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A new kind of classic: FTC Classic Videos

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Who doesn’t love taking a trip down memory lane?  In our new FTC Classics playlist, you can do just that.

As scams evolve, we know it’s important to keep our advice up to date. We keep making new videos with the latest advice – but we wanted to make sure you still can get to your FTC favorites. So, while we’re proud of classics like our jingles, we also have a newer video with more information on why checking your report regularly is a good idea.



One of my favorites is the phishing video series, which reimagines phishing as an in-person (not online) scam that can happen at home, in a store, and at the office.

This series gave some big laughs while giving insight into how smooth these scammers can be while trying to steal your information. And now you can find this series with our classic videos.

So what are you waiting for?  Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of these timeless favorites on our FTC Classics YouTube playlist.  

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Bring back Dewie the Turtle. Ask Nat.

thank you

Thank you

I am a nostalgic person. These videos are very entertaining, well done, and very relevant still.

I wonder if this was the first year the FTC produced material like this.

I am an avid YouTube watcher, but never thought to look up the FTC there. Is YouTube basically a duplication of what is published on your blogs?

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