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Ransomware re-do? Back up your files.

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Based on early news reports, it’s possible that another widespread ransomware attack is sweeping the globe. It may spread using the same vulnerability that the WannaCry attack used in May, or it may be a new virus. Either way, if organizations don’t patch their software, they’re at risk. It’s crucial to keep operating systems and other software up to date.

If you’re a computer user, what else can you do to avoid losing access to your data because of a ransomware attack? Back up your files! Here’s a lighthearted reminder that backing up your files is serious business.


Know somebody who might need a reminder to back up their files? Send them our video, or post it to social media.


Thanks so much for the new info. This stuff is getting really old. Not being a IT I don't understand why it can't be stopped. I always try to backup my computer but it always tells me the next day it will be done. ????

How is this stuff getting bad

Thank you for this and all of your updates on the latest scams and attacks going around. You give me the knowledge which helps keep my computer and phone protected. It's difficult sometimes to discern the good from the bad, but your alerts keep us safe and informed. Thank you for your diligence.

Trying to get rid of malaware and apps

Please see this FTC publication to learn how to get rid of malware.

The process for deleting apps varies by the type of device you’re using. But generally, you can delete any app that you've downloaded using the Settings app on your device.

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