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Scammers don’t really give refunds

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The FTC has been cracking down on deceptive tech support operations that call or send pop-ups to make people think their computers are infected with viruses. Scammers ask for access to computers, then charge people hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs. In Operation Tech Trap, the FTC and its partners announced 16 actions against deceptive operations, and the FTC temporarily halted the operations of several defendants.

Recently, a woman who lost money to one of the defendants in the FTC cases got a call from someone who claimed to be with a company the FTC sued. (It was a lie. In reality, the company has closed.) He said the company wanted to give her a refund. He asked her to give him access to her computer, fill out paperwork and buy a prepaid card. She knew that didn’t sound right, so she didn’t cooperate. And she contacted the FTC right away.

We’re grateful for her call, and want to share this warning: If you lost money to a tech support scam or other fraud, you might get a call from someone claiming to give you a refund, or help you recover your money – but only if you give them personal information or some money. Those calls are scams. Don’t give out personal or financial information to anyone who calls you, and never give them access to your computer. And then report the call to the FTC.


We've just recently been victims of a ruse burglary. Those are on the rise, particularly during the summer months. Pride ourselves in screening and scrutinizing people thoroughly; however, we were scammed, too this time. Very angry and disappointed in our own judgement this one time. Also live very close to an interstate highway for the individuals to get away and merge into major traffic.

Can you share more details about what the scammer said and did that broke thru your defenses?

Folks, it is simple. When you get a Pop Up from one of these scammers, who claim your computer is infected, restart your computer. After restarting your computer, clear out your history and run a scan using your anti-virus software. There is no need to contact these scammers. You can solve the problem yourself.

Better yet, use a pop-up blocker that most web browsers have available now, so you aren't even exposed to any pop-up scams.

Most of the time there is no problem. These are scammers lying to you. If you already have good antivirus software, you should have no problem in the first place. Same for these scams that pop up on your smartphone.

Will the suits include mandatory monetary reimbursements?

 You can follow this link to read about the actions announced in in Operation Tech Trap. The FTC and its partners announced 16 actions against deceptive operations, and the FTC temporarily halted the operations of several defendants.

same thing happened to me. it shut my computor i got a phone call saying the internal revenue is suing me they want money.

that's a scam anybody who calls and says they want money now is a scam tell them to send proof of the debt & if the sheriff is coming to arrest you say i'll be waiting for him & Hangup

even proof can be forged, I got scammed and they sent me a very authentic looking Invoice by e mail
also a follow up letter with fake Canadian License, fake address which turned out to be a house on sale , letter was mailed from Atlanta Georgia so watch out its a ring of scam artists

I have had that in the past. They threatened to have the Sheriff pick me up. I said fine. I need a vacation anyhow. I called the State Attorney General in Colorado and I had the phone number. Get the phone number if you can. They will stop calling. Now I have this phone call about your have paid for your AntiVirus and you are entitled to a refund. Its a scam.

Received a call from a woman claiming she was calling from the IRS. According to the IRS website they do not call first. They send out a letter first. I said I did not receive any letters. She became argumentative and said I did not respond to any letters. I said to her this is a scam and don't call be again and hung up! She had a foreign accent, which indicates she was calling from a foreign country.

I can bet she was calling from India , the Ringleader was caught by Indian Police, don't know what happened next FTC should try and extradict these people so they can face US justice

Another number to add to the group: called twice today and as they hung up I heard Eastern Indian dialect. I never answer: 800-180-1810.

Had a phone call said i could get $9,000 for paying taxes on time and not filing bankruptcy tax free had to go and send them $200 from a QVC or Walgreen told me to call them when got in parking lot and they would walk me through it is it a scam?

Yes, that is a scam. If someone says you will get money, but you have to give them money first, that's a scam. If you give them $200, you will lose that money.

The government doesn't give grants to people because they pay their taxes on time, or becuase they never filed for bankruptcy. That's not real. Scammers made that up to trick people. Read more about government grant scams.

same happened to with me. I give 200$ for registration, he told this money refund me with prize money and than he more 500$ for tax,, than I told my friend, my friend its scam. than I call the number and I told about it, he told me its true. think about it. you almost done. that is your money, I call you tomorrow, than you tell me your decision. I'm confused now. that's why I search Google. but I'm still confused. when he call me tomorrow, what should to tell him. he tell me he prove it for me its true.

This sounds like a scam. A scammer asks you for money, and asks again. He will keep taking your money. He will say pay a tax, pay a fee, pay more fees. He will promise, or say "One more day, almost there" but you won't get the prize. You can stop talking to him and block him.

If you really win a prize, you get the prize. You don't have to pay first.

The exact thing happens to me two days before. They told me that I would get money from government. They told me to go to Walgreens to buy some gift cards. They stole about 1400 hundred dollars from my account. I’m new immigrant here , only one year in US and I didn’t know about these things. I did the report to the police but they will never find the thieves. I’m hoping the bank supports me and gives me a refund for this scam tha happened to me. The police must investigate about these thieves and punish them. I’m so desperate for this thing that happened to me. Thieves stole a lot of money from my account

PC would not allow me to print on my printer. Called Hewlett-Packard. Was told they could not fix and gave me 2 company names who could. The business I called was IDT Info System Inc, 364 E. Main Street, Suite 1011, Middleton, DE 19709. telephone 855-541-4927. They scanned a filled in check after I allowed remote access. The following morning I did some research - scam. Went to the bank, put a stop payment, closed that bank account and opened a new one. I've received 1 e-mail which I did not open and 1 phone call which I didn't answer. Had the frozen computer happen also. When I called it the individual could barely speak English. I hung up and rebooted. The 2nd time I saw the pop-up I automatically rebooted. How many "scampanies" are out there????

I got an email from someone who signed it they were Atty with a law firm saying I owed money to a payday loan co I never heard of the email also had my name DOB drivers license number and SSN he gave no Amount owed then I got another email a few days later from the same guy saying I owe over 1000.00 I haven't heard from them since I now have lifelock. I just wish they could be stopped

I get those computer calls all the time. Can't make them go away. Soon has I say put me on the do not call list they hang up on me before I can get it all out and the calls keep coming.

I have been scammed twice. You would think I would learn. Note that the FTC and the Attorney General from FL have sued the scammer company results unknown to me. The company still calls me saying I have purchased service from them previously and it time for a tune up. Calls come from all over the US. I tell them they are scammers and hang up. I also bought a new Panasonic land line phone which has call blocking on it. I enter the new number the company used and the phone rings once and the call is blocked. This remedy is helpful but doesn' stop the calls.

Just had a call from 876-815-3908 telling me I had won 7.5 million dollar.And a new car.And I need to get 200.00 dollar to Western union before 11:00 am so UPS can get it to my house.Was trying to see how to block them.O yes gave me and IRS person name,and some woman coming with it,Miss. Solomon,I think they though he had a fool on this end.But just letting them have fool,until the next call.

Haha, I have two answers. 1) I tell them I do not own a computer, they must have the wrong number. They hang up. 2) I tell them this is dectective Schmidt and the person they are trying to reach was murdered. I will need their full name, address, and phone. We feel they could be a suspect and will need to question them. They not only hang up, they never call back! Guess I scammed them back!

I love that! Great idea!

don't answer the call if you do they know someone is at home let the call go to answering machine

If you're getting barraged with scam phone calls, seriously consider ditching your land line. I went mobile-only in 2002, and have never looked back. I get a few scammers every now and again, but nothing in comparison to the land-line days.

I get scam calls on my cell. I never ever answer a call from a number I don't recognize, and if a robocaller leaves a message, I report it. I get loan scams, real estate scams, the "yes" scam where the robot says "Can you hear me okay?"

As for the yes scam. Have you ever answered "yes" to open accounts, withdraw money or anything really important? I wondered about the sanity of this yes scam after doing exactly that. I think this is a scam within a scam.

If you have to do something for a company or pay them first to get a refund other than just sending you got from them back, then this isn't a legit way to get a refund, plus scammers will never keep their end of the bargain even if you claim to them that you kept your end.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your money is to NOT answer the phone from anyone you do not know. Trust me, if it's a legitimate call, they'll leave a message. I never answer whether the number is local or not.

I've received 20 calls, up to 4 calls a day, this month from 800-642-7676.
So I finally decided to answer to see who it was. A man claiming to be technical support with Microsoft and he said it shows I have several viruses on my computer if I could please get in front of computer to fix it, I said, oh yea? He responded, yes ma'am there are lots of problems with your computer so if you could please go to your computer. I told him to never call this number again I don't take kindly to scammers and hung up the phone.
What I couldn't believe is he had the nerve to call me right back and tell me my family is a bunch of scammers and hung up. Wow!
Later that evening, I used a different phone (in case they had caller ID) and they were closed, they had a recording so I was able to get their website info and did what I hope we all can hopefully do is filed a complaint with the FTC, along with Microsoft, and I also filed a complaint with our Attorney General. I hope they catch those frauds and put them all out of business!

just received a call from international number man had india/british type accent told me to call his supervisor right away with a code that I must keep private or anyone can collect the $7,800 which is a gift for 1500 to 1700 decent citizens with no record in 6 months and pay tax on time. He said he is calling from AARA... not sure his name is Albert Harrison he told me to call 347-464-8090 he called from 20 2 7789089 I did confirm my name and an old address ad my email but gave nothing else. I hope nothing happens.....

I too have been duped by scam (almost) Again an IT b usiness saying they can fix my computer. This time when they asked for money I refused. Told them thought this was a scam and was not interested. They have entered my computer, as I noticed from other comments to you, but I rebooted every time. They called so many times but I noticed their system and will not answer phone. Been quiet for a while. But there are others out thee so keep the guard up.

I cannot believe these horrible stories. Me being hacked seems very small right now. I wish everyone Safe Browsing! Thx for sharing.

Iam getting calls from a refunddepartment2014 .iHave to send more ITUNE Cards or I will not get any Money back the call all the time i even unplugt my Phone so far I sent 2300.-$ I dont have anymore.I am 77 years old.G.M.

You can block the calls and stop talking to the scammers. You can report this to the FTC at 1-877-382-4357.  The federal government offers extra help to some older Americans to pay for medicine, housing, transportation and other needs. Learn more at and

I've been a victim of a scam recently. I was on a website to where you can watch Korean shows. I pressed the play button and a popped up came saying my iPad got blocked do to hacking and call the Apple support to unblock it. The screen looked legit. Like it had like the Apple logos and stuff There was a number that was on the popped up so I called it and told the situation and told me that I had to purchase iTunes gift card I order to fix it so I did.. long story but to make it short, I've lost about $4000. I still can't believe this happened to me.

So these scammers with the pop-up ads that block your computer because it has a "virus, ... They got me too a few months ago. Called me back today and told me their company was going out of business and I had a refund coming. I was so blinded that I did not realize I had been scammed the first time. I thought my computer had been "repaired" and had the latest antivirus out there now with a phone number on the screen straight to tech support... (Boy was I being taken for a dummy!) They needed access to my computer today while on the phone with me. I unwittingly granted that because they needed to remove their files. Long story short, I refused to go buy itunes cards for them and they said they would lock my computer and empty my bank account and there was nothing I could do. I contacted the bank and immediately put my account on hold but this means I have no access to my money either. So I sit here with a computer that has a black screen, trying to figure out how to untangle this mess I have gotten myself into. So do I need to leave my computer as is or try to reboot

Read this FTC article about how to get rid of malware the scammers might have put on your computer.

I've been getting calls on my land line that come through as "Private". The callers sound Indian, could hardly understand, talking about a refund. I said "this is a scam. I bet you want my personal account information right? Well I'm not stupid and stop calling this #"!! I usually don't answer unknown #'s, but I'm sick of the calls coming through all day. He called back 10 minutes later. Unreal.

Just filed complaints on two different swindlers, their bogus company name ? city and state locations. They had a female make a follow up call to our cell phone. I found their info on notes and reported them from almost swindling us 2 months ago. The banks's fraud department protected us. We also returned the computer where we bought it for an improved one, warranty & McAffee antivirus protection. Immediately shut down computers when pop-ups appear; don't give out any info, personal or other.

Mine it's not a pop up It's a text message or and
" Interac E Transfer; You've received a refund due to an overcharge on your previous payment. Click the following link to deposit your money: http:// refundsu. me/ "

Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. A legitimate company won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.

Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.

Back in September, I was a victim of a Microsoft Tech Support scam. I filed a complaint with Microsoft, the FTC, and Bank of America. The bank told me to try contacting the "merchant" first to try to resolve the issue. When I did, I was scammed a second time because the person who answered the phone told me that the iTechExpert techs were scammers, but they (Aspire Marketing) would actually fix my computer and I would be able to get my bank to refund my money to my credit card. Surprisingly, B of A refunded the money to my credit within 3 days for the first scam, but, after two and a half months of "researching" and asking me to submit supporting materials for my claim against Aspire Marketing, the bank denied my claim because I had not given the scammers ("the merchant") "the opportunity to resolve the dispute." I am so angry, and I am determined to continue fighting this. I told B of A from the beginning that this was a scam, and I would not have been scammed a second time, by Aspire Marketing, if 1) the bank had not told me to try to try to resolve the issue with the supposed "merchant", or 2) if the bank had stopped the payment on my credit card when it was still pending. Now, even though I submitted 24 pages of supporting materials, making very clear that this was a scam--and not a mix-up with incompetent computer techs-- the bank does not want to pay because I did not give the scammers the chance to "resolve the dispute," and I didn't give the bank "specific cancellation information or documentation"(which was impossible because everything was done over the telephone). Even worse, I had been warned by other some of the B of A reps NOT to try do deal with the scammers. I do know what to do now to try to get my money back.

I was contacted today by someone who said he worked for Geek Squad from India and was cleaning up my computer. He said that I should follow his instructions. In the process of doing this, he said I had already paid the service & he needed for me to follow thru in order to get my refund because I had paid twice. After going thru many steps all of a sudden when I thought he was done, he got really excited because he noticed instead of $350, it was $5,000 and he needed to have my bank debit card as he would be in trouble and lose his job. I could not find my card. Then he said I needed to go to my bank & withdraw $5,000 take it to Walmart & get a MoneyGram to send to him, or I would lose my $5,000. He said I was to shut down my computer immediately & tear up any MoneyGram customer copies and not to open my computer until the next morning when he would call me back between 9:00 and 10:00 AM the next day. He did call back, and I hung up on him. The number he called from was 973-457-4719.

I keep getting these calls that say a business closed and I was entitled to a refund. Has anyone else received these calls?

Yes, I have. I assume it's a scam. If it was real, they wouldn't have to call.

I just got this call. Omg. What happened to u? I let him get in my computer but then when he asked for my online banking info I knew it was a scam. I then hung up on him and he called back literally 20x. Over and over. I then started crying and screamed at him to leave me alone. He then turned into jekell and Hyde and said u now must pay me bc I am in ur computer and if u don't I have all ur info including my email. I then turned my computer off immediately and changed my passwords and put my VPN on my phone. I am still so worried. Has anyone actually paid these people? How worried should I be?+


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