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FTC sends DeVry refund checks

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As part of its settlement with DeVry University, starting today, the FTC will mail 173,000 refund checks worth more than $49 million to some students who attended the school between 2008 and 2015. Checks will expire 60 days after they were mailed.

The FTC used DeVry’s records to identify the people who were eligible for refunds. To get a refund, a person must meet all four of these eligibility criteria:

  • enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015;
  • paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • completed at least one class credit.

The refund checks will come from Analytics Consulting, LLC. The FTC never requires you to pay a fee or give financial information to cash a refund check. If anyone tells you they’re from the FTC and asks for money, it’s a scam. If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

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Just called 844-578-2645 pressed 0, & spoke to Olivia. My check is $482 even. Now I'm patiently waiting... Just wanted to update you all. I believe I had between 50-60K in loans, to the best of my knowledge. (Last I checked)

Did you have any government loans? I had government loans and I am not sure if I qualify..

There are four eligibility criteria for an FTC partial refund. One of the criteria is that you paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits. If you used government loans, or loans from a bank or credit union or other source to make those payments, you could be eligible, if you meet all of the other criteria.

This suit was established to punish DeVry, not to fill ex-students pockets with money. If you don't think this suit will effect the university then take a look back at what happened here at Penn State where I live.

I have around $65,000 in loans and will receive around $497 dollars if that gives anyone an idea. I am glad the FTC has pursued this. I also encourage anyone who is unsure if they are eligible to call. I never received any correspondence from Devry and when I called they had an old address so I have to wait even longer, if you think you are eligible, call & make sure your information on file is accurate!

Just called... my refund check is $518.99

My husband and I both went to Devry and meet all the criteria. He called and they told him we were not included. This doesn't make sense? How can this be?

I paid the full amount on loans and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors degree.

Bridget, I had previously called and was told I qualify. I also had to update my address since I had moved since I attended Devry. It looks like people have already gotten their checks. It is now 7/7/17 and I have not received a check in the mail. Is something wrong and should I be concerned? Thank you,

The FTC started mailing checks on July 5. There are 173,000 checks going out. It may take a few days for the check to reach you.

Thank you. Still haven't received it yet. When is the latest I should wait to receive it in the mail before I call to make sure something isn't wrong?

When I first heard about this earlier last month, it was that the government was going to wipe out any remaining student loans, so I told Great Lakes I was holding all payments. I graduated 5yrs ago...and I'm still in debt up to my armpits. A few hundred bucks ain't gonna cut it folks.

Well of course it's not going to cut it. Please call your state attorney and/or file a borrowers defense against repayment on devry.

I too go through great lakes. I owe 65k in student loans for a worthless degree. I was told by Catherine Chege at the DeVry in NV that they can guarantee 97% job placement. Now 4 years later and a 3.6 gpa im screwed. I have caller DeVry endless times they are withholding my transcripts. I get nowhere with them and I'm frustrated beyond belief. I refuse to pay 300.00 a month for a student loan based on a worthless degree. DeVry sucks and I think all deceived students should gaffe their loans forgiven. Why isn't the attorney General getting involved?

As part of the FTC settlement with DeVry, DeVry agreed to coooperate with requests for transcripts and diplomas. If you're having trouble getting your transcripts, please report that to the FTC at

This press release from the FTC explains that DeVry is supposed to cooperate with requests for transcripts and diplomas.

So our loans will not be forgiven during this process? And because of that they are sending people $200?

How do you have an updated address for everyone to send the notices to? Is DeVry and the FTC assuming college kids have kept the same addresses since 2008?

If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

How do I get my refund if they do not have my current address?

If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

To have a chance to receive forgiveness file a borrowers defense. Devry had deceptive ads... That alone is a violation that scammed us students

Oh hey guys, I got that huge refund check today from this atrocious settlement. I paid in almost 40k in loans across the board, and got a lousy $92.76. FTC you failed us students horribly, you had one job, just one, and you could not seem to do it correctly. Everyone listen up, I'm tired of playing games with this settlement, its time WE THE STUDENTS take action. Apply for the Borrower's Defense to Repayment Now!!! It even states that you can do that on the letter attached to the check!!! Lets all current and former student, Alumni(including myself), etc show we are a UNITED front against this settlement and DeVry University!!!!

Has anyone applied for borrower's defense? How long until they acknowledge your application? I applied about a week or so, and so far i have not received a response at least to tell me they have received my application.

I did, I applied in Jan, and I got an automated response, saying no decision has been made yet. I read that Betsy Devos or whatever, has delayed decisions for two years maybe, its like I am in limbo for who knows

Got my check today, a whopping $97.18... That should make a decent dent in my $1500 a month loan payments.

giving an update for anyone who is trying to guess how much you will get. my refund is $670.00. I have 55k in school loans that went to devry.

I just received my refund today for $530 which is more than I expected but a far cry from the $64k in original debt. Oh well, at least I got something back, I figured I wouldn't see a penny from this.

What happens to the money that you're unable successfully reimburse? That really should go back to the students who are able to accept it.

Holy crap this is a slap in the face. Thanks for 90 bucks.

I just talk with the FTC since Devry gave me loan forgiveness when this lawsuit first started I'm not getting a refund check. This sucks and this school needs to shut down. They only forgave what they said I owe them for 1 class I didn't sign up for after they took all my grant money and financial aid. Rip off. Community college here I come.

File a "borrower defense to repayment"

I was just worried that I will not get the check. Is there anything I can do to confirm my address and if they have sent it or not?

^ Press and 0

If you got transferred to DeVry from another institution then you are not on the round list. Just got off the phone with an FTC representative. I was hoping to change my address... I am thinking about taking them to court?? I mean DeVry not FTC of course..

To get a partial refund from the FTC, you have to meet the eligibility criteria listed at the top of this blog.

I recieved a measly 139 dollar check and owe 30k or more

If I had my entire refund because of students loans associated with my enrollment at DeVry during this time, can I request it back?

I don't understand your question.

Loan around $65K-$75K and got $714 with some cents

Yea just received my check. It's only $84 that's not enough for one of my monthly payments for my student loan.

Hello all! I received my refund today for 411.40. Thanks FTC for acting on our behalf. Sure the refund amount is low compared to what most of us paid in with this scam of a school, but at least they won this settlement for us.

I received my refund check Today along with my husbands. I was in school longer than him but he took more classes than me. I had no idea this refund was coming so when I opened it I thought it was a scam. My husband received $688 and I received $345. No I doesn't help the $45k in student loan debt I have but it was a nice surprise.

I like how on this refund check it states you can further actions on devry... For example to file a borrowers defense against repayment on devry... So the ftc is recommending us all to file a borrowers defense claim? So one federal department wanting another federal department to do something? Smh

$849.91 But up to my eyeballs in debt... I never gave up and got lucky with an part time internship just before graduation with bachelor's in NetCom MGMT. Then some Keller - Info Sec. Climbed the ladder to my own success... You can too! That was 5 years ago September. One of the lucky few.

Got a check for $577.33 yesterday. I moved twice but they still found me. The percentage was roughly 1% of what I borrowed. I didn't do anything and hadn't heard about the settlement until I received the check yesterday.

I got my FTC check in the mail yesterday. I got a little over $400. Devry needs to shut down. I filed for defense to repayment back in Jan of this year, and they still have no decision on it, got an automated email two weeks ago, and it looks like these applications for defense to repayment are in limbo for years now.

I have been calling the FTC since yesterday and can't get anyone on the phone.

I am grateful the $200 came when it did, but that is not enough!!! I spent my life savings at the time, for what I was assured was a guarantee I would get a job in Networking.

i got 79.91. im not happy about this.

Got $2800.

I got mine today it was 183.44 graduated 2015. I knew nothing about this! Any advice with getting loan forgiveness??


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