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Battling ticket bots

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You’re online, ready to buy concert tickets the second they go on sale, and then … they’re sold out. Were you beaten by a ticket bot? Here’s what you need to know.

What are ticket bots?

They’re computer programs that quickly buy up the best seats so the tickets can be resold elsewhere for more money.

The Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016 makes it illegal to use computer software like ticket bots to game the ticket system for public concerts, theater performances, sporting events, and similar events at venues that seat over 200.

Are ticket bots the only reason I can’t get tickets?

No. Some tickets might have already been sold in pre-sales or held for industry insiders. It also might just be that demand was high, and tickets sold out quickly.

So how do I increase my chances of getting tickets to a big event?

  • Get in on a pre-sale. Join the fan club for your favorite artists, look into season ticket opportunities, and check with your credit card company about promotions. Also sign up for newsletters or alerts from ticket sellers, artists, or venues, or follow them on social media. Just keep in mind that clubs and memberships might involve extra costs.
  • Look for tips on the ticket seller’s site. For example, Ticketmaster warns that using multiple browser windows or refreshing your screen at lightning speed could get you flagged as a bot so you can’t buy tickets. But using multiple devices or refreshing every two to three seconds is usually fine and might help you get tickets.
  • Set up an account and get familiar with a ticket seller’s site ahead of time. That way your information is already loaded and ready to go as soon as tickets go on sale, and you know what to expect in the process.
  • Check back. Shows might be added, or more tickets might be made available after the initial release.

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Mr Takaphan jaruhungsin received the new!

I have again update comment


This has probably happened to all of us. You hear that so in so's concert sold out in the first 10 minutes. Well, it was probably sold out even before the tickets went on sale to the public.

nonsense,all we need to know is that the concert ticketing business is utterly corrupt and noshing is being done about it from the regulatory side.

ok! so you want too see the last of the rolling stones? why!or what ever is the neuest crazy band, or europa-trash. if you need to travel too see these people,then mabe it is not worth it at all. save your money for sumthin closer in. go to NPR concert,or a university fest. these kids are really good. the ones i know,and their parents are great also.

The bots are electronic ticket scalpers. People who bought as many tickets as they could, repeatedly, then after sell-out, sold for higher price. Don't give them your money. Miss the show.

What is the FTC doing to investigate, stop and punish those using illegal software "bots" to buy event tickets before actual fans and customers can? The New York Attorney General's office did a huge investigation and it appears that the problem is much more rampant than most people understand.

So now that we have the law, who is prosecuting the ticket bot operators? Why haven't I read about any arrests or convictions? Where's the justice?

How is TicketMaster allowed to keep control over all these tickets? They had me buying the "last" VIP tickets. And then a whole lot of cheap ones appeared the next week. Tix like taxis need disruption. @California: when U do want to raffle out your tickets, then raffle out tickets using unique URLs. Don't u limit your inventory in order to pit the poor folks against each other. It's wrong.... What I want is a kind of stubhub which has 1) Transparent inventory. And 2) Fees which would come even just a little closer to what $ transactional overhead in the 21st-century is. Which is close to zero. FTC, Los Angeles, and Silicon valley, disrupt these markets!

Simple solution. Make it illegal to place tickets on the secondary market for anything greater than their original face value. Problem solved, simple, clear solution.

Take away the incentive and the problem will fix itself. Ticket resale certainly has a purpose as a service.

That's how it's done here in the UK for football sales. We're also introducing legislation to criminalise the use of bots in ticket resale - while you can't be put in jail for the offence, the penalty is an unlimited fine. If you're interested, check out the Digital Economy Act 2017 and the Breaching Limits on Ticket Sales Regulations 2017.

I bought some tickets on a web site called Box Office Tickets, they posted some tickets for $2.00 each along with other offers at $250 each for select seats, I said what the heck and bought 4 tickets, I received a confirmation and then 3 minutes latter I recieved the E-tickets....a week lstter they are bugging the heck out of me via phone calls and emails wanting me to call them.

I have my tickets printed out, does anybody know if they have the power to recind the tickets if they were purchased legally with my pay pal account and took the money (not pending)

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