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Military Consumer Financial Workshop is July 19th

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I’m the proud daughter of a Navy veteran, and attended school on two military bases from elementary through high school. Looking back – although I may not have fully understood the consequences at the time – I see how various financial issues and scams affected the lives of my military friends and their families. That’s why I take consumer protection for servicemembers, veterans and their families seriously. For me, it’s personal. It’s also a top priority for the FTC.

In case you haven’t heard, the FTC is hosting the Military Consumer Financial Workshop: Protecting Those Who Protect Our Nation in San Antonio, Texas on July 19th. There’s a full agenda of key military consumer topics that will be discussed – like buying, financing and leasing a car; lending issues; debt collection; promoting financial literacy and capability; protecting military consumers’ personal information; and avoiding scams – to name a few. The workshop is free and open to the public, and we’ll be live tweeting the event @MilConsumer, #milfinancialworkshop.

For more workshop information and to view the complete agenda, please visit


Please send me updates on your military consumer workshop so I don't forget. I would appreciate it very much.

You can mark your calendar for the workshop in San Antonio, Texas on July 19th, and get a copy of the agenda. On July 19, you can attend the workshop, or follow it on Twitter @MilConsumer, using the hashtag #milfinancialworkshop.

Long Over Due, we teach the skills to protect our nation, but not the individuals who are tasked with this. I am a Navy Brat and can remember back with my parents got scammed when they sold our first home. Mom and Dad had to travel back from Groton to Owensboro Ky several times, costing us time and money they could ill afford as a young married couple.

Bravo and God Bless America

Much needed thanks to FTC.

I would like more information about this. I am currently stationed over seas and I've been a victim of identity theft twice since I've been in.

You can get help resolving problems caused by identity theft at You can file a report to law enforcement, find out what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage caused by ID theft.

Get to know the warning signs of identity theft, in case there are new problems.

Thank you please move me forward I am a veteran. I would like to get a job has tips to help you stay safe when you're looking for work.

How pathetic to scam military personnel when they are the ones who keep our country - including U.S. scammers - safe. What's next....churches, synagogues, etc.? Then again, how many scammers are actually true-blooded, born here Americans.

Happy 4th of July to all our fellow veterans.

same from me. i was in the Air Force from 1972 - 1979 and keep my eyes open for scam.

I'm really disappointed in Ajit Psi's proposal to roll back protections for net neutrality. A government agency's job should be to protect it's citizens and not kow tow to greedy corporations!

Welcome to my world. I am a Fraud Investigator for Pacific Marine Credit Union. I have seen hundreds of our Active Duty Marines and Retired Marines caught up in scams from loan fraud, card fraud, Craig's list, secret shopper, romance scams and the list goes on and on. We make it a priority to protect and members and have prevented and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nice post . Great article .Very informative .
Thanks for sharing :)

I am married to a Veteran who served this great country during the Viet Nam era. There is absolutely no way we can ever repay our wonderful service men and women for all they do and have done for this free country we all enjoy. God Bless America and every soul who has so unselfishly served the USA!

I was told by the recruiting Sargent in Philadelphia for the Korean war, PL550 that I had free health care for the rest of my life ! ! ! In February 1998 the west Palm Beach operated of my left broken ankle and left it in a cripppled mess which I am still suffering today ! ! ! The VA WPB FL has refused to do anything to treat the injury / damage that the un-necessary operation has left me ! ! i have been 9 times to the patients advocates office and they have done nothing but chase me out of the office with the police ! The 3 directors have never responded in any way to my requests , never answered the door ! ! ! And they continue to charge me $ 50 a visit and take as much as $ 200 a month out of my Social Security Monthly ! ! ! That is after they told us that the VA is not allowed to be used to pay for VA Medical Expenses ! ! !

Hi. I really like the idea of the workshop.

Why don't you set up a live stream online so those of us who can't afford to travel to San Antonio can attend remotely?

Who will make the VA hospitals to quit scamming our vets by making them wait 1-3 years for money owed to them. Someone needs to fix this mess.

I am in Great Britain UK I was scammed but the scammer still in contact and insists he is a US Soldier I don't have a buiseness I am employed and work to survive

I am a widow of a disabled Vietnam Veteran and I applied for Accrued benefits and I was denied after waiting for 3 years. When I was told in a letter I was eligible. What is so sad is that the VA doesn't help widows after a loss of a spouse! They always win and the Veteran's death is null and void!

I need help 845 xxxxxxx

We won't post your phone number here on the blog, and we can't call people. If you need help with a scam, you can call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357.

If this were any closer to my home, I would BE THERE! This sounds great! Any chance of an event like this near, say, Akron, Ohio? I am Community Outreach Coordinator with Better Business Bureau of Akron and I especially enjoy serving our military members through BBB's Military Line. Let me know how BBB can help coordinate/promote/participate in a future Military Consumer Financial Workshop. (Programs and Services)

Hi, Judy.  Please take a look at our toolkit (slides and talking points to use in presentations with servicemembers, veterans and military families). You also may want to sign up for email updates to get blog notices about any other military-related events/promotions we have coming up.

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