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Here’s a big reason to complain about unwanted calls

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Tired of getting unwanted calls like illegal robocalls? We don’t even need to ask, right? Maybe you’ve wondered if filing a complaint actually makes a difference?

Your complaints are vital to the work we do (more on that in a minute). But today we’ve got another great reason to keep those complaints coming.

Now, when you report illegal calls, we will take the phone numbers you complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.

Here’s why that matters: many call blocking tools rely on blacklists. Those are databases of phone numbers that have been reported as the source of illegal calls. In addition to the number, the data the FTC releases will include the date and time a person got the unwanted call, the general subject matter (debt reduction, warranties, home security, etc.), and whether it was a robocall. Companies will be able to use this information to help identify which calls should be blocked or flagged. Even if a scammer fakes caller ID information — so the number you see isn’t the scammer’s real number — reporting it can make a difference. Call blocking technologies also can help prevent this kind of spoofed traffic.

This is just one of many steps the FTC is taking to stop illegal robocalls and other scam calls. The FTC will continue to go after the scammers behind illegal calls. Your complaints help us and other law enforcement agencies do that.

The data is posted every weekday, with Monday postings including weekend data, and can be found here on the FTC’s website.


we have received 8 calls from phone # 281-204-0500 saying they were from Apple,inc telling us someone has compromise our computer. we do not have any Apple equipment, they will not take no for any answer and keep on calling about ever 1 hour. I have contacted Apple company by telephone and they advised me to contact you all. what can we do to stop them from continuing to call me? Apple has advised us to contact you for advice.

302-273-1096 has been calling numerous times a day for weeks, stating that my apple cloud account has been compromised and call that number or stay on the line and do something?.

I have been receiving phone calls from this number (202)201-1111
Starts at 8:40 a.m. every 15-20 minutes up to twenty calls per day and sometimes more.
They don’t live messages. I keep rejecting the calls and they keep calling. It’s very annoying and I don’t know how to stop these calls. Can I report this number to FBI to investigate? I’m been harassed by these people.

I am receiving 15-20 calls a day. These calls come from 8:00 am until 11:00 PM. I counted 30 phone calls in one day from the same number only a few times the last four digits changed. This started after I was trying to get insurance quotes LAST OCTOBER. Slowly loosing my mind. What can I do? Hanging up, not answering, but nothing is stopping this harassment.

Every day all day long and into the late evening hrs I am getting calls from SSI. Its a Survey Sampling something. They change the number they call from. They have called from 734-821-4958, 734-821-5188,& 734-707-0110 for starters. When you answer the phone, there is dead silence, so I called one of the numbers, it has a recording that they are doing survey's and if you want to be removed send an email to optout@ surveysampling. com. Which I did, but a month later still getting the calls.

This number calls day and night , has made my week hell , if I pick up , they hang up ,

I am on no call list I get frequent calls from 508-333-6345. Today 4 in a row between 9&9:10 listed from Natick MA also last Thursday same locale different no. 505-333-4362 I texted them during one of the calls with preset message to stop the calls . This has gone on and off since 2016. Help

I've recieved a phone call from this number and a few dozen other numbers all the same thing about reducing credit card interest rates and this is the last time they are going to call as the deadline is over. I've pressed the button 1 several times to tell the caller that I don't have any credit cards with them to put me on the do not call list. I have just received another call from 252-499-3228. This is a local number for where I am living. I have reported this every single time and I am still getting phone calls from similar numbers. I have to answer the phone regardless of the number as I am expecting an important phone call regarding an important issue. The same thing goes for any other numbers that call my cell phone number to the point where I am getting woke up early in the morning and middle of the day and the middle of the night. I have to answer as stated important phone call expected which will be from a Government official number and involves the Government. Is there any way that the FTC can get a idea of what facilitators are involved with these fraudulent calls and utilize the data to take class action suit against the organization responsible for the calls. I'm familiar with the harrassment and fraud business laws that are in place to protect the rights of the people G.S 75-1.1 unfair Deception Consumer trade Laws and the violations in regards to harrassment and false claims or false statements and promises that the company/Companies are using. Yeah i'm aware that they are very thrifty and clever but I can't imagine the FTC. The FCC Or some other Federal agency would not be able to find who the perpetrator is and file the appropriate charges against them. This is a major issue for the people who are getting the phone calls and emails as well as the ones that have been affected by this with identity theft issues. Thankfully I have a good bit of protection on my phone and my emails and credit cards as well as alerts for any transactions that are made on any of the cards or other accounts however I am currently in the process of having to go through the FTC,FCRA because of a new collection that has been added to my credit report. I'm in the process of trying to get a new truck and before I can even try to get it financed I've got to get the credit report and the collection of my credit report. The ordeal of removing a false collection takes a minimum of two months. The FFCRA annual report takes 2 weeks to get after you request it,and 30 days to get a response from the reporting agency and 2 weeks later if your lucky it may or may not be removed.
Bridget Small you are posting the complaint form on how to file a complaint against the callers. What about the Federal Government getting the phone companies out there making these calls and bring them to justice for their fraud and harrassment. Thanks. Maverick

We had a company claim to want to buy our house, we signed a contract for a price, then they ended up just being some weird reseller and put it on the MLS. We didn't want to list we wanted to sell it privately because it needs major work.

Well the day our contract expired we asked them to take it down. The following morning everyone in the household received dozens of calls minutes apart, and ongoing calls from real estate people ever since. Not even licensed people, people like we just experienced who just want to get a contract to try to resell to make a commission.

I accidentally answered one and asked why all these 40 people had called me, he said Zillow sent out a notification to certain people as a lead and basically funneled dozens of people to my private number, unsolicited, rendering it mostly unusable since I can't turn the ringer on or answer an unknown call without getting some turd wanting to sell my house.

Here too. Once listing is day away from expiring receiving enormous amounts of callers (caller ID name appears as UNKNOWN) or actual letters. One left a voicemail they wanted to buy house. If they are realtors file a complaint with their local county/state realtor licensing agency. In Florida realtors are supposed to utilize the DO NOT CALL LIST and abide by the list - THEY DON"T. Nothing more I'd like to see than these realtors lose their licenses to do business including nationwide. They are nothing but slimy investors looking to buy for cents on the dollar and will tie your home up for one thing or another.

This is an excellent, hopeful article which I've only just read. The thing I can address now, over a year after this article was published, is that the government agencies, as far as I can tell, are doing NOTHING.

I've received frightening, bullying scam calls for decades. I've reported, reported, reported, changed my phone number, and I have the DNC registry swamped with old numbers as well as my new number.

I've called the police and the FBI regarding certain calls. My father in the last years of his life was hounded to the point of illness by a scam caller.

Nothing is ever done. Local police have no reach and no interest in this question. Same with the FBI. The FCC is a joke, and I feel the same about the FTC. I blame the government for allowing the success of the spoofing/counterfeit numbers.

The internet is one of the worst places to divulge any information. That's one reason these calls have gotten worse in the last 20 years. But there's no relief for the victim.

In August , September and October, I have received (9) nine calls from Adairs Georgia phone number 1-470-529-0539 to lower my credit card rates, 7 times they said dial #3 and you will be takes off the call list. Well, the 2 last times they called I waited and talked to a person. I informed them both times I have dialed # 3 but you still call, in turn they hang up. I would like them to STOP CALLING...

I have been getting calls for months from area code 937, first 3 numbers 410 and then a variety of the last four numbers. I've blocked them on my cell phone but that doesn't seem to help. I actually answered once but no one spoke to me before they hung up. I not only get these calls daily but usually 2 or 3 times a day. I am fed up.

Telling you to press another button to be taken off of their call list is just part of the scam. It does not work, they will call you back.

317-449-7844 calls constantly all week. WIsh I knew how to stop them. I am at the limit of adding phone numbers to block.

Also from (757) 839-1126

Over the past week i have received a lot of phone calls from a bunch of different phone numbers, ALL FROM THE STATES. Im in canada and have no business in the USA so how did they get my number? Anyways They call from so many different numbers its hard to keep track. I keep a memo on my phone of each number. Here are the once i have so far.
18009890992 35315133308 35315137427 6157610887 7345266530 6176572890 2028738979 4124597854
im sure i missed some. I just dont answer my phone anymore unless i know the caller. If its really important leave me a voice mail and ill return your call. Every time i get a call i add it to my blocked list. Hopefully there is no limit on how many numbers you can block because this is getting excessive.

How do you report a number. I had a male call me. When I asked who was calling he wouldn't answer. Then after I was irritated with him and my child not doing her homework(who I was trying to get to do their homework). He then proceeded to ask how many children I had and then said he was coming over right now. Freaked me out a little. I would like to report that number.

Previous writers had many good ideas that the ftc should try. We shouldn't have to report what the calls were about because most of us know not to answer suspect calls. Reporting the numbers is enough--in fact that is too much, so time consuming. As someone else wrote, you and the phone companies should have the capability to stop these calls.

Have received 8 calls in 20 minutes from 727-645-3218. Answered the first call and advised caller I did not call them. They continued to call every 2 to 3 minutes, ending with a threat. Called Spectrum. They apologized for the harrassing phone calls and told me to block the number. Spectrum only blocks 20 calls. I have no more room left to block any more calls. Guess I'll have to unblock one of the robocallers.

These calls are from numbers that are obviously spoofed-- there's no way "Visa" is using an exchange in my city or exactly the same as mine-- so what's the point in reporting them? They're probably "stealing" some legitimate person's number and that person wonders why they end up on a bunch of blacklists... is there really any way to fight this or trace where these calls *really* come from?

I reported another today! Caller has multiple lines. I blocked them all. I told this caller, Natalie, that I have repeatedly asked her to stop contacting me, that she is breaking the law and I'm launching a formal complaint. She (and there has also been a male caller) calls me daily! She rambles on and on saying she is a trip advisor on a recorded line. It seems they are selling some sort of Orlando vacay. Here are the numbers they call from since the complaint form only has people list one number: 518-284-3924, 518-284-3933, 518-284-3935, 518-284-3983, 518-284-3971, 518-284-3409, 518-284-3991, 518-284-3972, 518-284-3970, 518-284-3964, 518-284-3449. Please, I hope you at FTC see this comment - Look at all these lines these criminals have! I blocked them, but this is harassment. I want them stopped and I want to sue them for constant, relentless harassment.

I received this on my Voicemail today, 12/3/18 at 12:46pm: ".......filed on your social security number for criminal activities. So when you get this message kindly call back at 214-556-5435 before we begin with legal proceedings. Thank you. Have a nice day." I have received similar calls many times before. Of course it's a scam!

Report to Social Security Fraud Investigation.

How many years has this been going on? Too many. I have not seen any progress. It is the same old crap just another day

I have been with the do not call register since JUNE 29, 2003 and the calls have gotten worst I just got one while typing this comment.

I receive roughly 10-20 calls daily from what callers say a company called "US Pharmacy." They nearly all have Indian accents and refuse to stop calling. My wife is dying and I am her 24/7 caregiver, as well as being 76 years of age. I have had no success with ANY federal agencies, even after providing phone numbers. I ran out of space for blocking on my phone as well.

Get an app for your smart phone or a smart device for your landlines.

Smart landline blockers use WiFi to access cloud data and can block an almost unlimited number of phone numbers.

Phones, companies, or devices that allow you to block 30 or 40 numbers are useless!! There are far too many to block manually and you have to do all the work.

After reading other complaints I feel blessed as I average 50 unwanted calls per month. I don't answer calls when caller ID don't register someone I know. One way to help on land line phones is set answering machine to 1 ring before message and tell the ones that calls often to be sure to say something so you can call back. These callers remind me of an ant column .

Unfortunately, the government complaint page takes several minutes to fill and asks for information that requires the victim to have actually answered the call. I receive over 20 unwanted calls a day and I have muted my phone. I know they are unwanted because I don't recognize them, I look them up on google and most are spammers or scammers. You need to offer the consumer a resource to just register the unwanted number, possibly even bulk register. I don't have 1.5h/day to fill your forms. I just block and delete all of them. It seems that I will have to change my number because this is not enough anymore.

We are receiving robocalls (2-3 per hour) from a number that comes up on our phone as "Linda Borgstede." It reads that I am calling myself from my phone! How can they do this and how can we stop it. The phone is ringing as I write this.

I have recieved 22 calls from 623-439-7901. This being after I explained I was not in the market for a home loan. She insisted I filled out a questionnaire which I had not. Will not stop calling me. This is harrassment

I keep getting unwanted calls about car warranty. Like two or three a day calls a day. Here a some of the numbers. 1-229-289-9286. 1-419-843-4587. 1-419-830-4973. 1-419-664-0026. 1-517-398-0019. This needs to stop

Carol Martin
Laughed when I said I was going to report them

The simple solution is to block all incoming that isn't in your contacts list. Even my 7 year old phone can do that. It's a one time setting. No need for 3rd party apps that are potentially scams themselves.

I’m SIck and tired of getting CONSTANT calls from 6:30am to 11:00PM from calls “near” my cell phone number location which ISN’T where the actual service is!! It starts out with nobody on the line, then a person says it’s a “recorded line, regarding your Legal Case. DON’T HANG UP. I then proceed to ask for their name, address etc and company which they fail to provide. I start swearing because I state I’m totally disabled, have a DO NOT CALL REGISTRY # and it’s HARASSMENT! They then proceed to tell me that they’re going to “help me get Social Security Disability Benefits”. I’m ALREADY receiving them!! They want my Social Security # to “verify” that I can begin the process!!! I have changed my phone number 9 times in the last 3 years and next month doing it again with an area code over 1000 miles away. What more can I do?? It’s getting ridiculous and nothing is being done to stop them. 810-202-9849, 9636 etc.

I am getting calls from (800) 418-3858, (800) 183-3295, (800) 645-1059, the list goes on but it's all from the same source saying my social security has been blocked and I need to dial 1 to speak to a person. It started 4 days ago and it's getting worse by each passing day.

12 calls today, 8 calls yesterday for the exact same scam. "We need to give you a refund for your computer service contract (I don't have one)." So tired of this.

it is 5:00 pm and in the last hour I have had probably 10 calls and the caller ID shows my landline number, once I answered and a lady said she was from Microsoft so I hung up but its so aggravating and wanted to see what I can do. Thank you.

Yesterday, I got 24 calls, some of them as close as one minute apart, so I had to unplug my phone and send everything to voice mail in my ooma account where I can see who called and if I need to call anyone back. I go to bed early at night and the phone was still ringing. I use this number for all of my accounts so that when I forget my best buy card, for example, they can look me up by the phone number. I don't put that number out randomly, so from now on, I am going to remove my contact number or change it by a couple of zeros because someone is getting that number from somewhere and my guess is that when I sign up for an account and a telephone number is a must, I will just have to make one up.

I received a threatening phone call from this number ‭+1 (875) 266-9973‬ stating I was being investigated by the FBI for money laundering. I saved the voicemail.

I’m so furious as these calls continue to interfere with my life and time on a continuous basis. This is an invasion of my privacy/time. The DNC list obviously doesn’t work. I’ve contacted Verizon a few times to no avail or response. Any other phone services have a handle on this? HELP!!! As an on call RN it interferes with my job!

For about 5-6 weeks now I get the same caller named "nancy", calling every 2-3 hours several times a day. It is a robo call wanting me to use my medicare for a back brace, or other brace before the insurance runs out for me. Press 1 to speak to a rep. or press 9 to stop calls. Finally I phoned back and a rep. came at me that my phone was given out by my doctor or insurance company, and would not stop the calls. He was an american, but sounded as if he gets call all day and began yelling back at me. The phone number comes on my cell, that I do not give out. It is 980-231-8199 that calls me every 2-3 hours. If someone tried to call me with an emergency, I do not know what would happen since I cannot get to the phone half the time, at my age.............

We have been getting calls starting between 6 & 6:30 am. & sometimes after 9 pm. My Mom is 95 yrs old & it scares her, thinking something has happened to one of our family members.

I have gotten a number of calls from the following 3 numbers that I don't answer and no message is left they are 414-404-3912, 414-404-9500 and 414-404-3483. I would say in the last 5 days about 25 -30 calls

Received call at 0620 from
It was a robo call
Can you please stop these people from calling before 1000?
Thank you!

I'm not receiving calls from this website. I'm trying to find out where to go to stop daily emails, sometimes more from this company. I've UNSUBSCRIBED countless times, reported SPAM countless times & nothing happens. These emails are HARRASSMENT & I'm asking you to please direct me to the proper way to report this HARRASSMENT. Thank you.
Kind regards,

Starbucks downloaded their app on my phone without my permission. Is this legal? Should I report this somewhere? I feel like they must have hacked my phone. Can I sue?

I continuing receive phone calls from V22309845300 ( on my caller ID ) telling me I made purchases and I will be charged these costs if I do not return the call to NOVA SOCTIA at 782 822 0784 .
Would someone please look into this as this is a daily occurrence from this Caller . When I did the search on this # I received the below infor. Can it be stopped please ?

Feb 23rd I received a call from 1 385 398 4450 ( Salt Lake City Utah )
The caller said they were from AMAZON and that they were verifying my newest Amazon Credit Card purchase , ( I have not made any new Amazon Purchases ). I was told to call them back if I didn’t accept the charge . When we called the number the person there didn’t know our NAME nor any information , but wanted us to tell them such information .
As with the above can these people be caught and prosecuted to stop these scams ?


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