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The dish on Dish

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Score one for people on the Do Not Call list. It’s been eight years of tenacious litigation by the Department of Justice, the FTC, and the Attorneys General of California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio against satellite TV provider Dish Network. But, earlier this week, the Court imposed a record-setting $280 million civil penalty against Dish for calls to people on the Do Not Call list, abandoned calls, calls to people who had told Dish they did not want to receive calls, and for assisting and facilitating telemarketers who engaged in practices in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule. 66 million calls, in fact, that broke the law.

Dish vigorously defended its conduct in court, but the Court wasn’t having it. In the decision, the Court said, “Dish’s denial of responsibility and lack of regard for consumers are deeply disturbing and support the inference that it is reasonably likely that Dish will allow future illegal calls absent government pressure.” And, in explaining the $280 million civil penalty, the Court ruled that “the injury to consumers, the disregard for the law, and the steadfast refusal to accept responsibility require a significant and substantial monetary award.”

In more good news, besides the penalty, the Court is making Dish take some actions, as the Court said, to “keep Dish’s marketing personnel from reverting to their practice of trying to get around the rules.” They have to hire a telemarketing compliance expert to make sure Dish and its retailers follow the law (and the Court’s order). The federal and state plaintiffs can ask the Court for unannounced inspections of Dish’s (and its retailers’) facilities and records. And, from now on, Dish has to comply with the law – that is, following the rules about not calling people on the Do Not Call list.

In case you were wondering about the money: the $280 million is a penalty, which will be paid to DOJ and to the states. The money DOJ gets will make its way to the U.S. Treasury.

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I just had a scam call that came from Dish Networks phone number and I called them regarding that call and they told me that the call was a scam which I had already figured out and they were going to report it because their toll-free number has been hacked...I don't feel this penalty is fair if many of these calls to consumers have come from scammers that have hacked their number...

Thank you to DOJ, FTC and States Attorneys General for taking action. This is action is a strong message to Do Not Call Violators - stop violating the law or pay up and boost the States revenue with fines. People are really sick and tired of these type of calls. All the calls accomplish is a resistance to purchasing the product they are pushing.

I am so grateful. At my golden years of not being so Golden 8 months of heartache tears and illness caused by my hacking. September to even now I suffered in tears blaming my then television rovider, Dish, and my then cell provider for almost taking my my frail body completely out.
Seemed that NO ONE believed an old woman that was a little smarter than her smart phone yet THEY were in my landline and cell even my medical pharmacy and medical provpiders
I am grateful yet still to this day leary and weary tho ALL MY SERVICES are new, replaced and hopefully the old all gone. I don't even like using my phone much anymore and fear every time I need to get on the internet. PTL and thank you for all yu do. Be nice if SOME kind of dollars came my way but am grateful for FTC and DOJ and my Father in heaven and His "good" angels. .

I still have a dishnet work on my roof. They said it was too old. I really think they should get it off my roof. I had them for years. I still get mailings from them. I don't know if I get calls because I don't answer my phone anymore. It's a sad world we live in these days.

I already did!

A very big settlement. Great job! Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for your good work!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing more annoying than persistent telephone calls from people that you have asked to refrain from do so!!!!!! Keep up the good wor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Ya great job who do you think will really pay that fine. ME AND THE REST OF THERE CUSTOMERS YOU FOOLS !!!!

I SIGNED UP FOR HD, SOMFO COURSE THEY HAD TO REPLACE DISH. DIDNT REALIZE TIL INSTALLER left that the old dish stand is still on my roof. I cancelled extra room dish as it was creeping up in price daily. So when called told them to pickup their receiver, when they take off stand off roof. Made two appointments over two months THEY NEVER CAME--CHARGED FOR RECEIVER, STAND STILL ON MY ROOF

Yeah! Next stop the mountains of mail requesting $$$ for charities even after making a donation!

@swamp, that is how you get on their list! A kind gesture of a donation and regardless of what organization it is, rhey are a pest for life. Makes you not want to even donate. Sad!

Mahalo nui loa for enforcing and lawful respect and trust of all members of our society. Nice message to dis-respectfulness of a Big Business in their pursuit of economic gains at expense by abrogating rights and desires of citizens and customers. "Do not call," means exactly that: "No Calling" folks registering their communication and privacy preferences, despite Big Business right to attain economic gains! Be respectful of rights of all members of our World.
Mahalo FTC, FCC and DOJ for 'Pono' righteous path to respectful and quality living!
Aloha, Warren

How about giving the money to the people that were bothered?!

I agree

Good work

can I get some of that money for all the calls I got,

I am glad because we have been on the do not call list but get calls from these people twice a day. I have a phone now where I can block some of them but we were scammed a couple of months ago when we received a call asking us about our new service switch from ATT to dish. The rep. changed our contract and our bill went up to over $200. I called and was able to straighten things out but it was such a needless hassle. The new government administration wants to take out all the rules and regulations and everyone better look out and hold on to your savings because we are headed for another 2008. The rich need another input of cash
and won't be satisfied with the 15% tax credit promised. Our Social Security and 401K funds are too tempting. Put a Lock Box on SS so they can't touch the money now before it goes into building a Wall.

Thank you. A job well done.


You mean Rachael from Credit Card Services? Yup, the FTC whacked her recently. Read this June 5, 2017 article from the FTC site: /press-releases /2017/06/ ftc-florida-attorney-general-close-book-robocall-ring-pitched-us?utm_source=govdelivery

When can the consumer expect to actually receive what we pay for? Most of these companies promise the moon until they get our money, then the moon is no where in sight!

I am so thankful for all of your great work . I just wanted to ask i have been signed up for a few years I have explained I'm on do not call i let them know no one cares they hang up recall.The nextcoment is or question i have never in my life of 56 years have i ever received a collection notice of a debt sent through my email. Guess who it was from DISH. collector was CBC . I RECEIVEd to emails stating to call if I do not want to receive collections in email. The permission to use contact with me requarding collections or contact was given from dish network. I called was lied to wanted to who i writing gave youpermission I was told this is three only way business to collect bills . help

Under federal law, a debt collector can contact you by email as long as they follow the rules and tell you they are a debt collector. The FTC has an article about your rights when you deal with debt collectors.

Had Comcast for 30 years, then Direct tv a short time before AT&T did not like the way it was programed. Now Dish and have never been bothered, but if others are then thank you FTC because I get quite a few others that need to be fined. I was scammed a few years ago, that said he was my online pc repair company and my pc started doing weird stuff and shut it down. He started at $300 to return my pc info and no after no to $100 still no, but spent a $100 at local pc repair to fix it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FTC.

How do you find out if your number was one of the number is in the claim against Dish Networks

As long as caller ID is being spoofed, Hacked etc. people have no idea who the caller actually is. Therefore it's a customer paid service that doesn't work correctly. The phone companies that charge for caller ID service should be charged for allowing this to happen. Surely their engineers are intelligent enough to put a stop to this hacking!

Keep getting calls that show 800-333-3474 but they keep trying to subscribe me. I have asked repeatedly that they do not call and I am on the do not call list.....can you say paying no attention to court orders and blaming it on spammers?

Everytime I turn ln my Dish TV I immediately get a robocall. Is Dish selling my phone number?

Calls! What about mail. I told them that our landlord will not allow dish and they said they would stop sending mail. instead they upped it to 2-4 a week. What a hrassing company.

I wish I could find a way to sue them for that!

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