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Month of the Military Consumer

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July is Month of the Military Consumer. It’s a great time to remind servicemembers, veterans, and their families of the helpful tips you can find at It’s your tool for financial readiness. Because when you know how to manage your money — and how to spot a rip-off — you’re more financially solid and mission-ready.

Here’s our new video where Acting FTC Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen kicks off Month of the Military Consumer, with a couple of our colleagues who are veterans. We’re proud of their service.


I hope you’ll help us mark the month on social media:

Watch’s Facebook Live event on July 18. We’ll discuss some consumer issues affecting military families: choosing a college, avoiding job-hunting pitfalls, and learning the warning signs of imposter scams.

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This is one of the best sources for military personnel and veterans on the internet to learn about the scams and fraud talking place across all spectrums of communication.
From someone calling you and falsely claiming to be from the IRS to military style credit union harassing military personal for not staying current, thus subsequently being fined by the government millions of dollars in 2016 for its illegal practices.

We are proud to see it, may they all be more financially rich, thanks you for sharing

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