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Outlet shopping: What the pros know

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As summer comes to a close and back-to-school shopping lists loom large, you may be thinking of ways to save money. Some people turn to outlet shopping. But before you pack up the car for an all-day shopping excursion, here are some tips to help you get the most for your money.

  • Check out the retail prices of items you want to buy so you’ll know if you’re really getting a bargain. Don’t have time? There are apps that can compare prices for you.
  • Recognize that some items may have a low price for a reason. For example, a blazer might not be fully lined, a sweater might have plastic buttons instead of mother-of-pearl, or the stripes on a shirt may not match up at the seams. Take a close look at footwear and accessories, too. Shoes might be made with synthetic materials rather than real leather, and zippers on purses and backpacks might not have a smooth glide. If top-quality is important, you may want to keep shopping. But if you’re going for this year’s look on a budget, outlet bargains may be an option.
  • While overstock and irregular goods are still part of the mix, many outlet stores sell products made exclusively for them, rather than for their regular retail stores. In fact, some outlet stores label these items as outlet exclusives. If you’re not sure whether the store sells “made-for-outlet” merchandise or how to tell the difference between outlet-only and regular retail merchandise, ask the sales staff.
  • Ask about return policies. Some outlet stores let you return unused merchandise any time as long as the price tag hasn’t been removed and you have the receipt. Other stores have 30- to 90-day return policies, and some don’t allow any returns.
  • Many regular retail stores won’t take returns from their outlet stores. That’s something to ask your sales staff about, too.

Outlets can offer a good deal, but to ring up real savings, you have to know what they’re selling – and what you’re buying.

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Designer outlet products are made FOR outlets. You would never see them in department stores. Just the same as the Ann Taylor pants in Ross, those were never in a department store they are made for Ross.

All good advice much of which applies to "Duty Free" shopping as well e.g. Sale items are worth having a look, other items can be as high as full retail price less tax.

Thank you for this info that help a lot!!

Great tips, plenty information to know before dipping in your pockets.

Better yet - avoid the outlet stores altogether and catch the sales at the regular stores.

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