreover, even if your carrier could do something about it, the system would be hacked within a month or less, and they'd have spent millions of dollars in software implementation and hardware costs for nothing. It's up to us to do what we can to protect our phones, computers, and other telecom items.

Call your cell tech dept and direct them to block all internationalcalls and all third party calls Don't know if this also works with cable land lines due to robbers like t. w. Cab. Wonder if youve been scammed? Contact FCC not FTC.gov GL with it ...Fard


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