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On June 8, @MilConsumer and @StopFraudCo (the Stop Fraud campaign of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office) will host a chat to discuss how to avoid travel and vacation scams. The chat starts at 3:00 pm ET/1:00 pm MT. Join in at #Milchat.

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There's only a few companies out there where this sort of thing could originate from (five9, callfire, etc or a hacked VOIP service). I strongly suspect the FTC doesn't understand this threat profile. I agree with everyone else this is super intolerable, the proprietors are crooks who should be jailed, and whoever released the supporting technology should pay a very large fine or go bankrupt.

“Elizabeth” has been stalking me now for months. She says she’s calling because I recently stayed at a resort. I did not. She appears to be calling from a local cell phone number. “She” is not. I text one of the numbers. The guy gave me his name and said he did not call me. This should be considered identity theft in addition to stalking. Why isn’t it illegal for a corporation to stalk you. Many of these annoying calls happen on the weekend. I work full time during the week. I’m on the National Do Bot Call List so obviously that doesn’t deter these crooks. Why do I have to certify that I’m not a robot to post a comment about a robot who is allowed to stalk me?!

I have been getting these calls from Elizabeth or Rebecca for over a year. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day! Resort Rewards Center! Please someone stop this annoyance and intrusion into our lives!

Personally I think the FTC has become a scam.
What's the point of putting your phone # on the national do not call list if the FTC isn't going to do squat to do anything about these phone scams.

I receive a recorded call from the "Resorts Reward Center" every few days. The recording caller is Jennifer and my phone ID number shows the caller is at 904-333-XXXX (varies). None of my call blocking features work on my telephone because the originating number changes frequently. Also, when I call back I get a recording (TX00365) that the number is not in service.
I am on both the State and Federal call blocking list and I'm afraid to change to a private listing as I am an emergency services volunteer.

I am getting relentless calls on my cell phone from Elizabeth with Resort Rewards Center. Each time it's a different number. This happens numerous times throughout the day almost every day. I am also on the DNC list.

I am sick and tired of getting the Robocalls from Elizabeth. Help! We need to stop these calls. I'm about to get rid of my house phone for good.


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