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Join the #Milchat about travel scams

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On June 8, @MilConsumer and @StopFraudCo (the Stop Fraud campaign of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office) will host a chat to discuss how to avoid travel and vacation scams. The chat starts at 3:00 pm ET/1:00 pm MT. Join in at #Milchat.

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“ You have been selected for a (fill in the blank) completely FREE! All you have to do is answer a few questions.........

Tell them you are under 18, that will end the calls.

"You stayed at our resort (no, I didn't) and we would like to offer you savings just for you!" (You try the phone number that shows up on the phone and, surprise!(NOT), it is "not in service".

I receive multiple calls per day from a number spoofed to look like mine. Randomly I answer to talk to a manager. No surprise, they hang up. Their name: The Resort Reward Center. Yeah, right. The 100-number limit on my call rejection list is not enough!


Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

Same thing, can't block enough numbers to keep them from bothering me! The sad thing is they are using real people's phone numbers, like mine!!

I get a call about once a week always from a different "local" fake #. It is always Elizabeth, a woman with a bad, high pitched voice, calling from the Resort Awards Center, a computerized sales call, and it is annoying, and I'm on the Do Not Call registry.

Same company for months and months and months. Also on the Do Not Call registry.
Thinking about taking them to court if I can find out who this really is.

I am also a victim of Elizabeth and her annoying voice, local numbers, what can we do. Resort awards center. also on do not call list.

Me too. Every time “Elizabeth” calls I block the number. But she keeps calling back from different numbers. How can I stop her?

Same here about once a week. I'm on the list, too.

Me, too! I'd really love to put an end to these robo-calls!

Elizabeth calls me frequently,and though I usually don't answer unfamiliar numbers, she fools me--used my veterinarians number once! She is human though. Once I screamed at her persistently enough that she broke script. Glad to hear more about the scam though.

Wait, what did she say?? All she has ever said to me was something like, "Oh, *chuckle,* I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. Could you repeat what you said?" and it was clear that she is automated. They're really trying to make you think she's not a robot when they've got her programmed to even give a nervous laugh. So weird...

I've asked if she's a real person, and she'll reply, "Why yes *chuckle* I am a real person!"

I got a call from Universal Vacation Resorts trying to sell vacation packages. I was skeptical but told I would have 30 day protection if put on credit card. I bought 3 cruise packages on AMEX. I get contract hours later and there are no terms or product description in contract! I call Universal and they say The contract states you do not have to sign contract and it is Non Refundable. I contact AMEX and they state i gave them my payment info and contract states.... I said what I agreed to on phone is not in contract. They say tough and Universal says tough. I filed complaint today with FTC but they say they can't do anything except tll you who else to contact. The guy did state a contract not signed is not valid. I also have in writing Universal lying to AMEX about me not calling for refund and I called to order a vacation package and I booked a cruise . It is all lies but American Express bought it. I am now in 5th dispute with American Express and Universal. I am waiting on a call back from Morgan and Morgan.

I got this one too! Same thing happened to me. I am now in the process of fighting my bank to get the $ back! UV lied every which way to me and were not happy when I called them on it. Luckily I called to request refund on my cell so I have proof of the call. Also, if Morgan and Morgan goes class action, reply here...I'm so on there with you!

I get this call several times a week and it spoofs the number to look like it's a person in my contacts

This was a pre-recorded message, this time the caller called itself "Elizabeth", and stated that they were calling from the Resort Rewards Center. I have been getting these calls from this "fraudulent" organization for many months, and have received many calls from them. The trouble with these "innocuous" fraudulent Robo-calls is that the computer that is calling you "does not hang up when the recipient hangs up", these computer holds the "victim's" line and will hold it for over a minute, making it dangerous for senior citizens or impaired people, basically holding the line hostage.

Sames as the others. A robot-caller claiming to be Elizabeth from the Resort Rewards Center trying to get me to say "Yes" to her questions so they can route you to someone to take your money. If you don't answer "yes" but instead say something like "tell me more" (no commitment for them to record) she will eventually hang up on you. The spoofed numbers make it impossible for me to block them.

There needs to be a class action lawsuit against the phone companies for allowing the phone caller ID to be spoofed or hidden.... that's the crime... no way to easily track the source of the calls to the true number...

Just got a call from "Elizabeth" at the Resort Rewards Center. I hung up before I heard any more...

I did the very same thing. Not sure what the point of the "do not call list" is if folks can still do this over and over without consequences.

I get the calls from Elizabeth almost every other day. Some times she says she's with Resorts International and sometimes she says she's with Resorts Reward Center. Each and every call is from a spoofed local number. As a Realtor, I always answer local numbers, only to get bombarded by this Robo call. I have waited through her spiel and very forcefully told them to remove my number, they don't. I have filed complaints with Now I'm here at These calls have got to stop!

Did they say or do anything? I get these on my cell and home phone. So, so tired of this crap.

Elizabeth calls every day, always a local cell number cell number like my own. As a Realtor I also try to answer my calls. We don't need Big Wall Mr. Trump, what we need is more tech police for this kind of crime. Please help!

I get calls from Elizabeth almost every day with different spoofed numbers. While I was asleep during night or day, I still received the stupid phone calls. Some days, I received 5 calls from her with the same lines as Resort award winner

I also get calls on a daily basis from Resort Rewards Center!

I get calls from "Elizabeth" telling me I have won a trip to Florida. The number is fake. I wish they'd stop. I'm taking care of terminally ill people and working full time. Sleep is scarce, and these calls are definitely not a real much needed vacation! They won't stop bothering me so I can sleep!

Same here. Husband was terminally ill and we were getting lots of legitimate calls from unfamiliar numbers, so I didn't want to risk not answering a doctor or visiting nurse.


calls every day or two from Elizabeth at the resort rewards center. always from a local cell number.

Just got a call from my bank and it's legit number.. Answered it and it was from resort rewards center.. They'll do anything to get you to answer the phone

Where's the class action lawsuit?

Yep! Elizabeth from "Resort Rewards Center" called again. Local number (of course it is). Get a call from her at least once a week. Always a different number, but always a local mobile phone number. I just want to know when I stayed at one of their resorts...I don't remember it...Did I have a good time?

Why can't the FTC do anything about these rampant, justified complaints? I'd give you my phone number to track these illegal calls (both because they violate the Do Not Call regs and because they use fraudulent local numbers with the same first 6 digits as the recipients), but I'm sure I'd just get more of them. Doesn't your staff get these calls, and can't you use some ingenuity catch the perps?

They keep changing their phone number, AT LEAST once a week, so that they keep getting around my robocall blocking service.

Always “Elizabeth”, always from a number with the same area code and prefix as mine, disconnects as soon as I ask for an address for the fake company “resort rewards center”. I’m on the do not call list and have filed numerous complaints with the FTC regarding this. Eagerly awaiting a class action lawsuit.

They have called 15 times in one day! Shut them down!

Elizabeth from Resort Rewards has harassed me for months. I need a good Android app that will catch and block her calls.

Weekly, sometimes daily calls from "Elizabeth" of the "Resort Rewards Center". Most of the time, the first six digits match my phone number. With so many of these going out, one would think the scammer could be caught.

I get Elizabeth from Resort Rewards calls several times every week for 7 months at office from a different # everytime. The "no robocall" app doesn't stop the recordings. When is the FTC going to stop this spoofing and all the mayhem from the telephone scammers and recordings????????????????? Past the annoying stage!!!

You can help by reporting unwanted calls at 

The FTC compiles the illegal calls people complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.  The data is posted every weekday, with Monday postings including weekend data, and can be found here on the FTC’s website.

Me too--how do we stop it?

Keep getting calls from Elizabeth from Resort Rewards Center. She's got me 10 times already and keeps changing the number and won't take me off the list. Why isn't the FTC doing it's just and shutting these scammers and villains down? Do SOMETHING please.

You can help by reporting unwanted calls at 

The FTC compiles the illegal calls people complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.  The data is posted every weekday, with Monday postings including weekend data, and can be found here on the FTC’s website.

Bridget Small FTC, please stop with the canned replies and DO SOMETHING with all of the reports that are being filed! People ARE filing complaints with yet Elizabeth from Resort Rewards Center just keeps on calling. How about the FTC, FBI and phone companies get on the ball?

This elizabeth phone call is fraudulently using innocent peoples numbers in our same area code. 25 calls per month. Will one of you "overworked" folks at the ftc refer this to the FBI. Worth a lot more than Mueller fiasco!

You can help by reporting unwanted calls at 

The FTC compiles the illegal calls people complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.  The data is posted every weekday, with Monday postings including weekend data, and can be found here on the FTC’s website.


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