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No secret bank accounts to pay your bills

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Another day, another scam. Case in point: the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that scammers are telling people they can pay their bills using so-called “secret accounts” or “Social Security trust accounts” and routing numbers at Federal Reserve Banks. In exchange for personal information, like Social Security numbers, people get what they think is a bank account number at a Federal Reserve Bank. But this really is just a way to get your personal information, which scammers can then sell or use to commit fraud, like identity theft.


It’s good to keep in mind that people do not have accounts at Federal Reserve Banks. Only banks can bank at the Federal Reserve. But what happens if you try to use this “secret” account? Well, the Federal Reserve Bank will deny the payment, since you don’t really have an account there. Once the payment is rejected, you’ll be notified that you still owe the money – which is about when you might figure out that this was a scam. At that point, you may owe a late fee or penalty to the company you thought you were paying. You also may owe fees to your bank for returned or rejected payments.


If you see a video, text, email, phone call, flyer, or website that describes how you can pay bills using a Federal Reserve Bank routing number or account, report it to the FTC. It’s a scam. And remember: never give your credit card, bank account, or Social Security number to anyone who calls or emails and asks for it – no matter who they say they are.


I received the same call today. They claim they are calling on behalf of the US TREASURY DEPT. That you have been selected of 1500 citizens to receive a $9,000 grant. WHEN is someone going to really do something about all of this?!!

I get several calls a day to my magic jack that I use only for messages. I delete any number that I am not familiar with. Same for my cell and landline.

What about calls from a supposed states attorney's office, saying a warrant will be issued for non payment of a debt. Correct me if I am wrong, but personal debt is a civil matter, right?

FTC has some good blogs on Government Imposters

The scam is that account numbers and routing numbers are connected to each citizens social how is that please do explain. Also we have paper bonds connected to our birth certificates so explain this

the paper bonds? are you referring to the video on you tube? that guy was thinking the number on his birth certificate was a bond number. what the number is though, has nothing to do with bonds. it is the number of birth certificates chronologically. treasury direct paper bonds are bonds purchased by someone to earn money.

how is it a scam if you randomly go to a bank of your choice and pay the bill of your choice. youre not giving any info to a specific person what would they proffit from it.

 If you try use the “secret” account the Federal Reserve Bank will deny the payment, because you don’t have an account there. After the Federal Reserve refuses to pay, you’ll be notified that you still owe the money – which is about when you might figure out that this was a scam. At that point, you may owe a late fee or penalty to the company you thought you were paying. You also may owe fees to your bank for returned or rejected payments.

Look up what happened when the gov took us off the gold will lead you to a wealth of info.also all this info can be cross checked thru fed archives.

Maybe it's a scam but the proof behind it all, the amount of research and shared history put in the posts by some of these guys. Ambition and drive. Its pretty good for a banking history lesson as well at times. I guess it's like the lottery, the odds are against you but every once in a while it brings you back to childhood with that feeling of excitement and a little bit of hope. The original founders have never asked for a dime nor any of your info. Now be careful, there are people out there jumping on the ride hustling a scam of sort, The whole thing is not about money, It's just about truth and what all is going on in our lifetime. Better news than what's broadcasts as news on Television. Some of the people are entertaining dumb and conspiracy theory minded. But there are a few that are very intelligent, and we'll as my dad would say "Think before they speak". Well thanks for reading, Bored on the couch.

Some comments here are talking about other scams, irrelevant.. In this scam you don't win or get grant, it's your money

OK, I'm going even more "off topic" as you say by replying to your comment, but . . .

Here are my observations as a result of reading FTC blogs for a couple years (every one of them and commenting):

The FTC moderators seems to be fairly forgiving on rule one pertaining to stay on topic, as long as it involves SCAMS.
I am thankful for this, as I think many commentators have important experiences to share that THEY FEEL is related to the FTC's post.
There are off shoot threads like this, with Q & As or comments and answers. These are also important to the consumer experience on this site. I get just as much value from the public's comments/experiences as I do from the FTC's original post.
And finally please note: the FTC moderator posted your “off topic” comment, ha ha ha.

How much is the Federal Reserve paying you to report this such a way shame on you

thank you

Some of you want to be "woke" so badly that it's literally leading to your financial destruction before your eyes. If you try to use an internal-only routing number and your SSN, your payment will bounce. Period.

Yes, it will reverse or bounce and then you will be stuck paying late charges and returned payment charges, at both ends.

There are a group of about 15 to 20 people on YouTube That are making video,s about how that every American citizen has a hidden secret bank account with the federal banks. And giving them routing numbers. Telling them they can use these with there social security numbers to pay there bills and buy items from Amazon.Someone needs to make YouTube take down they videos and ban the ones doing this before they get alot of people in trouble for doing this they have thousands of people believe this and they are calling it a movement I,m sure most of these people Don't relizse they are being scammed. But it also sounds like a lot of them don,t really care. But I believe that's were all of the charges going to the federal reserve banks are coming from. Someone from some part of the government should look into this on youtube.

No media is immune from scams, to include YouTube. Some people just don't realize, just because it's posted on YouTube, doesn't mean it's the truth or real. I pay attention to the YouTube poster like I pay attention to the author of material on the Internet.

There is also responsibility on the part of the viewer to determine validity. Nobody really gets something for nothing. We are not "owned" like the videos claim and do not come with a secret bank account when we are born. If something seems too good to be true, take it with a 5lb bag of salt. Common sense should be applied to all things.

I've seen multiple Youtube videos in regards to this 'scam'. Anyone with a Youtube account can research this themselves. The problem truly is, people trying to get something for nothing. However, that's the gist of printing money based on debt notes, it truly is something from nothing. So basically, our money is based on the same unreality as the people trying to buy or pay things utilizing 'secret accounts'. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. The difference is, the Central banks have the authority to create wealth based on spending or consuming (thin air), but we do not have the right to do the same (chattel/sheep).

Well i recently tried this "scam" and it said my order was placed.then about an hour later,my account was blocked because it had been hacked.smh.DONT TRY THIS!!

There are some major figure heads pushing the secret account held at the federal reserve. If FTC would work hand in hand with YouTube shutting down those channels, it would help alot. These channels have been reported to YouTube, and they have been really either slow, or not removing them at all. The videos contain routing numbers, and discussing the format of the SS# to process the transactions. If an individual attempts to reference the bulletins from the FRBNY or even the bulletin on this site, they are attacked as a government informant, shill, troll, among other not so nice names. Please move faster in bringing these individuals to the justice they so richly and rightfully deserve.

I have tried the same youtube scam.. saw the video, did the research, tested the theory and got my answer: this is definitely a scam. I tried to purchase something in my own name on Amazon using all the info given and it said my order went through but nothing ever came in the mail. I got a confirmation sent to my email and everything but when I logged back in to Amazon and checked my orders the product wasn't even listed. This is super fake and a waste of time and energy. Just get a job and save up!

Weird that Amazon sent a confirmation... If the account information was not valid then Amazon would have sent a request to update payment information.

I think I got scammed out of my ss# over this. Videos about how this is legit & safe are all over YouTube, they need to be shut down because there's nobody saying it's a scam compared to all the flooded videos, and when you look it up on the internet it was even hard to find were you guys said it was a scam. So by the time I found it I was scammed. I really feel like my ignorance got taken advantage of, and the fact that was under duress do to a bill. They even have people on YouTube believe in that you guys are lying to everyone. I feel like I was tricked by Marilyn Manson, or some great pyramid scheme. :(

I fell for this scam. I deposited money into my mother's credit cards to pay them off then we went shopping. Two credit cards total. The amount of my debt as of right now stands at 329 9.49 and I still have another 8 98 dollars once it reverses. This is on my mother's credit card meaning it's on her credit. If there's a way to fix this I would love to know it. I'm supposed to talk to discover and Merrick Bank today to see what the outcome is. I could be facing felony charges for credit card abuse. Why discover and Merrick went ahead and paid for the purchases is unknown to me. Why they left those payments from the frb has posted for 3 and 4 days is also unknown to me. The $898 payment to Merrick is still posted and this will be the fifth business day. But however I do believe that it is a scam that I fell for. And I have already contacted the FBI to find out what my next step is supposed to be. I will try to keep it the public informed as to the reality of this claim that we have a secret account. Also when it comes to the birth certificates I too fell for that and began filling out the form the ucc-1. But then whenever I found out that I had fallen for a scam and was trying to figure out what to do next I ran across a post that said put any number in on that calculator. I did that a number at random and got the same exact number as what I thought my birth certificate was worth. I would suggest really digging in deep before taking any action to find out if this is true or not.

HI, did the 898 charge go through or did it finally reverse?

I got a call from supposta be IRS that I owe over 2000.00 forr taxes and said an warrant for my arrest would be put out if I didn't pay immediately. So...?

The IRS does not call people. They send you snail mail. Trust me on that. I've received calls from people claiming to be the IRS saying I owed so much and I had to pay it or I'd go to jail. So I called an attorney and told them about it and they told me that the IRS does NOT call you it is a scam. Don't believe the IRS calls till you speak to someone like your attorney or lawyer.

So I have a friend who did this and was convincing me to do it but I know it's a scam and told her and she still using it and everything she doing its going through. Why is it working for all her payments why they haven't put a stop to her account. It's crazy. Might be true might not be a scam but I ain't stupid enough to use my SSN.

You're smart to protect your Social Security number.

Sometimes scammers tell victims they'll share the "secret account number" if the victims share their real Social Security number.  The scammer can use a victim's Social Security number to commit identity theft, like opening new credit cards, taking out loans or filing a tax return in the victim's name.

If a person sends payment using a "secret bank account" number, the Federal Reserve Bank won't make a payment, because the person doesn't really have an account there. After the payment is rejected, the person will get a notice that she still owes the bill. At that point, she may owe a late fee or penalty too, and fees to her bank for the returned or rejected payment.

I would like to talk to your friend. Is this pissible?

If we do not have accounts with the Federal Reserve then why are you all directly taking ACH fees out of our bank accounts from banks you "supposedly" don't own?

I agree, maybe there is an explanation for that.

The website for opt out is set up to NOT accept any opting out of offers, either by nail mail or email. the number that is listed comes up as blocked, a negative number. You don't know this until you have given ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. even the FTC website points you to this fraudulent site. www. optoutprescreen. com and phone number 888-567-8688

I'm sorry you had trouble getting through. The website and phone number are working now. I just tried them.

I think that Social Media Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have a moral obligation to address and take down videos that have been flagged as "scams" and/or fake news. They aren't doing it because they don't want to hire/pay people to take down these videos, and so the videos stay up, and more and more people get scammed. This isn't the Government failing the American People, the Government is trying to make laws and do something about it. This is the Social Media Companies failing us by not doing anything about videos that have been identified as scams and fake news.

This also goes directly back to Russian interference in the US election. The Russians saw how easy it was to influence people through Social Media. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter didn't bother verifying any information about where the videos came from, or the information they contained/whether it was true or not. People bought the scam, and here we are. This is how cyber attacks and cyber security are going to get big in this country. Once the Government puts laws into place requiring it, companies like Facebook and Youtube and Twitter are going to have to pay people to follow up on videos and their content, who posted them, etc. So eventually, we probably will have people working from home, surfing the Internet verifying videos and content all day, following up to make sure its real, so forth.

FTC Fraudulent, Deceptive and (unfair "BUSINESS" practices) in the "MARKETPLACE". I wouldn't listen to them start coding what you read, I've Googled the words that stuck out the most. How is it a scam coming from a building built based on BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. This has nothing to do BUSINESS PRACTICES this is about the TRUTH!! STOP being a ROBOT. PLEASE RESOND cause I'm down for the DEBATE since I do MUSIC & I know Business!!

If its your name and ssn then you have a right to try and find out...

So is this a scam or not ? I'm reading the comments and seeing alot about it being a scam and a lot about it not being one . I just wanna know the truth and if it is true why its been a secret for this long

Scammers might say you can pay your bills with a “secret account” or “Social Security trust account” and routing number at Federal Reserve Banks - if you give up personal information, like Social Security numbers.

If you give up your valuable personal information, a scammer will give you something he says is a bank account number at a Federal Reserve Bank. But individuals like you and I don't have accounts at Federal Reserve Banks. Only banks can bank at the Federal Reserve. If you try to use the “secret” account the Federal Reserve Bank will deny the payment, because you don’t have an account there.

I tried this and received notice from the IRS treasury department that if they continued to receive frivolous paperwork, they would issue fine of 5000 each offense. My understanding is you have to give up rights as a us citizen and become a sovereign American citizen and withdraw from the system as it is currently is through the courts.

just got a message from a guy on messenger that he received $100,000.00 from US government giving away free money in government grants via IMF to small businesses and individuals in need. he said he saw my name on the winner list and NUF will give me money if I call8604979819. is this a scam?

Yes, that is a scam. The US Government does not give away money to small businesses and people in need. That is a common scam called the "Government grant scam."

Usually, after the scammer says you won money, he says that to get your grant, you have to pay a few hundred dollars first, or tell him your checking account number. He says he's going to deposit the grant into your bank account, but if you give him your account number, he can take your money.

I have reviewed the Anonymous video in question. In the video it does not explicitly request the visitation, or contacting of anyone let alone some one of nefarious sources. The video does request you call, or email anyone other than the "assigned" Federal Reserve Branch that holds your supposed account. How exactly does the scammer/hacker gain profit in this situation if no new parties other than the ones you have been conducting business with already are contacted, and your information has already been on file with? How does this scammer/hacker obtain your personal information if you never provide it through a media that they can obtain the information through? Why do I keep seeing transactions that are accepted/confirmed, and then the account holder is subject to fines if the account does not exist? If the account does exist, and has a persons' name attached to it then are their any laws that are being violated because the account is in their name? What laws exactly are being violated when an individual uses the purported method to pay bills? I am just curious how this can be claimed as erroneous if reasonable, and legitimate information is not provided to support that it is. I cannot confirm that the video is accurate, or not, but it does raise some good questions that if it is a scam should reasonably be answered to inform the public. Furthermore if this is a scam, and it has been around for a while then why has there not been any news articles, or any other media sources/attention that are notifying the public of this scam? P.S. I also find it quite funny that most of the posts that state that this is a scam on this page are accompanied with "plane Jane" names instead of the usual gamer tag looking names. Would you use your real name on a post? Just Saying.

What is the status of my fund?

False and Misleading practices this is why the laws are not being keep!

Hi, my mother's friend recently recommended some person to pay off her electric bill and car insurance. So my mother gets in contact with that person that supposedly helps, they paid half of her bills and then once my mother confirmed that her bills where paid off, then she wired 50% of what they paid/total amount of what she owed and so far nothing has happened. Has anyone heard of this? According to the person that helped my mother she can help pay Electric bill, water, cable, internet, Car note, and CC. Is this too good to be true?? Mind you they never contacted my mother she contacted them and they didn't ask for personal info only for her billing account and total.... please tell me if this is a scam? Thanks!

I don't know if this is a scam. The person who made those payments could reverse them. Your mother will still need to pay her bills. She will have to try and get back the money she sent.

Also, your mother has shared personal information with someone she does not know. That information could be used for identity theft. Here is a list of clues that someone is using your information for identity theft. If your mother sees any of these signs, she can report identity theft at

I'm using this as the ach payment point on an art sales site. What will happen when this "bank", that just happens to have the same account number as my ssn, sees deposits NOT withdrawls, to "their" account?


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