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Headed to the eye doctor? Take a look at this video

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Before you head to the eye doctor, take 30 seconds to watch a new video from the FTC about your eyewear prescription rights.

Federal law requires your eye doctor to give you your contact lens prescription after your fitting and your eyeglass prescription after your exam. And you don’t have to ask for it or pay extra. That lets you shop around for the best deal.


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As an eye doctor, I feel your message would have been more useful if you also warned consumers of the dangers of using expired prescriptions, and that unscrupulous internet sellers who encourage circumventing expiration dates are not friends of consumers and don't care about their eye health. They only want to make a sale.

Thank you for your comment. Our publication, Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses, includes this information: “How long is my prescription good? Prescription length for eyeglasses and contact lenses is determined by state law. As a general rule, a contact lens prescription should be good for at least a year, unless your doctor has a medical reason for making it shorter. Eyeglass prescriptions often are good for a year or two, but state laws vary. Your eye health changes over time, so it’s important to have regular exams. Do not try to purchase glasses or contact lenses with an expired prescription.”

Hello from Fort Worth TX, Thank you for ALL your updates and info. As a subscriber, I have my AM senior coffee at McD's and use their FREE WiFI. Tip, can you provide a written transcript with each video? It will allow me to reread for clearity and copy to forward to others who can use the info. Thanks again,

Hello back from Washington, DC. I'm glad you enjoy our information and are sharing it.

The videos do have transcripts, but we need to make them easier to find. Here's how to find a transcript.

  • Click on the Video & Media button on the left of this page.
  • You'll go to a page that shows thumbnail images of all our videos.
  • Click on the thumbnail image of the video you want to watch.
  • When the image enlarges to play, you'll see three words just below the video: Description, Transcript and Downloads. Click on Transcript, and a transcript of the video will appear on the page directly below the video.

Please write again if you have other questions.

This information is misleading because you DO pay for a prescription in the form of the "refraction fee." This is the test that determines the correction you need. If you don't pay the fee, you won't get a prescription. Neither Medidcare or other insurance will pay for it


I did try to get an eye exam last year and was not provided with a prescription; It had been 3 years and I could not see well to read. I sent all of the information to you and nothing ever happened! Policy is still the same at the office I sent you information on!

Thank sir for assistance my case 06/20/2017

Your consumer information is worth its weight in gold. So many times I have used your information before spending unknown amounts! From almost buying another house and getting shotchanged in a Florida to Summer rentals in New England! Continue your Oustanding work!

When it come to legal matters you are my lawyer. Thank you for helping others to be aware of crooks who think they can steal and not get caught, so in order to stop people like these- FTC will gives you all the equipment you need that's ACKNOWLEDGE.From my past experience being a victim of a scammer - Do not be to quick to give in -try 48 hours to ask yourself questions and talk to someone before making irrational decisions. You will not regret it.

Interesting video. I have an eye appointment with my ophthalmologist next month. My doctor has it posted that if a patient wants to go elsewhere to purchases glasses, then there will be a $25 fee for the written prescription. I'm glad I watched the video and the information I received from it. Thanks

That's right: federal law requires your doctor to give you your prescription for glasses or contacts at the completion of your eye exam. You don't have to ask for it or pay extra and and you're free to buy your glasses and contacts from anyone, anywhere.

If you don't get your prescription for free, please tell the FTC at

I received a check in the mail and it's for work they want me to be a secret shopper they told me to to my bank deposit the money in my account and let them know when I deposit it so they can release the funds, it was a vadhoet check,them I'm to keep ,200 for my work, the rest of the money is to be wired to 2 different people,one for 800.00 dollars and the other person for 880.00if MoneyGram asks me if I know the people I'm sending the money to I'm supposed to say yes, if they ask me of I'm a secret shopper I'm supposed to say no, have you ever heard of this?

That sounds like a mystery shopper scam. You could lose a lot of money.

If you deposit a check, the bank has to give you some money right away. The bank will give you money before it knows if the check is really good. If the bank gives you money, and later finds out the check is fraudulent, you will have to repay the bank.

I asked for my prescription and got something that appeared to be a prescription, however when I got my glasses from an online site, it was totally wrong!!

Good Looking Out! (:

When having a cataract removed why on earth would a doctor want to even swindle a patient with an add-on like a refraction eye exam?

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