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Here’s a big reason to complain about unwanted calls

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Tired of getting unwanted calls like illegal robocalls? We don’t even need to ask, right? Maybe you’ve wondered if filing a complaint actually makes a difference?

Your complaints are vital to the work we do (more on that in a minute). But today we’ve got another great reason to keep those complaints coming.

Now, when you report illegal calls, we will take the phone numbers you complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.

Here’s why that matters: many call blocking tools rely on blacklists. Those are databases of phone numbers that have been reported as the source of illegal calls. In addition to the number, the data the FTC releases will include the date and time a person got the unwanted call, the general subject matter (debt reduction, warranties, home security, etc.), and whether it was a robocall. Companies will be able to use this information to help identify which calls should be blocked or flagged. Even if a scammer fakes caller ID information — so the number you see isn’t the scammer’s real number — reporting it can make a difference. Call blocking technologies also can help prevent this kind of spoofed traffic.

This is just one of many steps the FTC is taking to stop illegal robocalls and other scam calls. The FTC will continue to go after the scammers behind illegal calls. Your complaints help us and other law enforcement agencies do that.

The data is posted every weekday, with Monday postings including weekend data, and can be found here on the FTC’s website.


I get robot calls that claim to be coming from my own phone number. It's pretty frustrating since spoofing to look like a number on my phone's white list allows calls to get past my do not disturb. Everyone just loves having unsolicited calls waking them up.

The FTC is likely doing everything they can, but unsolicited and confidence scams are impossible to stop. The only solution is hang up, immediately and never say anything. Scams now record a 'yes' reply from victims when asked their name. Yes, these scams know your name. Once a 'yes' is recorded it is used as a confirmation for any service or charge the scammers want to hook you with. Again, never say anything, hang up immediately. That's all anyone can do and don't bother your local police, they can't help you. An "IRS" scammer has been leaving 'investigation' messages. Answer from local police? 'Sorry, the recording is worthless and the caller ID also' So, you're on your own. Hang up, don't talk.

I get them every day. I don't answer because they're faked numbers. I have looked them up. There is nothing to report. They change the names and numbers on a call basis.
It's a terrible problem. No peace in your own home.

I am not affiliate in 'any' way with the following company, other than being a Customer and use their service for both Mobile and Home phone. Your right I used my phone & cable companies free services to help block robo calls and then some still came through. I then registered with nomorobo. com/ and its working. once set up you do get a single ring and then silence (such bliss!). Along with the FTC's help I hope to put an end for good with these annoying loosers!

When I reported calls I was told that while the Caller ID states it is from within my state, the Do Not Call folks can do nothing about calls from outside the USA. I have given up!

Today I got one that takes the cake: "Unavailable - out of area." They are getting too ugly for me. I wonder if changing my number to another unlisted one would help? I NEVER answer if I do not know the caller. I had a bad virus last week, and when it was repaired I told the person, best time to call is in afternoon. Now they only call in afternoon, some scan I am sure.

Thank you for what you are doing! I know it is frustrating to you as well. I try to report as many calls as I can especially those that repeatedly call to you. My question is if we are using an App on a mobile phone to assist with unwanted calls such as Hiya or Call Protect offered by AT & T and make a report through one of the Apps, do we still need to make a report on your form? I am hopeful that the App is sharing the information it collects with you as well. Thanks!

This is really a great info-I am giving a copy of this to our Chamber as well as the Senior Center Thank you

And thank you for sharing this information!

I am getting anywhere from 5-15 calls per day, most with a caller id having to do with medical benefits and some with caller id having to do with green. Rarely any messages - I don't pick up if I don't recognize the number. I gave up reporting them all due to time constraints - reporting 15 calls takes a bunch of time. Many of the callers are repeat callers. I am definitely on the DNC list.

How does robo calls using your own number work for these scammers?what method is used? And why would someone even do that? Can I do this back to the scammer too and what would happen if I do?
I agree with using a caller ID service, not answering an identifiable call, and hanging up/not saying anything immediately if it is a spiel/scam. I read if you answer the call, the scammers will keep using your number.
With all the technology today there has to be something a consumer to use for this(for free).
i asked verizon(for landline) about specific call blocking features, but they do not offer it as a service and you have to buy separate equipment and service for call blocking on landlines.And it is not always accurate and will block important automated calls from schools, utility company, emergency notices,other people....I would never know if I received an automated important town or school message.....Why isn't there anything to help the consumer who shouldn't be harrassed as a basic human right by using/paying telephone service. Seems to me we are on are own instead of getting included protection from these cons.

Here are a couple ideas from our article about blocking unwanted calls. Some phone carriers:

  • let you block between 10-30 numbers, but you have to identify the numbers to block. Robocallers frequently change the numbers they use, so a robocaller may still be able to get through if he changes the number he uses.
  • let you block calls from anonymous callers, the callers who prevent their phone numbers from appearing on a CallerID device, or whose numbers show up as “ANONYMOUS” or “PRIVATE.” But if a robocaller shows a fake numbers on your CallerID, the call will go through.
  • offer services that let you block calls or divert them to voicemail for periods of time. You can set up quiet or “do not disturb” hours.

Love the internet, but the biggest source of these calls comes over an internet service VOIP. Unfortunately, calls can originate from anywhere and can be made to look like they originate from your area or are designed to defeat privacy manager services. As the bulk of internet services originate from the U.S. maybe the FTC can work with FCC in getting the service providers to deal with it.

The phone companies know who's calling because they bill the calls correctly. Why doesn't the phone company force the correct caller-id to be shown?
They could even make money by inserting a company name for proven customers. Then when a call displays a company name, we will know it's legitimate.

With the exception of Verizon, cable companies that provide phone service will not add the NOROBO to there systems for blocking unwanted calls, I feel it should be a mandatory and fee free service offered by ALL cable companies, we pay PLENTY for cable service we should get something out of it!!!!!!!

Wrong: one of the biggest and baddest - Comcast lets me add NoMoRobo. It works great. I even removed the $2.50 monthly charge for unlisted number after adding NoMoRobo to my Comcast (cable) phone line.

In theory, DNC sounds good; in reality, it's ineffective. I "trace" calls online and find many of them in the US are through small regional telecom companies. It's time the FTC & other government agencies having jurisdiction crack down on the telecoms that profit from ROBO calls.

unwanted call #s--646-432-4920, 443-965-9036, 301,785-6787 662-234-6394 301-371-1875 240-815-9026202-618-6970 301-926-2469- 301-371-1875 301-485-4225

First thing when it comes to robocalls is to just not respond to them at all. Don't even bother pressing any buttons whether it's to actually talk to someone or to be taken of their call list. In reality, all it really does is just lets them know that your phone number is active. Just hang up on the call, and hope that they won't bother to call back and assume your number is dead.

I have been getting calls from "Spam Likely" from 206 area code several times a day. I keep blocking the numbers but robocallers call right back from a different 206 number and NEVER leave vm

Between the free trips, IRS calls and Credit Card calls and then just the calls that you dont answer

Spoofed caller using a local phone number. Brittany calling about "home security "

I actually answered one of these calls accidently, as I was expecting a return call from someone I'd called. Anyways, they claimed they were "Ad Partners" with a company I'd done business with. When asked "which one?", they weren't able to tell me. They use this phrase and loophole to get around the DNC registry. This loophole needs to be closed, as it renders the DNC useless. Anyone can say they're an "Ad Partner".

IMPORTANT: Do you want to have more people reporting unwanted calls? CREATE AN FTC APP that users can install on their phones and that makes the process of call reporting quick and easy. Something that once you registered with your credentials all you need to do is paste the unwanted caller's number ! People don't have the time to go on your website and fill long forms. I am sure people will use the app if you make it quick and easy!

I am sick and tired for the loss of my privacy. Calls on my home phone and cell. The do not call on my phones are not working as the people keep changing the numbers they use. This must stop now. The cell company and the private phone company are no help. 6am till all hours of the nite.

Hi i am a business owner i have register the business phone ,cell n house phone . I tell you i get more stupid computer calls theni do client calls. I have tobstop doing what i am doing to answer phone to find out it a computer . I dont have time to write every number down . There has to be a better way .

nomorobo. com/ WORKS WONDERS for all the calls. Only trouble now seems to be they are able to use my area code and first 3 digits. I have found some folks are at these numbers so make sure it is not sonme body you would use before you block them..All quite in Ohio for me ;)

This is great!

Instead of complaining, (see above comments), we can now start doing something to help. I just got a pad of paper and pen to keep by the phone, and will start recording the phone number, time, whether it's a robo-call or live person, and what they're selling. Then I'll send the info to FTC using their handy dandy form.

We're all getting these calls regardless of being on the DNC list, so let's start making a game out of turning the tables on these annoying sales techniques. I appreciate the FTC and their willingness to help us fight.

I challenge everyone reading this to keep track of all calls and report them, either daily, or weekly. Let's have some fun fighting back!

Thanks for the info, Amy!

Frontier will only block six numbers at the cost of $5 per month. Which is not worth it! Told them to stop billing me for the service,if you cannot block anymore numbers. The phone companies are not helping customers by providing this service for free. Too bad I cannot change my phone provider.

I use a cellphone only. If I don't recognize the number, I don't answer. In fact, I keep my ringer off unless I'm expecting a call. If it's a legitimate call, they'll leave a message. If a robocall leaves a message, I report it.

Many of these unwanted calls begin with, "we are returning your call". Really! I frequently call the number back immediately after hanging up and the call does not go through as a message states this is a non working number. How does this happen?

I just got a robocall at 4:09. I had bookmarked the complaint site that Bridget was kind enough to leave a link to. It took me three minutes to fill out and send, max, and I plan on doing this every time I get one of these annoying calls.

Just think - instead of complaining, we can actually help do something about this craziness. Bookmark the link and try it - alls you need do is note the time, the phone number that shows on your ID, and a couple other things.

I have been Getting 10-15 unwanted calls for three years. For the past year I've made a contact for each call. I a sign a number to NG such as NG 133. I have over 250 numbers. They keep using the same number So when my phone comes up NG Calling I JUST HIT DELETE.Most of the numbers are not in service numbers. They also call from small cities all over the country so that is another give away. If a friend calls and you don't answer they leave a message, the bogus guys don't.

The unwanted calls are increased day by day. I can't trace any unwanted call with the help of DNC.

As someone below indicated, the number you see on your caller-id is not even, many times now-a-days, not even the actual number calling you. The caller is actually "masking" their actual number with another number...and the spammers are so tricky that I have been getting, for the last several months, caller-id numbers where the first three numbers match MY area code and the next three numbers match MY exchange (first three numbers of my number). This masking of the the number, I imagine, is to trick you into believing that a close neighbor is calling, etc. And, oh by the way, my number was once, apparently, used by one of these spammers because, out of the blue one day, I started receiving DOZENS of calls by upset people leaving nasty voice mail messages. But anyway...the reason I am writing this: The phone companies are saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to detect spammers masking their numbers. I don't believe that; I believe the phone companies DO KNOW. Here is what phone companies SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO: The phone companies should know the actual number calling, I mean, are we to believe that any spammer can trick not only you BUT ALSO YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER when they mask their number? I think the phone companies do know the actual number calling you. What the PHONE COMPANIES SHOULD AT LEAST DO IS THIS: if the number shown in your caller-id IS NOT the actual number, the phone company should override the caller-id number with "MASKED NUMBER". That way, consumers can at least be somewhat advised of a spammer.

It's 2017 and one would think that there is the proper technology to not have spoofed numbers anymore.

Thank you, phone companies...

I don't think the FTC understands the problem very well: registering a number from an unwanted call is pointless. Yesterday I had a call from someone in my area code and exchange. I knew it was a call from someone claiming that "I had stayed at their resort", as I don't know anyone locally. I wasn't able to answer the phone. Today I received a call from someone claiming that I had called them. Obviously the caller from yesterday had spoofed my number because I hadn't answered. What was really the pits was when I was on the east coast, and had calls from my home area code and exchange at 11PM because of the 3-hour time difference. Please! Fix this! All FTC have to do is get a few phone lines in targeted areas and wait for them to call. Should be an easy tech-thing. Get with it!

I keep changing my number because of the unwanted calls and texts. I used to answer every call till some male called said he got my number off Facebook which was impossible cause I just got new number and year or two before that call I went off Facebook. I keep reporting to FTC about calls and texts but they still keep happening. I was smart concerning that Facebook scammer I recorded him and informed him I was recording.

Robo-caller: 951-824-7073. Also tried reporting about WD & Seagate Hard Drives having unusual software running from China but no one concerned.

I am getting over 50 spam calls a day which I block and then the next day get 50 more. I block, I report, I add myself to DNC lists and STILL I get over 50 unwanted calls a day. This nonsense HAS TO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point I'm certain the FCC isn't doing ANYTHING about unwanted calls!

Try nomorobo. It's just one tool that might help with slowing down robo calling.


I received a robo phone call from a local number (281 320-7953). The caller ID stated that it was from the CY-FAIR ISD (Independent School District) but it was actually from 'Jessica' of 'Home Security Solutions'.

With Caller ID spoofing, entering complaints on the FTC site only harms the innocent valid owners of the legitimate numbers being used by the scammer. Until legislation is enacted that requires validation of callers number before being transmitted to the callee, this problem will never end.

What needs to be done for for the cell phone manufacturers build in a 'white list' capability. For those that don't know ---- enable you to list numbers on your phone that you will take calls from (the phone will ring), otherwise they will go into a spam voice mail or call log that you can check (if you want) later. Most (like me) don't take calls unless it's identified (from contact list). If it's a valid call my white list might make me miss it, so I'll check the call log later. Or arrange for whoever I converse with to have a contact beforehand. We used white lists a lot in firewalls for the same premise. It would be customers choice whether or not to use a feature like this.

I don't understand my the government is doing more to stop this from happening. It has gotten completely out of control, and I know get upwards of 20 calls per day from spoofed numbers. If you call them back, then you get in touch with a perfectly reasonable real person... not the scam artist. I cannot come to believe that in this day and age, that a technology doesn't exist to keep this from happening. The FCC needs to step their game up. This is not acceptable.

Since the gov is monitoring all communications anyway, even with spoofed or blocked caller ID, with the date and time, and my accurate number the FTC/FCC/FBI should be able to trace these calls thru the cell tower logs, if they want to. whats worse is that most of my official calls that I need to receive from state agencies, now come thru as unknown blocked calls (DHHS, my kid's school, etc.) Also there is no option to get on the Do Not Call List without an email, which just hands away another piece of identity info, to potentially be targeted.

How do I register?

Add your phone number for free by visiting, or calling 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register.

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