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Phantom debt collectors impersonate law firms

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Getting a call from a debt collector can be stressful. But it can be downright frightening when the caller uses lies, profanity and threats to try to get you to pay. In a case announced today, the FTC says a debt collection operation in Charlotte, NC pretended to be lawyers. Really, they were not lawyers and had no authority to collect debts.

The FTC says the “collectors” used a variety of names to make people think they were dealing with a law firm. The imposters told people they were delinquent on a payday loan or other debt and threatened them with arrest, jail time, or getting sued unless they paid by credit or debit card over the phone.

Sometimes, the callers had personal information, like Social Security and bank account numbers, or relatives’ names. The callers used this information to convince people that the calls were legitimate.

In truth, the FTC says, the defendants pressured people into paying debts they never owed.

You can’t be arrested for not paying your bills. If a debt collector calls about a debt – and before you agree to pay anything – ask for a written proof that says how much money you owe and to who, and what to do if you don’t think you owe the money. By law, debt collectors have to send you a written document, called a validation notice, within five days after they first contact you. If they don’t, that’s a warning sign that they may not be legitimate.

Debt collection complaints account for nearly one-third of consumer complaints to the FTC. If you, or someone you know, has gotten a suspicious debt collection call, report it to the FTC. With your help, we’re finding the bad guys and putting them out of business.


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I am repeatedly getting these calls from private numbers and the person keeps saying it is a lawsuit out of Oklahoma. I need to call this 866 number. Then they begin to threaten me and say they know where I live and they are taking me to jail. This is the last time they are calling. Next time will be police. This is horrible. I have no lawsuits. I called County clerk there is nothing pending.

Had 3 voicemails from 770-881-8547 claiming i have a pending civil complaint or pending legal matter against me. The person says its a Ms. Williams with no company name and i need to contact them asap. They have even contacted a family member looking for me (similar voicemail). Seems like a scam to me. I haven't returned the call.

I received a call leaving me a message like we from a law firm saying i has a warrant to appear in court and it was from the address on file and the attorney of record. And call 8774751599 with a case number. Totally fake not going call.

I have a company calling from 918-420-1596 and 855-241-1809 and claiming to be a law firm. He has spoke with me, cursed me, called me a dead beat. He has called all my family at least 5 times each and is now slandering me and my business. I cant find anything on the company so I cant file a complaint. I really need help.

They sent me this

Our firm has filed an order of location for JD pertaining to a legally required notice. Jd would need to contact the office responsible for filing the case at 866-678-0161 and refer to File 144289. Understand this is considered your legal notification and you will be processed accordingly unless further instructions are received. Thank you.
They say they’re From the law offices of issac miller

In the last week I've gotten 3 scam emails from a company called Golden Recovery Services. They are demanding payment for a payday loan. I know it's not legit because the address on the letter doesn't exist , the company doesn't exist and they're threatening me with legal action which I know collection companies can not do. How do we stop these people

I had the same type of phone call with threats of arrest, collections, coming to my job and causing me to lose my job, etc. I researched them and they are fake!

Eddy Green. 888-718-0325. Keeps calling to say I have breached some agreement and need to make financial arrangements....I blocked him. You call the number and it asks for a case #. Scammers

I just received a call from a woman without a name from (510) 206-6932. She claimed she was calling regarding an "order of location". I asked her what was that and was she sure she had the right person. She had my name but wanted the last 4 digits of my social security number and my date of birth. I refused. She claimed that I hard a lawyer assigned to me and gave me a file # which I was supposed to use when I call a company named Liberty Proceeding at (855) 611-3959. I called the number and another unidentified woman wanted the last 4 digits of my social security number and my birth date. I refused.
I googled "order of location". It turns out it has to do with verifying the location of a child whose parent has filed for Legal Aid. under the Family Law Act 1975. I do not have any under age children nor have I ever filed for Legal Aid. In researching I found that this company, Liberty Proceedings are scammers.

I just got a call said I wrote bad checks I haven’t had Bank of America sense 2009
I filed bankruptcy for check cashing
Places i10 years ago
It’s scary because she knew my name and my last # she got mad at me because I said it was a scam said king county was picking me up and knew my partners name
When she mentioned my work well then I knew I haven’t work there sense 2012
It closed

My dad received a call from a "lawyers office " they claimed they sent paper work out in june but we never heard of the company they rep. They wanted my dad to state his full name with middle intial and full ss# which he never said . My dad kept say resend the paper work or email it to me and they guy had a reason why he couldn't. If u goin to scam people at least try harder

Received a call from a local area code, 734-375-9635. Number called on 7/23 and 7/30.Left a vm stating on 7/23, James Jones and on 7/30 this is John Michaels from MCM legal department. There are 2 seperate complaints with your name, he did state and ssn he did not state. If not contacted by noon tomorrow we will be taking legal action and sent to your appropriate state. Please call to plead your case at 844-400-6562 ext 104.

I received a call today from LCR and associates out of New York claiming that I had written a check to a payday loan service which was completely false. They used very aggressive tactics threatening tactics using personal information such as my husband's name that I was familiar with and other familiar situations personal I have not even written a check for five years prior to the dates they were claiming I didn't even have any checks in print for the year claimed. Also for the year claimed I had spent the better part of that year and the following year in the hospital in a coma caused by an accident that caused a significant traumatic brain injury. After that it took me several years to learn how to talk right eat and care for myself so it would have been impossible. I requested the documentation he had in his file to be sent to me in the mail and I would respond accordingly. At first he was really nice after being a jerk for initial contact. Then when he realized I wasn't falling for it he became aggressive and threatening again. I feel that I handle it appropriately and wouldn't give personal information or confirm personal information. Consumer beware this is completely a scam. I appreciate the post above and the suggestions in the warnings given to consumers. I appreciate the time it took. Please be careful do not pay for anything or over the phone that you did not initiate the contact. Ever this is not the first kind of calls different but also for scamming people out of money. I could see how people may fall victim to this type of fraud and crime. Be careful thanks again

I got a call that I’m getting sued by Wachovia bank from a closed overdraft account from 2009/2010. I’m sure I paid it off. It’s Hudson Legal Service 8336280113 who’s calling. They also called by father to get a hold of me since it’s an urgent matter. They gave me 24 hours to send proof of pay off. What should I do?

I received multiple calls from (512) 598-6801. A man by the name of Noah Daniels stated in his first voicemail on 7/16/2020 that he works for the offices of J and L Recovery and that a complaint was filed against me for stopping a payment(?) on November 14th, 2019. He did not state what the payment amount was, nor did he state what the payment was for. I ignored it because I know I didn’t stop any payments.

On 7/31/2020- same phone number and man called me. This time he stated the complaint was “that I allegedly authorized payments from a closed account knowingly” and that 7/31 was the deadline for a formal statement before recommending other actions being taken against me. I DID NOT HAVE ANY CLOSED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS NOR DO I HAVE ANY NOW.

I challenged him saying that if he can’t give me exact information that he’s a scammer. All he retorted with was the information was verifiable “in office”. I asked for an address and he wouldn’t give me one. He also stated that they don’t have a website as they are an arbitration office. The only J and L Recovery that comes up is a towing company in Texas.


How can you get a fake debt collector to quit calling you. The debt had been discharged last year and one attorney I have talked to indicated that they believe it is a scam. However they do have personal information like social security number etc. When I ask for location address and or letter of validation they hang up.

I’ve had several emails from
Patrick law firm indicates that I owe them debt

I live in South Carolina. I received a call posing as POS Systems telling me that I would face a court date if I did not pay up on a loan from Cash Well right away. From the information they told me they had, this would have happened 11+ years ago. I need to talk to a lawyer in the Greenville area abut this. Who can I get to talk to me?

Message I received. They also called my work

**** this is Leila Brian, I'm contacting you in regards to your case that is in the process of being filed through Harris County by law. I do have to make you aware. That one's case number ##%%. To the county. It does become a matter of public record and there is an order for your location since I was unable to reach you by phone Mister ****. I have been instructed to contact your employer and speak with your supervisor wage because it doesn't like that. It's going to be your most likely place of location. So Mister cross, you do still have the legal right to contact proceedings office says processing your case. However, you will have to speak to them before they cases 5S once the case is discharged from their office. Your legal rights will be forfeited. The telephone number provided for their office is 844-463-9839. You will also need to reference number 76947. This is considered a legal notification by telephone. You will be located after 5pm

I don't owe debt, but I've gotten four phone calls from "A.R.S." Before I blocked the number, they kept leaving messages for someone other than me, although my name is very clearly on my voicemail. Just a few minutes ago, I got notification that they just tried to call again, despite being blocked.

I just got a phone call from a company called ARF telling me that my daughter has a legal filing at the end of this week. They told me that they were a legal company and that there were allegations being levied against her. They told me that wanted to get "her side of the story." I am so pissed! I googled the phone number and this article came up. thank you for putting this out there! It is much appreciated!

I just had a call from 512-562-0559 Office of Parker saying my daughter had a debt and that i could pay for it. They called me at work and I just couldnt talk. I called them back and recording said they were busy leave a message and didnt identify who i was calling. I am concerned it is someone trying to scam us. I spoke to a man named Bill Spencer

844-396-9428 : Received a call from this number posing as some sort of litigation documents processing office and leaving some reference numbers and calling family members at the same time. They are fraud . Just block their number .

Every year about this time I keep getting a phone call from a local number telling me to cal 855-240-0609 reference file a county I haven’t lived in for over 5 years. Even gets so bad they call my brother and parents threatening to send Marshall’s to search their homes for me. I’ve called the county court in question and they have no record of any court cases against me...EVER! It’s so annoying and embarrassing this happens every year and that they call my family. Wish I could stop it

recieved a call that went to voicemail from 920-287-0825 number stating they were a courier out of brown county and was delivering certified documents and addressed me using my maiden name and current name and said a photo ID was needed either at my residence or place of employment. The message leaves a different number to call back 1-833-437-0483 with a tracking number to use when calling.
a stephen moore gets on the phone and is real rude- he says this is so &* so with the last 4 SSN and of course you agree--so then he goes on saying im going to be sued for some outstanding payday loan from 2019--well ive never recieved any correspondence to this prior just all of a sudden some calls. he said or we can settle out of court now and you will need to pay $xxx.xx today- i told him i vagely remember and have no means of paying anything and so he said your going to take your chances then and i repeated my self that i had no means of paying and the line went blank so i hung up. i called the 920 number back and that line just rings and then says your call cannot be completed as dialed and then goes dead

SCAM!!! It’s April 9th 2021 and I got a call from a “CAS” case investigator telling me there was a complaint filed against my husband and that the investigator would arrive to serve more papers to him and that the voice mail was sufficient as him being formerly “notified”. I called the callback number a man answered and asked for the case number from the voicemail. Instead I told him I didn’t have one, and asked who they are, what business they are, and where are they based out of. He was blunt and acted matter of fact saying they’re a law firm and based out of North Carolina. He then asked who I was I told him and I told him I’m pretty sure they’re a scam. He asked me who they were calling for I said my husbands first name. He asked if I knew him, and I said no. The man then told me he would take me off the cal list so I wouldn’t be bothered again. The voicemail the woman “Carter” left me had me call them at 844-858-1492.

I have received calls and now texts from 5123991706. Saying I have a legal matter they've received. Now they're calling my sister and asking her to call them back for a character reference on me due to a legal matter! Wth? I call the number, they answer, but don't say who they are when they answer... My sister's voicemail states they're from some j and l law office. But not from what city or state.... They never leave me a voicemail.... Just texts...

I am getting harassed by a company by the name of S&O associates. She will not send any documentation without me sending a down payment. Number is 888-531-2301

They also called me from 888-707-1525. Showed up in caller ID as "DOCUMENT PREPERATION" (misspelled like that).

I spoke to a man & a woman. The guy got mad when I asked where they were located. The woman was persistent, but I never gave her any info. She claimed she was 'just the secretary.'

I reported them using the FTC complaint form, & blocked their number.

888-531-2301 Said they were law firm trying to collect a debt from over 10 years ago. Said they couldn't mail me anything because they said they already did & cost is too much to mail again (never received anything from them in mail) but they could email it to me. Total Scam!

I got an email concerning the same thing a few days ago.Someone named patrick.

I have been called from a law firm called Backman and Associates. The lady said her name was Amanda Myers. Phone number 1888 317-6660. They are saying I have a credit card that is 12 years old. I have never had this credit card before. They keep saying that I have a civil lawsuit pending. This is no where on my credit, nor has it ever been. I have never received any correspondence to my home that I have lived at for the last 2 years. Has anyone ever heard of this company?

This company called me saying they were with my home town court which I new better then threaten me by saying they was going to file three my court on a debt I owed they wanted me to give them my credit card number and I told them no they have also been calling my family threatening them also if they don’t give them any information about me they can end up in jail

This number keeps doing the same things mentioned (8884681744) in this article.

Received a call saying they were a law firm looking for a deceased member of my family with threat to collect a debt. The number was from 866-313-1621.

I just received a call from them. 844-793-0647/276-240-2764. They were trying to get me to pay well over $2000 for a pay day loan. Ive never had one in my life. I told them to see in writing proof of a bill and they hung up on me.

They called for my arrest and my wife said. Ok he'll get on that. They called every one who had the same last name as mine. These guys bought your old debt for pennies and will threat you with fake case numbers. Even looked it up no record of that.

I too have been getting the same kind of calls . The lady Olivia gives a case number DA614158 re a complaint and to call back 877-328-3039 and bs warned that this has been filed. Call didn’t even state my name , called 8 x since March 2021-today July 2021

I have been getting calls from an attorney about debt collection and stating they mailed me the notice. Today no letter and I do not owed any collectors. All my bills are paid on time. Problem with the calls they are bouncing off different numbers. I have been scammed and fraud out of 10,000 dollars against a company call Premium Tech Support now Premium Support. They too use numbers from all over with the latest out of Hawaii.

My brother got a bogus scam call from "Armstrong Legal Summons" asking for ME. They are claiming there isnsummkms out for me but wouldn't give any information to me about what for. Or when the courtt date was let alone where and what time. They them threatened me and told me the sheriff's in my county were coming to my house today if I didn't pay them at the very least $500 RIGHT NOW! I asked them which county the sheriff's would be coming from to get me, they said you know where and that they are infact already at my driveway. This was 3 hours ago. And just the fact that they couldn't tell me where or when was ridiculous and OBVIOUSLY a scam!!!! Don't give them ANY MONEY!!! They don't even exist on the BBB.

I just got a phone call from a David Johnson with Lucrum and Associates. He was asking about husband and if I knew him. I kept asking who he was calling about. And at first wouldn't tell me. Then kept asking why he was calling finally gave me information. I called my husband to tell him about it. He ended up calling the number just to see what all info they had on him. It's creepy with how much info they have. We will be filing a police report on this. This scam stuff is getting out of hand.

A new number 1-866-499-3326, Isley Law Firm in Southern California. Stated the phone call means they have served me and will be proceeding to take my case to district attorneys office. Wanted me to verify SS digits. Monique name given as process server, her number is unknown. The above number is what I called and they don't appear on any search I have done on line. It is listed as a common number overseas. Frustrating!!


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