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Phantom debt collectors impersonate law firms

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Getting a call from a debt collector can be stressful. But it can be downright frightening when the caller uses lies, profanity and threats to try to get you to pay. In a case announced today, the FTC says a debt collection operation in Charlotte, NC pretended to be lawyers. Really, they were not lawyers and had no authority to collect debts.

The FTC says the “collectors” used a variety of names to make people think they were dealing with a law firm. The imposters told people they were delinquent on a payday loan or other debt and threatened them with arrest, jail time, or getting sued unless they paid by credit or debit card over the phone.

Sometimes, the callers had personal information, like Social Security and bank account numbers, or relatives’ names. The callers used this information to convince people that the calls were legitimate.

In truth, the FTC says, the defendants pressured people into paying debts they never owed.

You can’t be arrested for not paying your bills. If a debt collector calls about a debt – and before you agree to pay anything – ask for a written proof that says how much money you owe and to who, and what to do if you don’t think you owe the money. By law, debt collectors have to send you a written document, called a validation notice, within five days after they first contact you. If they don’t, that’s a warning sign that they may not be legitimate.

Debt collection complaints account for nearly one-third of consumer complaints to the FTC. If you, or someone you know, has gotten a suspicious debt collection call, report it to the FTC. With your help, we’re finding the bad guys and putting them out of business.


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I received a call today from "HUDSON & ROSSMORE".
They said I owed $946 for a bad check written from my Wells Fargo account back in 2010. The lady Sophia Martinez was very nasty. She was making threats to file charges on me if I did not pay. I asked her for her phone number so I can have my attorney contact them. Well, she gave me a phone number that was not in service. I did some digging. I went to the Wells Fargo Branch and they said I owed them nothing. I came home and did some research on the Law Firm they claim to be calling from. I found several numbers that were posted on this website. I called those numbers and got Sophia Martinez on the phone. I explained to her that I went to Wells Fargo and their was no outstanding debt.
Also, I explained to her that even if I owed the debt, the statue of limitations in California is 4 years. She got belligerent and started taunting. Asking why hasn't my attorney called. I said cause you gave me the wrong number. Well, she hung up on me.
The only thing that concerns me in regards of this, is that they had my personal information all correct. Very scary to think that your personal info is in hands of scammers like this trying to make a buck or two.

I got a call today saying that they had to hear from me today. The number they called from was different from the number they gave. They also gave a case number but I couldn’t find it in the cases online. The numbers were 18886930251 and the number they gave to call was 18332789071. I looked up the numbers but found they were reported as spam.

Loan Recovery Jefferson Associates Law Firm
Date: Sat, Nov 2, 2019 05:31. They keep emailing me wanting me to buy a prepaid visa. Is this a scam?

Received a call from a private number with a voicemail message to contact 844-400-5652 about an important legal matter. This is a debt collector who uses the pull off legal wording as a scare tactic in which is extremely illegal. This is not a legal defense office and violates FDIC REGULATIONS. Be aware

Got a call from an unknown with a voicemail message left. As well as they called my nephew. Supposedly I took a payday loan from a company called Check and Go in 2012 and I was going to be charged with financial fraud. They also threatened to serve a summons on my nephew. They claim that I received a loan from them that was deposited into a Capital One bank account and when they tried to take payments the payments failed. They then stated that I set up payments in 2017 using a visa or mastercard number which also failed. I have never had a Capital One Bank account nor have I ever taken out payday loans from anyone or anywhere. They claim that they are a litigation firm named ARA in Fairfax VA but I cannot find any business listing for them.

exactly what happened to me today, but different bank and dates.

Received a call tonight from a Ron Wilson, call came in as unknown. He left a voicemail In a robot voice using a version well a very messed up version of my maiden name, been married for 18 years. Anyways this is what voicemail says basically my name is RON WILSON I’m going to serve you documents on November 19 from 3-5pm if you do not sign, it will be recorded as a direct refusal and the process will continue with or without you. But you should call us back to reschedule to deliver documents at 530-364-5152 at your earliest convenience. I say go for it dude, lol 1. I didn’t have any credit or credit cards etc before I got married and 2. I think you’ve breached the statue of limitations in my state 3-fold. Knock yourself out.

Ps —people if you get SERVED no one calls you to expect them there, the county you live in will just serve you. 2. Whatever county you live in you can look up civil court records if someone has filed against you it’s public record.

These scammers are getting so ridiculous

I received a call today from an unknown number claiming that I was being served, they ask if I would be home and gave me a old address (which I no longer live at) then I told them "what is this regarding and they gave me another number to call, Attorney's Office, and they even gave me a fake Case number, so i called the number and they guy on the phone said he wasn't a attorney, he was just a administrative assistant. He told me that I owed a debt since 2004 for Chase Bank or Wells Fargo, (it was wired that he didn't know which one) he even had the last 4 of my SSN. Then I asked if he had documents to prove that this was indeed me and he gave me a Chase number to call, which was a phoney number NOT even chase.. I told them that my attorney will contact them and he said "I will see you in court" LOL, DO NOT believe them even if they have your SSN. They need to prove it in writing and have original documents from 2004 with my signature in order for this to be true (WHICH THEY DIDN'T) Then I looked up all the information they gave me and googled the numbers and found that it was all a scam.. Do not give them any information, just say to them that your attorney will contact them.

Hope this helps!

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

I got a call from a Tina Ross on behalf of Stenson and Sons. She claims that I have to file an electronic response if not I will be in contempt. The number she calls from is 833-781-7248. She even gives me a file id number of 1925. I don't know who this people are and what they claim I have to file.

We have been threatened and very harassed by these 2 phone numbers 1-844-358-2439 and his name was Kenneth directed us to call his firm at 1-279-972-4096
And we called and they want money we don’t have and threatened us with being sued please help stop them from calling us please we work everyday hard and shouldn’t be threatened

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

A company called first from an CA number then called again from a SC number. The women said there was a civil lawsuit and they were going to send someone to my work to issue my court order. she then stated that I need to call 844-469-5678 and gave me a file number. She would not tell me what it was about. It seems like a scare tactic to get me to call and this practice should be punishable ny law!

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

I googled Lewis and Goldstein, the address that the “Goldstein Litigation” company mailed me from, and this page pops up. No other business Info can be found. When a friend called the offices, the person who answered got belligerent when asked how many people they’d scammed today. Beware folks. And they try to get you to sign contracts thru DocuSign. Meanwhile my brother got the same call on the same day. They trust that you will not do your homework.

I keep getting calls from ‭(844) 793-1304‬ saying they are a private legal firm who don’t do business with the general public but refused to give me their name, where they operate out of, or who they do business with. They threatened me and told me I was wanted for failure to accept a summons for legal documents. Scared me. They put me on hold and then got disconnected. I did some checking. If they were a legitimate legal firm they should have disclosed their name. So I called the number back and of course got a different person and she gave me the whole thing and I demanded to know the name of their firm and where they operated out of. She said I can’t demand anything. I hung up. These people have been harassing me for years. Can’t someone stop them? With the technology we have at our disposal?

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Originally called from a 855-478-5693 and now they call from an unknown number. They spew out a SSN for whomever they are calling and have case number. I personally don't have bad credit or any judgements, so I know this is false.

I received a call from (833)781-7705 telling me they are a law firm and that there is a law suit been filed against me. I asked her where she was she is in California. She would not give me the name of the company. I was transferred to a Sylvia Mendez. This woman had my social security number telling me she would only give me the information if I answered a few question. If not they would send it to my home. I told her tp hold on so I could call the Federal Trade Commission. The call was disconnected. These people are scammers. They can practice their criminal activity but to have my social security number is troubling.

Today I received a call from a women at work, that said she worked for a courier service. She said I needed to be home to sign for an important lawsuit notice. She asked if I would be home at 9am to sign for document. I told her no, I have to work. She gave me a 813 number to call. I called the number to see what was going on. The company said they were with Wilkens and Associates. They knew my name, date of birth and where I worked. They asked the last 4 digits of my social number. They told me I was in the process of getting sued by St. Lucie Medical Group LLC for a 2009 medical bill. They said if I paid $1185..... and settle debt I would be fine. If I waited, when they take me to court I will have to pay $2009....... She said they will garnish my paychecks. I am so worried because I gave her part of my Social security number. I hope no Fraud or identity theft come from this.

I got a call from a lady name Nicole Johnson they called with a blocked / unknown number and said something about court papers and that I should call them back at 855-385-6974? I googled the number and seen nothing under this number even this person? I never bother calling this person back? Is this a scam?
Thank you

Same thing here, just answered a call from a private number and he said would I be home tomorrow to receive legal docs, he never said where he was calling from and I asked him what the papers were and he said he doesn't know that he can't open the packet but to call 855-385-6974 and he gave me some case number. I am worried because my credit isn't great and I do owe some debt collectors but from all the previous comments I've read it sounds like this is a scam or scare tactic.

We've been receiving these "order of process" calls for a few weeks now on our landline, my cell and my wife's cell. First the calls were intended for some weird name I never heard of, but now it's a combination of my last name and my wife's ex-husband's last name. The calls originate from all over the country and the numbers the message says to call vary also. The one constant is the case number, 203822. I just tried calling one of the numbers but blocked mine by dialing *67 first. The man who answered refused to say the name of the company or what their business was unless I told them the case number. I refused because I don't want to tip them off in any way. Here are some of the numbers the calls originated from: 607-203-0854, 505-587-6048, 702-718-7116. Two of the numbers the message said to call were: 304-873-8244 and 307-228-6562. By the way, the message goes on with a threat to contact my place of employment. That should be fun because I'm self-employed.

I have received 3 voicemails from ‭+1 (281) 918-4361‬ which is a non fix VOIP number. A man who calls himself Alex says there is possible legal action against me and if I don’t call them back at 1-888-241-3424 within 24 hours I will be marked as non compliant and legal action may proceed without me. It’s has been 2 weeks of these calls so the 24 hours is a red flag along with the non listed numbers. I will not initiate contact with him. Pretty sure it’s a scammer. I haven’t done anything that would involve legal action. I’ll believe it is legitimate if a Sheriff’s deputy delivers me papers.

Keep getting restricted calls .they finally left voicemail saying my wife owes a debt. Asked for validation to be mailed to me.lady on the phone cursed me out said debt was over a year old and they don't have to say validation cursed me out some more. On voicemail They said they were from thomas and partners. Called thomas and partners which is a investment firm to let them know a scammer is using their name.

I recieved a call from a private number they were asking all kinds of info I hung up on them. They called back left a message 8664759738 saying they were trying to deliver legal documents and filing against me I needed to call today and they were coming to see me Wednesday! I called the number they answer skyline I asker Rodger who answers what was there address he got so aggressively rude with me and refused the information??? Wow guess they don’t like you flipping it in them

8667440562 has started back calling me after several months talking about they are a law firm that does not exist

‭+1 (650) 318-1341‬ was a number I received a call from saying it’s from meyers litigation services. They called from that #, and also from Connecticut and Delaware. I have no clue what that could be because they just call and leave a random message which is cut 1/2 at times. It’s very frustrating.

New calls coming from an 855 number claiming to be some firm called Wellington. The person harrassing me is named Alexis Collins. Some guy named Micheal stupidly gave up the last name. Second time this has happened. And they have contacted my daughter first, whom I never use in any personal dealings.

I've received a phone call along with various family members asking to verify where I live and work and even calling my work from Enterprise that I need to call immediately or documents will be served to me. They gave me a number to call back 800-294-2137 and left me a reference number. I've called the number but the mumble the first part and hear Enterprise this is Jeremy. They state I owe $1238.74 and I have 72 hours to pay them or legal action will be taken and they will show up to my home or work to serve me. This is a scam, the debt collector is trying to scare you to pay more than what is owed or you may not even owe anything at all. They have gotten all your information from a hacker of some sort with Equifax or another credit company like that.

I got a call from 866-744-0562 saying their from Holland and levies. Said my name first then said looking for Melissa about loan fraud then said ok he will have sheriff office over to arrest melissa.

I have had this guy calling every now and again for years that knows my address , family, have contacted my family, social security number, place of work.... wanting to deliver a package but won’t meet at the sheriffs dpt to deliver. Anytime I tell them I’m tracing a call they hang up.

Some people called me just now with age or eager and associate but I dont own any loans or taxes I just hung up on them when I went to look them up it said they were a fraud

I kept getting calls and they'd leave a message, saying this is a legal matter.... Today, they texted me info below:

This text is from ARS. We have a legally required noticed for (had my name here). Please text back or call in with your legal representation to discuss your documentation.
1-833-637-0199 and refer to file# XXXXXXX. Thank you.

I have not replied or responded back because I figured it was spam call and now text. After reading your info here, I'm now convinced it is a scam.


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