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Are you looking for a nanny or caregiver job? Do you search for these jobs on websites such as care.com or sittercity.com? If so, then you should look out for nanny or caregiver scams.

Here’s what they look like. Scammers send messages pretending to be interested in hiring you for a job as a nanny, caregiver, or pet sitter. But first, your new “employer” asks you — with a heartfelt plea — to accept and cash a check. The scammer tells you to keep part of the money, for you (and your labor), and send the rest to a supplier to pay for medical equipment and other special items required for the job. What really happens? The check is fake (and will bounce), the money you send will go to the scammers, and you will owe the bank for the money you withdrew. Oh and there’s no job.

People who are legitimately looking for help will never ask you to pay for the promise of a job. They’ll also never ask you to deposit a check and send the money to someone else. So, if you get this kind of offer, stop — and then tell the FTC.

For more on how this scam works, check out our new video below.

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I was the victim, almost of this. For some reason though, I googled the address where he wanted me to send the cash and it was a feed ex store not a medical store. When I told him I stopped the check at the bank and told them it was fraud, he called me every name in the book and then some....

LMFAO! Good 4U! 2 Bad 4 him!

Ripping off job seekers is pretty cold hearted. They are already (in theory) short on funds while looking for work and then these scammers try to steal from them using a new spin on the rubber check scam.

Help me to get rid of all scam

The link to the Video doesn't work. I gave it a good 3 minutes, twice to load and it never started to load. That would seem to indicate the link is starting a loop somewhere and never loading anything.

Hi Twayner, the video loaded instantly for me. Perhaps clear your cache and retry.

Watch for people who like to scam other people.

I have heard about Polish Agencies. Are they on the up and up or not? They seem to take advantage of their employees way too much from what I have heard. Any info on these people?

I sure wish that's all that happened to me. I got roofied and burglarized. The man only got 52 days in jail because all I could prove that I owned was a lawn mower and a Shop-Vac. I hadn't figured out what happened so I went to the emergency room that morning and they sent me home and told me to come back when I wasn't drunk even though I was crying and saying I wasn't drunk and I didn't know it was wrong with me they walked me outside didn't even make sure someone picked me up. Anyway the state attorney knew what was going on and so did the police they especially suspected and could tell what it happened to me even before I could all I knew was there was a blank space in my garage where the lawn mower should be and that it seems really empty in there but I couldn't figure out what was missing in the same went for my house I still look for things and realize they took them to I won't even get into the long list but it was heartbreaking you know sentimental stuff gone that was worthless but they thought it was real. It took me a couple days to come out of the fog because I was very sick and it was a fake nurse I don't know how she got through the cracks but she did. So there's that to consider as well

Alomost got scammed bye a guy offering caregiving job. To help his mother in law. Did some research called, it came from a law firm and I couldn't believe nor did I believe this unbelievable high amount of a check. The guy said he was moving from Canada to Tx than never told me his address. New something was fishy, told me to take my half and deposit the rest to a manager who got their groceries for their home. No I didn't believe that. Told him to call me to get a better understanding because nothing added up. This man called me with an African accent with an New Orleans caller ID. I went off told him I will not be putting absolutely nothing into my account. To mess up my life, nithing added up his said he was from Canada. The check was from a medical officer in California. The address was from a New Yorklaw furm, and the caller ID was from New Orleans. I'm down hope this doesn't happen to you or you figure out the pieces before it does.

Attention applying on indeed can be gate way for fraudulent people to consider you for a job. Just to butter you up than send you a fraudulent check for a high amount. To deposit it into your account take out what is yours, and send them the rest never hear from the again. Then your account gets shut down you have to speak to the police not knowing what happened you think you're just signing up for a job and it's really legit and it's really false. It just happened to me but I was smart and did my research. I did not deposit anything into my bank that I did not know where it was coming from and who I was giving some to. He said his name was David walker and that he wanted to get groceries for his mother in law and that he would be moving here from Canada. I caught in to the false action and did nothing with the check and did not deposit it into my account.i wanted to investigate more. Told this man to call me caller ideas from New Orleans African accent. Knew I was right about the false information. Told the guy I would do nothing he asked and what he is doing Is against the
law. Really made me laugh because I would not allow him to ruin my life I'm glad I was CSI and Law and Order and major in administrative of justice. He did not know who he was trying to trick . I hope this does it happen to you, or you discover the false trade before its to late.

I almost got scammed from a caregiver job for this guy 82 year old mother. It sounded legit until today when he increased the money he was sending me. For two weeks it was $450 for the salary Then today went he sent me the tracking number and address he added $ 3200 to the check saying I had to pay for the movers with the money because he is very busy working two jobs

I almost got scammed today, there's this new one that's out now. They are calling people telling them that they are to receive ,$9,700 free grant money that they don't have to pay back. The only thing you have to dov,is go to Walmart and get a steam card with a $100.00 deposit, that is refundable and call them back and give them the card number. Now you know you're never see that $100.00 again .

This is happening to me right now, I applied to nanny position, je saif he'd pay me in advance $400 +$50 gas money. He didn't even ask if I would do this, just told me what to do. His name is Edward Morris, wife is Madison (6months pregnant) and 5yr Lisa. They will be in Austin Oct 25th. I was told to deposit into my bank acct and take out my $450 and send the rest to someone like aArmaad Faahad. The check is for $2,550.35. Tje cjeck comes from MAVERIK, INC in Salt Lake City Utah, but the FedEx package return address is from Oasis Tecas Brewing Company in Austin, Tx.

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