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FTC sends DeVry refund checks

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As part of its settlement with DeVry University, starting today, the FTC will mail 173,000 refund checks worth more than $49 million to some students who attended the school between 2008 and 2015. Checks will expire 60 days after they were mailed.

The FTC used DeVry’s records to identify the people who were eligible for refunds. To get a refund, a person must meet all four of these eligibility criteria:

  • enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015;
  • paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • completed at least one class credit.

The refund checks will come from Analytics Consulting, LLC. The FTC never requires you to pay a fee or give financial information to cash a refund check. If anyone tells you they’re from the FTC and asks for money, it’s a scam. If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

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I meant, are we still eligible to apply for Loan Forgiveness through federal student loans. Or does this payout make us ineligible?

I don't have information about that.

$49,000,000 divided between 173,000 is barely $283. I am not banking on this. Keep paying your loans. DeVry is a joke and were pros at stretching to get every single dollar. I would like to think we would get something, but I am not sure we will see much of the money.

My husband & I both attended DeVry during this time frame and meet all qualifications set forth. We have received no communications on this matter, despite earnestly seeking out information and answers. We are drpwnomh in debt from DeVry and Keller Graduate school!

The FTC will use DeVry’s records to identify students eligible for refunds. If you were a DeVry student between January 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015, you don’t need to do anything to apply for a refund. The DeVry refund update lists the eligibility criteria the FTC used for refunds.

How do you find out the amount of the check?

Call 844-578-2645. I did and the lady who answered looked me up and told me.

You can call the number. Mine was $462.00. I had about 50k in loans.

I attended Devry from 2006 to 2011. I graduated February 2011 . Do I qualify for this refund? I was told too that as soon as I graduated I'll find a job easy and unfortunately that was not the case.

To get a refund, a person must meet all four of these eligibility criteria:

  • enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015;
  • paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • completed at least one class credit.

I am curious about this as well, except I start in the summer of 2007, just 6 months before the claimed start date in January 2008. I graduated in 2010. I very much recall the prospects being told to me about jobs would be easily available and I would basically be given a job at the end of my schooling. They made it sound amazing, and not so much.

Hope I get something..

Is there another number for Analytics Consulting,LLC? The 844-578-2645 phone number is not going through and telling me to call back at a later time.

Call back, they're probably very busy with all the phone calls...

I began class in late Summer 2007. Does that mean Im not eligable?

I think we should start a petition to have this school closed. They are predatory and the "professors" are a joke. At least 20 times I submitted a paper for grading that I knew was incomplete or had errors yet I still got 100%. Worst educational decision was to get my degree from DeVry, employers literally think it's a joke.

Is there a database to look up to see if I'm eligible?

So by "loans" in the second requirement does that mean loans through the school, Federal loans, or both?

You have to meet four eligibility criteria to get a partial refund from the FTC. One eligibility criteria is that you paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits. 

If you paid at least $5,000, it doesn’t matter what kind of loan you used to finance your tuition payment as long as it was not a DeVry institutional loan that was issued directly by DeVry.  You could have used a federal loan, or a loan from a bank or credit union or other source.

nice job on the lawsuit but it's such a minuscule amount being sent. 173,000 people splitting 50 million is like $250 per person. Imagine that each person had a tuition of 65k, which was roughly what mine was. 173000*65000=$11,245,000,000.

For those of you who are complaining about your little refund, just remember thatthere are others that graduated before the 2008 cut off that never found jobs in the field and will get no refund and are still paying for it.

Well you ones that did not get part in the Settlement. You didn't miss much.

yes that sucks. Devry should be shut down. but what does that have to do with everyone complaining about the crap refund and the FTC's failure at protecting us? does understanding some got zero refund somehow make everything ok and everyone should all stop complaining and be grateful for receiving $200 while in $20-$30k debt? the answer is no. no one should be grateful for being tricked into paying $20k-$150k debts and receiving less than 1% compensation. no one should stop complaining because this is a massive failure on the FTC's part. Devry isn't shutting down, if anything they're doing just fine after this settlement and their stocks have not only rallied, but gone up.

I have called DeVry after finding errors on my credit report showing late payments on a $6000 private loan that was forgiven as part of the FTC agreement. I have disputed it but still has not been corrected. DeVry states they cannot correct it. I also requested my degree to be sent to me since they were with holding it. All of these errors we're communicated 3 months ago to DeVry. Nothing has been fixed, when I call I get the run around. How do I get my credit report corrected?

Under federal law, both the credit reporting company and the information provider (the person, company, or organization that provides information to a credit reporting company) are responsible for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information in your report. Read about disputing errors on your credit report.

Please tell the FTC about the problems with your credit report and geting your diploma. Go to to report. You can also file a complaint about a credit reporting company with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

From my understanding its not an even spilt, but based upon a percentage of what you paid, so some may get more then others. I hope it is right, $280 will be a joke.

Has anyone spoken to Analytics Consulting,LLC or received there check yet?

If what some people are saying in the comments is true about the amount of "reimbursement" as part of the settlement, this will be a massive letdown.

I called him this morning and they said that my check was $262.11. Smh

How much did you pay in tuition?

I attended Devry and received government loans, do I still get a refund check?

Not protecting the people in any way this is ridiculous!

How to we contact someone regarding the borrowers defense? I paid off my direct loans from DeVry because they could not be consolidated,

Borrower defense hotline: 855-279-6207

200 dollars is really going to help with the 40K I still owe in loans to DeVry. Thanks FTC!

Whenever you call the 844 number it is him to leave a message you can't get anybody on the one to talk to

Class action suits only benefit the attorneys who handle the suit - they get their money first. That's why they're so anxious to sign up as many plaintiffs as they can.

When I get a notice that i qualify for a class action suit, I recycle it. The more people the attorneys get signed up, the more money the attorneys receive. I'm not interested in helping them make millions.

$49 million sounds like a lot, but attorneys will get $17 million, leaving $32 million. If there are 125,000 people who are participating in the lawsuit, each person wil receive $256. Big woo.

Do your investigating before investing money with anyone, that's the best advice I have. Once the bad people get your dough, you'll never see it again.


The Federal Trade Commission is a federal government agency.

As part of the FTC’s $100 million settlement, DeVry agreed to pay $49.4 million to the FTC for partial refunds to some students and $50.6 million in debt relief. The FTC sent checks worth more than $49 million to 173,000 people who attended the school between 2008 and 2015.

I just talked with them its 1% of what I owed.

Why would a student having paid at least $5000 be a qualifier when your not going to get a refunded amount nowhere near this amount when your loan is probably north of 40K.

Can I still try and get a partial amount of my loans forgiven after this? Private or federal? I have over 65k in student loans took out a personal loan to pay off my remaining balance after graduating to release my transcripts.

The FTC is not providing loan forgiveness. The FTC settlement required DeVry University to forgive and cancel some students' private student loans, and to cancel $20.25 million in debts some students owed to DeVry University for things like tuition, books and lab fees. If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness from DeVry you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January 2017.

I have a loan of $3500 directly from DeVry, they didn't cancel the loan and now I am still paying. What should I do?

Me too. They didn't forgive my loan. I have to pay it. It says the lender is DeVry.

Thank you FTC. Even if it's a small amount I am still thankful for the time and work that was put in. We voiced our "200" dollar opinion... Thank you again.

How long will the chexks take to come in the mail?#PatientlyWaitingOnMyLilCheck

Ill be there soon. Lol

I graduated from Devty in 2012. I knew after trying to enter the job market that i had been swindled by them but that was just that. We did nothing to get this 1%. I am appreciative for whatever i get. Besides that, I still have my degree. Thanks ftc.

Two questions.....If we are still paying a our loan, but are getting refund, how can we stop paying on the loan? And does the refund apply to parents who payed parent loans?

The FTC is not offering loan forgiveness. If you get a partial refund from the FTC, you will get a check in the mail yourself. The money will not go to your lender.

If a parent used eligible loans (including federal loans, and loans from a bank or credit union) to pay for a student to attend DeVry, and the student meets all four eligibility criteria, the student could get a partial refund. The refund would go to the student.

Just got off the phone with them I paid 18,000$ and my refund is 132.00$. just to give people an idea. Also do you borrower defense

How is $200 a partial repayment of $55k? That is .00002%! We were lied to, stole from and misguided. This for profit university has ZERO repercussions. Its an american dream to get an education and a jave a great career. I guess it was the dream of someone else to use the dream as bait and make tens and tens of millions off of lies.


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