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Shade-y claims of harmless “green” paint

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If you’re thinking about sprucing up the interior of your home with a fresh paint job, using a paint with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may be important to you since these compounds can be harmful to people. However, the FTC warns that some paint companies mislead people about the amount of VOCs emitted by their paints.

The FTC’s settlements with four paint companies say the companies claimed their paints were emission-free or VOC-free before, during and after use, and harmless to pregnant women and babies. But the FTC says the claims were based on tests that weren’t consistent with how the paints are actually used.

All paints release chemicals when being applied and while drying. Some of these chemicals can be unsafe — especially to babies and people with asthma or allergies.

What’s more, two of the companies even created official-looking seals for their paints, to make it look like third parties verified these safety statements. According to the FTC, neither company disclosed that they actually created the seals themselves.

If you want to be safe, follow manufacturers’ instructions for proper ventilation and never paint while babies or other sensitive people are in the room. For information on environmentally-safe claims, check out the FTC’s webpage on shopping for green products.

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This is great information. I will share this.

I am so thankful for your perseverance in stopping these abuses of the rules and regulations in the paint industry. It is so vital to protect the most vulnersble who can't protact themselves.

If you really want to help the consumer then tell us which companies were cheating so we can avoid their products.

If you'd like to know more about the case, click on these highligted words in the second paragraph of the blog: settlements with four paint companies.

Please, for safety firt by mask !for your health

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