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Scammers don’t really give refunds

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The FTC has been cracking down on deceptive tech support operations that call or send pop-ups to make people think their computers are infected with viruses. Scammers ask for access to computers, then charge people hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs. In Operation Tech Trap, the FTC and its partners announced 16 actions against deceptive operations, and the FTC temporarily halted the operations of several defendants.

Recently, a woman who lost money to one of the defendants in the FTC cases got a call from someone who claimed to be with a company the FTC sued. (It was a lie. In reality, the company has closed.) He said the company wanted to give her a refund. He asked her to give him access to her computer, fill out paperwork and buy a prepaid card. She knew that didn’t sound right, so she didn’t cooperate. And she contacted the FTC right away.

We’re grateful for her call, and want to share this warning: If you lost money to a tech support scam or other fraud, you might get a call from someone claiming to give you a refund, or help you recover your money – but only if you give them personal information or some money. Those calls are scams. Don’t give out personal or financial information to anyone who calls you, and never give them access to your computer. And then report the call to the FTC.


I've just had a call, the voice is computerised not human and breaks up where it tells you who they are. They claim I'm owed £250 for over paying for my computer services (i bought my PC right out, no hp. My internet provider have my info, so would get in touch if they needed to, this is the only services I use)! The call also said that the computer services have now stopped all operations this is why I'm owed money and that they have tried to call me a lot of times regarding this issue. Also if I wanted to receive this "owed money" I should just press 1 to put me though or 2 to stop the calls. I have just blocked the number, that way I won't get any repercussions. If you have never paid anything for these kind of things you sure as anything are not going to get anything back but trouble. Stay away from these menace calls and forget them, or report them! Stay safe people

I just received a call saying I will receive a refund if I call some 800 number. Apparently, the company I spent money at for some Windows or Apple product, is shutting down.


I don't use Windows or Apple products.
I haven't ordered any Windows or Apple products recently.

just received a call stating that I am entitle to a refund from Windows and Apple Support. and to call 1-855-403-4333. Just to add to your numbers for phone scams.

I got a call. Refund 399.00. The guy asked me too turn on my computer. It's funny. I don't have a computer. I said ok it's on. Then he told me what too do . I laughed. I asked him to send me the money in the mail.


Call came in at Thursday, July 5, 2018, at 11:59 am.

confirmed same problem with these phone numbers

I just received this call, the day after I purchased an iPhone. Is there an info leak from the product sellers? I have not had this scam call before but have received many other similar ones claiming to be from Windows.

Same here, received call from 855-403-4333 after I purchased gift card from Apple store

I got the same 855-403-4333 call several times yesterday 7-17. It is a computer generated message about my support company going out of business and they want to refund my money. I don't answer them of course but it is getting on my nerves how many calls I get from this number.

Just got the scam call from Kathy Jackson. 2 or 3 days ago got the same call but from a male voice recording (forgot the name). Add these to the list of 9am calls many days in row every several months from "VISA" "offering lowest interest rates". The government captures and records every utterance, text and email I make but they cannot squash these scam calls? Come on!

Got the same message about Microsoft refund for Computer Technical Support from Kathy ... the call back number was 888-454-1380.

Just got Another scam call from Kathy Jackson. I did not purchase anything anywhere. I never answer my phone any more unless they identify themselves and I know who they are. SO sad.

I have been getting the Kathy Jackson scam phone calls on my land line for several days in a row now. Sick of them. 3 Aug '18

About a year ago I fell for a tech scam. Got the pop up that said I had a virus and not to shut off my computer and call a certain phone number. I ended up paying $300 for a supposed life-time tech support. A few months later I got call saying this company was going out of business and they needed to refund me the $300. I knew something was off since the process in order to get the refund involved them getting in my computer again. Unfortunately I was naive again. Ended up getting multiple charges (originally told test charges) over a couple of days but no refund. My bank reversed the charges, I ended up closing my bank account and cancelling my cards and getting them replaced. The ordeal finally seemed to be over.
Every few weeks I still get a voicemail about the "refund". I ignore them.
Now today I got a different call saying I had purchased a tech help subscription from whoever (inaudible) and that it was expiring and about to renew, and that unless I called to cancel it I would be charged $249.99 . When I called supposedly I need to be on my computer and get a temporary customer id from them in order to even get the "Cancellation form". These people are saying this was something I purchased 3 years ago of which I have no memory.
Is this new call different scammers trying to play off that first tech scam and just guessing at the details wrong? Because as I mentioned, that first one was 1 year ago and supposed to be a lifetime service / one time purchase.

Yes, the calls might be from scammers who want access to your computer and accounts. You can ignore those calls if you choose. You could watch your credit and debit card bills to see if a charge for $249.99 appears; if you didn't approve that charge, contact your credit or debit card company.

Some guy called me saying he was my grandson in jail my grandsons are too young to go to jail I told him that he wasn't my grandson and hung up on him this is a scam to get people to wire money he asked me for money for his attorney he never called back

Just received the same robot call from 888-376-4805 saying I had a refund due. The message asked that I call back that number.

Got a call yesterday, 2018/8/24 from 888-376-4805 saying "we area calling to refund your money as the company has been ordered to close, please call our toll free number 888-376-4805 to get your refund." I did NOT call.

Got a message from a company saying they closed and want to refund my money from 1-888-857_1114

I just got this call this afternoon (in Florida) I could barely understand the guy calling....

got the same kathy jackson call from this number 1*844*386*8578

I was scammed exactly like CCD above only I was told to go to Apple store and buy a gift card. He was crying how he would lose his job. He transferred money from my savings to my checking account telling me that was their money and
it was really my money

Shame on the FTC for continuing to allow this activity.
We need new laws and unjustifiably severe penalties.

I got job scam and lost 2000 dollars he send a fake check of 4997 he made it seem liget by needing documents of the recpiet of every thing than he ask to seen 2000 i did send 2000 dollars ywo days my bank return the check and of 4997.13 he was from indeed now i have zero money we all learn i get my money by working you know but i save that money.

My Grandmother got a call from Dell saying that the company she got her computer fixed from and got a $400 warranty was going out of business. They claimed that they were going to give a refund to her. They made her do all the work, and she accidentally put $4,000 instead of $400. They started freaking out and telling her to buy $4,000 worth of gift cards. Do you think that this was a scam or not? Btw it was Indian Tech Support.

I just got a call from a bot saying I had been overcharged b my computer support company. Press 1 to speak to someone and get my refund. I hung up

phone number 325-400-3292 says they are owing me $399.99 refund for security I bought three years ago. call back answers in very noisy offshore call center. not tempted. stay away from this number

Received call 11/27/19

We are calling to refund your money as the company has been ordered to close down. Please call us on our number 562-222-4574. Repeating again 562-222-4574. Thank you.


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