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The FTC doesn’t need your bank info

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Here at the FTC, we’re known for getting things done on behalf of regular people. Unfortunately, sometimes scammers try to take advantage of our good reputation.

The latest example: Some people have gotten an email that claims to be from Maureen Ohlhausen, the FTC’s Acting Chairman. But it’s not. The email asks you to give your bank account information – so, it says, you can get money from the government’s settlement with Western Union. The email is a scam to steal your financial information. And it’s just the latest variation of an imposter scam. In 2016, consumers reported more complaints about imposter scams to the FTC than any other fraud.

If you get an email like this, don’t respond or click on any links. You can forward it to the FTC at

The FTC is involved in a $586 million settlement with Western Union, but the U.S. Department of Justice will run the refunds process. And it hasn’t started yet.

This email is a good reminder that scammers are skilled liars. They’ll say anything or claim to be anyone to get your financial information – then they’ll use it to steal from your financial accounts or commit other crimes.

The FTC does shut down scams and return money to people who lost it to dishonest or unfair business practices. But we will never ask for money, your Social Security number, or any banking information so you can apply for a refund or cash a check. If the FTC needs to get money to you, we usually send a check through the mail.

Got a question? We’ve got more information about our current refund programs and our procedures for refunding money at

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I am receiving a large number of e-mails from African scams Including one's from one from President Trump wife
May I sending them to you for y our files?

You can forward spam emails to, the FTC email address for spam. Thank you.

Bridget how do you forward any type of email without opening it? I would & could send many but I refuse to open them for the fear of a virus. I hope you can shed some light on this for me Thank you & Thank you for all that you do..

You don't need to open the email to forward it. When you see the email in your inbox, point your mouse cursor at the title of the email and click on the right side of the mouse. You should see some options for next steps, like "reply" or "forward" or "print." Click on "forward" and the email you want to forward will appear in a new email. Enter in the To line, and press Send.


So happy to read this. I would like to add the telephone calls that my parents receive on a regular basis, saying almost everything that you are alerting individuals about in this email. I am constantly blocking my Mother's iPhone from these criminals. Thank you for this especially for seniors who are not as cogent as they once were.

Keep up the good work by notifying us of these scams. I would like to see you publish results of court judgments.

Thank you - I hope I can recover my $1700. Great report - thanks again.

Why doesn't the FTC send an email acknowledging the receipt of my report of a scam email?

When you file a complaint at, you should get an automatic email response.

If you did not an automatic response, you might not have finished sending the report.

I have been a scam victim--twice. I informed all the necessary agencies to which I was advised. Should I also send this information to the FTC as well? Please advise.

Yes. Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice.

hello,i am a good example of ignoring an impostor scam they call my number at least twice a week. im trying to go on with my own life financially,and keep away from people that want to minus what actually belongs to me.oh how horrible and is straight up a wise to what a scammer,would try too think and tell me on the phone.iv'e been through it a number of times.and that is why I deserve to get some money or feedback from the settlement if im not denied. that was the work of a scammer.---I want too beat the scammer,and keep my hard earned money away from those kind of people.--im waiting, trying too keep stable until the right time comes,and im paying attention,everyday.--eric swain.

People calling me from an Ohio number 440-261-7668 claiming they are from the IRS. And they need my bank info. Or I will 've arrested.

Daily I get emails in my spam stating I'm a beneficiary too larger sums of money from so call foreign country. Strongly feel here are giving out people's information. Hackers don't benefit monetary.

They ask for credit card info: ssi

This tells me that unscrupulous people use this site to find information they can bounce off of, like the Western Union settlement, to devise a new scam.

Thanks so much for another update on scam alerts. I for one really appreciate your information. I'm not fooled easily, but you never know. I see things in my emails from my family members. I know it isn't them. I always hover over the name to see the complete email address. That, I think, is a good clue. Once again thanks for a great article alerting people to these kinds of scams.

Just got a call from as per telephone ID as "private caller", it did not show a phone number on the ID. They like to lower your credit card intrest rate by 2%, they need your credit card number, what is strange is the phone ID list the call as a private call, and a Indian or Pakistan foreign accent is on the line, I told him no. Beware , check your phone ID for clues.

Please catch all of them. They have gotten mess well. But luckily my bank stopped them before they could complete it.

I got a call on my cell phone from credit card services stating that they could get by two high interest credit cards down to 0%. What ended up happening they opened a new credit card with a different company without my permission. I did not give them my bank account information and a supervisor got on the phone and told me that my account would be sent to collections with attorney fees. I blocked the callers from my phone and then they called blocking their phone number. Trust me when I say if it sounds to good to be true then it usually is. I hope that the FTC can shut this company down.

Yes I know that companies in Mali are crooked. They tired to get some money from my bank. For Lottery Winning Prize is fake scam. I refused to give them with my information and bank too.
They are suspected are Max Johnson - Zorpia Promotion Manager in Mali, Jack Martinez - Chief Honor Judge in Mali, Paulson Walter - World Bank in Mali. They tired to get me some money. I turned them down. They are big Fraud Scam.
Joseph Ivey

Thanks for all the information, which is fraudulent in the internet. Gestten scorn me an alleged doctor to be located in Nigeria, I should send his son in USA €. I refused because I do not have, he told me that I send my mobile phone and laptop son sohn and he wants to sell the money. I've deleted it and blocked it. Thank you for writing to me.

Keep up the good work by notifying us of these scams. I would like to see you publish results of court judgments.

Yes!!!!.... me too!!!!

330-954-6975 I thought it was a scam call from IRS but on reflection I think they said FBI

That Peggy Jones in Ghana as Romance Scam. She tired to get some money for the flight ticket to USA. I told her to go to US Embassy to get some visas for the USA flight ticket. She refused. Also She tired get some stuff for her with iPhone and Laptop. Also her mom need some medicine. That Peggy owed me over 20,000 dollars.

Yes NetSpend had been stealing money from my account I had notified them about a situation where they was taking money out of my account since 2019 and it equaled up to $850 then also they want to give me $70 and say that the merchant refused to give that where it already done been said that the merchant will not respond back to them and my money will be put back in my account but now it's like a half a cent on a dollar that's being returned to me and I would like to have NetSpend accounts checked

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