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FTC sends DeVry refund checks

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As part of its settlement with DeVry University, starting today, the FTC will mail 173,000 refund checks worth more than $49 million to some students who attended the school between 2008 and 2015. Checks will expire 60 days after they were mailed.

The FTC used DeVry’s records to identify the people who were eligible for refunds. To get a refund, a person must meet all four of these eligibility criteria:

  • enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015;
  • paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • completed at least one class credit.

The refund checks will come from Analytics Consulting, LLC. The FTC never requires you to pay a fee or give financial information to cash a refund check. If anyone tells you they’re from the FTC and asks for money, it’s a scam. If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

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I am appalled that I am not included in the class action suit against DeVry. I need answers

I started in 2003 qhat options do I have??

I never received a check from anyone about this.

I went to a sister School (Carrington formerly Western Career College) and I had the same experience. Is there an investigation separate or would I be included in this settlement?

I attended Devry University and Keller Graduate school of management in 2005 thr 2009 and 2011. Filled the borrow defense form in June 2017 and haven't received anything from Devry about loan forgiveness or cancellation of loans. What else can I do.

The FTC's settlement with DeVry University had two main parts:

  • One part related to $50.6 million to provide loan and debt forgiveness for students who owed money directly to DeVry.
  • Another part related to $49.4 million that the FTC usd to provide partial refunds to people who paid for DeVry classes.

If you owed money directly to DeVry, and you were eligible for private-student-loan or debt forgiveness you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January, 2017. 

If you were eligible for a partial refund for other money you paid to DeVry, and met four conditions, you should have gotten a check from the FTC in July, 2017. Go to for more information.

Most of us are tens of thousands of dollars in debt from this fraudulent school. The amount I received in the first distribution was a joke. It wouldn't even cover a month of interest. Why is this school still in business and why should I have to continue to repay a debt racked up by fraud? The school should pay off ALL of our Student loans... I a approaching $100k in debt for 2 years of schooling... For a diploma that isn't worth the paper it was printed on. When will we get our justice? $300 on a $80,000 tuition is a slap in the face.

I did meet all those requirements and did get a partial refund. But is there any information about who long it will take to find out if there us a possible chance of loans to be forgiven?

I did meet all those requirements and did get a partial refund. But is there any information about who long it will take to find out if there us a possible chance of loans to be forgiven?a

I did meet all those requirements and did get a partial refund. But is there any information about who long it will take to find out if there us a possible chance of loans to be forgiven?

I filed for a defense to repayment a year ago I called the department of education a few days ago and my case is just now being reviewed. That could mean many things, I'm also a veteran I called the VA today to ask how much they paid out to DeVry throughout enrollment and the figure came up to 35k. My student loan debt is 60k, so they are telling me it costed 90k for a bachelor of science degree. I've tried asking DeVry about it and they won't tell me. With all this DeVos drama I don't see anything happening any time soon and all the while my credit is being dinged and the interest rate is increasing while I wait for this thing. I very well may have to hire a lawyer to help me with this.

I received a letter that over 9K would be forgiven, However all my loans were through Navent and 1 private loan that they sent to collections and I paid in full. I owe over 96K in student loans and come to find out at my job when they did a check for a promotion, that I actually do not even have my BA, as according to Devry they "re-evaluated " my program and added an additional 3 unit "elective" class that I would need to take to obtain my degree. So now I have no degree, lost the promotion, was informed by Navent they have never seen a credit of 9K on my account, they state that if DeVry is waiving 9K in tuition charges that was paid via Federal Loans they have to pay that back to the Navent, and if it was Pell Grant money then back to me. I have gotten absolutely NO where with DeVry. I have no idea where to go now.

The FTC's settlement with DeVry University had different parts.

One part involved the $50.6 million that gave loan and debt forgiveness to certain students who owed money directly to DeVry.

Another part involved $49.4 million that the FTC used to send partial refunds to people who paid for DeVry classes with loans they took out from the federal government, and with other kinds of funding.

If you got a letter that said over $9,000 would be forgiven, that sounds like the debt forgiveness that people got if they owed money directly to DeVry for private student loans, tuition, books and lab fees. If you have a letter that says some of your debt was waived, talk to the people that sent the letter.

Is it too late to be a part of this? I joined Devry in January 2008 and I have 3 kids. I'm constantly behind in trying to pay back my loans and half the jobs I apply for in my field will not accept my degree coming from Devry. I graduated in 2012 and still have yet to be able to get a job for my degree.

My refund check was returned because I no longer lived at the address DeVry had on file. What is the address and contact info to send to ftc to update my address so I may finally receive my refund from DeVry?

Get information about that at

I just found the check that was sent out to me back on July 5, 2017. Of course it's passed the 60 days, I was wondering if it's possible to reissue me this check and if so, how do I contact you to get it reissued?

I received a check in July 2017 but misplaced it and just found it. How can I get it replaced since it's passed the 60 days. Please let me know.

Have the second round of payments been dispuoursed, and who is distributing the checks?

Read about the second round of refunds at

Is there a place where I can check for my refund status?

Find out how to get more information at

I was enrolled in Devry and meet all 4 requirements but never got any loan forgiveness. What do I need to do to see if I qualify for loan forgiveness from them?

My physical address has changed. What do I do?

If you are eligible for a refund and have questions about the refund process, contact Analytics Consulting, LLC at 844-578-2645.

Did not get a check the first round. Applied for the forgiveness and never got a response. Second round of checks being cut and still nothing. I don’t understand why I can not get anything???

I am trying to get in touch with someone about a refund check that I just received. I’m confused because it says that I received one before and haven’t

Well I did not expect much from the second round of checks and I wasn't disappointed. The first check I received was around $93 and change and this time I received far less, a mere $22.12. (Woo gas money)

I knew this settlement was a complete waste of time. Good thing my loans are still in the borrowers defense!

I got a refund check today, it stated I already received and cashed the first check that was sent to me. I never did get a check and I never did cash it. Where do I call, or who do I contact about it. Maybe someone stole the check and cashed it? I don't even know when the check was mailed out.

Worst mistake ever attending this college. I completed my bachelors in 2008 and masters from Keller in 2011. I am working a job that has nothing to do with my degree. Am I eligible for this forgiveness?

I just learned of this and I quskify. How do I get a refund? I'm sure I may have been mailed a check to my old address but never got it. I'm entitled to this and if I do not get it, do I have a personal lawsuit option?

I received the first round of refund checks from the FTC about DeVry but I have not received the second one. Is there a number that I could call about this?

How do I get my second round refund and moved

Just found out about DeVry lawsuit, and it's funny how it's stated that DeVry was to let all students know about what was going on with lawsuit against them and to remove any reports of student loans, off your credit report, which hasn't happen to me. The fact that DeVry gave the FTC file or names of students who were affected, but really issued a bogus address, because the address the check was mailed to, was a prior address before attendance at DeVry. I received my transcript at the address I was living at in 2010, and Great Lakes had up to date address on file. My reimbursement was mailed in 2017 to an old address, so when I called and inquired about the refund, I was told I could lose out because, they are about to send out the second batch, so I would have to wait until August to find out if I would even get anything, because they had wrong address. Meantime, I'm feeling a double whammy, because DeVry chose to dig up old information and hand it to them when my social should have been given and the most recent address because the Lenders definitely had the correct one! I think that would be unfair and if it's just waiting and we will reissue your check, then ok that's fine, but not the words of you may get nothing on something, not my fault! My Ansenio Voice; Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Why did this not include Keller Grads?

Why didn't I get a refund from the FTC?

still havent recieved mine yet

Nor have I. I received the 1st round of check, cashed it, than i saw in April we are getting a 2nd round... and now it is Dec 2nd, and i still have not got the 2nd round of checks....

The FTC has information about the refund program.

Who do you contact if you think you should have received total forgiveness? What is the criteria for DeVry to forgive the total loan(s)? I know the FTC is not issuing full forgiveness.

Where do I go to fill out my information or is it too late

The FTC has information about its refund program.


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