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Scammers impersonate the National Institutes of Health

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Consumers are reporting another government imposter scam – this time the scammers are pretending to be calling from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to reports, callers are telling people they’ve been selected to receive a $14,000 grant from NIH. To get it, though, callers tell people to pay a fee through an iTunes or Green Dot card, or by giving their bank account number.

If you get a call like this from someone asking you to pay money to get money, stop. Hang up the phone. The federal government will not call you to give you a grant. NIH does give grants to researchers, but they have to apply for them, and those grants are for public purposes, not for personal use.

Also, the federal government will never call you, demanding that you give your personal or financial information – like your bank account or Social Security number. Has a caller ever asked you to wire money, cash a check they send you (and send them money), or use a prepaid card to pay someone? Those are all red flags. Nobody legitimate – and certainly not the government – will ever ask you to pay in any of those ways.

For more tips on avoiding government grant scams, check out NIH’s handy guide. Did you send money to an NIH imposter? Get in touch right away with whoever you used to send the money (your bank, MoneyGram, Western Union, iTunes…) and report the fraud. You might not get your money back, but you certainly won’t if you don’t report it. And then tell the FTC.

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Watch out for the 2nd part of the scam where they call you and say they can get your money back. They then want you to mail them the information and receipt from the 1st scam so that they can destroy the evidence of the first crime. I use to investigate these types of crimes.

This scam changes every month... This one wants me to put $350 on a prepaid card and give him the card number of so he can transfer $14,566 Grant funds to it. Ya Right... There goes my $350

The vital info to remember is that the Government NEVER calls you, they send letters.....

Grants are never given away haphazardly. One must apply for grant money.....

The best we can do with these callers is to just hang up but if you have the time keep them talking and play along so you waste their time and resources. You can hear the frustration and desperation in their voice about 15 minutes after you tell them you're really not sure you want to continue this. Hang up a couple of times while you're talking to them (they call back) and the frustration for them mounts.. They must get paid only for those who take the bait...

Just got a call like this today. So weird. Calling from the U. S. Government, he said. His name is Michael WIlliam, he said. Said he was calling from a 900 number after I pressed the issue. Said he was calling from Austin (pronounced Haustin) Texas with a 7 - something zip code. How in the world do they expect people to believe that they have won a grant that they never even applied for. Just because I "have a good relationship" with the government.
Fake, fake, fake!!!
Of course, the number was not displayed on my phone.
How do we report these things to the authorities? Who do we report them to?

Please report that to the FTC at

When you go to the page, click on the red Alert at the top of the page. It says "Click here to report someone falsely claiming to be from the government."  Thank you for reporting.

How do I report this??

I just got a call today area code 1-665. The agent had a indian kind of accent and was saying he was calling for a federal grant that I got in a recent demorgraphic study. That I would recieve 14,566 he gave me their address as 900 rockville pike, Bethesda Maryland, 20892.

Theres another scam to where people looking for employment are under the impression that these companies metro solutions could help you get your security license, 8hr, 16hr, fireguard for a price u pay them and they automatically send u to get employee refferal letter and go to bk for your fire guard test.

Then u find out you have to pay for fire guard test when your thinking what dod I pay them for all my certificates. Then you find out thay they moved from the office where you applied and the whole thing was a scam. I hope all these low lives get caught and rot in jail. They must be getting so many people.

You can help law enforcement by reporting people that take your money and don't give you what they promised. Go to and give details of what happened. The information will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. Thank you.

Thanks for posting this!
I recieved a call from the same company and address you posted saying I was selectes to receive a $14,566.00 grant from the government. As my wife was talking to them I took the time to research the company and came across your post about the scam which I already knew it was nobody just gives you $14,566.00 lol. But we played along with it to waste there time and hung up just as he was asking if we wanted it to be deposited in our bank account.

I've had 3 different individuals now pm me on Facebook regarding free grant money delivered in cash via Fed Ex. Unbelievable

2/5/18 I just received a call from Nick White at National All lHeah L Health Dept. Located at 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD 20892 said my Grant approval Number NW016 for $14 14,500. They asked for a bank account or debit card to issu Issue the money on. Forget it! Nobody is going to send Money from the government National. Institute “All” Health Department! Number used 240-670-5530. The caller Sounded like he could be Indian.

2/5/18 I just received a call from Nick White at National All lHeah L Health Dept. Located at 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD 20892 said my Grant approval Number NW016 for $14 14,500. They asked for a bank account or debit card to issu Issue the money on. Forget it! Nobody is going to send Money from the government National. Institute “All” Health Department! Number used 240-670-5530. The caller Sounded like he could be Indian.

I got 1on messagener today.

Has anyone received their winning dollars and were the bills actually real or fake.

I just got a call from the fraudsters. Somehow they know my address my full name. The lady who called sounded Indian and it seems like from the background noise they were speaking to other people too. This should stop! The number is 562885128. Everyone should be careful

A man call me today, with an East Indian accent saying his name was Jason White and he worked with the Nation Institute of Health. He said that he could get me a $14,566 grant and since I was desperate for financial help, I listen up to the part that he wanted my bankcard number, I asked him why and told me some fake reason so I hung up.

I just got the same call. The reference phone# Paul gamer me was 202-866-9083 no answer. They have been calling me all afternoon from different numbers mostly 424-502- 01**
Said I qualified for a $24+ k Grant. They all spoke with an East Indian accent. I did not give them any information. But they knew who I was. They referenced my address.. scary!

Am so depressed today because yesterday these people called me asked me pay $450 using Apple cards from Walmart and I did it. Then after that they told me because the money that am about to receive is a lot so I should pay $880 so they can send the money to my account then I suspected them and refuse to send the 880. So I told them just to refund me my $450 they started laughing and hang up phone on me . No government would laugh client or just hang up. Am a single mom and what happened to me yesterday truly depressed me I don’t wish anyone else would feel the same thing at all.

I just got the same call. They will not remove you from the database.

I literally just received 6 calls within 10 minutes from this company. I answered and asked repeatedly who this is, knowing who it was because I received the call before. I read it back as I wrote it down and then asked what her name and employee number was. And then they hung up. I'm on the do not call registry. I have not entered my number ANYWHERE online because I had to change my previous number because I was getting so many telemarketers. What do I have to do to not get these calls?

Wonder how the NIH got my cell phone number? even knew my name. I never fall for scam like this anyway.

I just received one of these calls when I asked was it a scam the guy got offended and started screaming at me and I told him I didn't have 350$ to just run and get a Google play card in the 20 minutes he gave me to make it to the store he told me to borrow I asked him from who? I was open to any suggestion of who I could borrow it from I'd gladly do it..very sarcastically of course..i kept him in the phone for an hour so that's that many people who he couldn't call and scam out of money. Might I add I googled NIH while on the phone with him and found this blog. Thank you so much bcuz as good as it sounded I'd probably had lost 350$ by now

i received a call from maryland telling me they needed qualification of who i was to receive a federal grant. they then referred me to jason white who also told me i’d be getting a grant of $14,566. this was also from NIH. jason white tried to get me to go to the store to complete my registration and asked for my social security and bank account card. my mom was smart enough to transfer my money to her account before he could but when i called back to decline the grant he called me stupid and threatened to deduct all the money from my account. i was dumb enough to provide them with my information but i hope it doesn’t progress more than this. my money is safe as far as i know.

I received a call yesterday about a grant of14.566 dollars the guy name is Albert walker that I talked to then he gave me a number aw001 for conformation number an nother number to call 240 883 6664 to call that when you find out you have to send them 225 dollars it a scam

I just have a call from a guy named Peter Collins phone number 331-248-7445 telling me that was going to have a grant of $14,566 and I need to go buy a Google card at Walgreens on the start I was suspicious but that was my first time that I have a cold like that so I give him some of my information but right now I'm calling my bank and I'm going to tell them to cancel my card the guy is still waiting for me to call him at 5he spend 60 minutes on the phone and he called back two times to make sure I was going to do it..can I do something about it!! Report.or whatever

Was contacted today by a Sam 218 380 2142 (07072018). He called in regards to a free government grant of 14566 that would not ever have to be paid back. The grant ID number AZ23303. An office in 9000 Rockville Pike in Bethesda, MD 20892 (202) 866 9083. On request I gave him my drivers license number then I realized after the fact I felt I shouldn't have done it. I called the 218 number back only to find it had changed miraculously huh? I called the 202 area code number back only to find no answer. I pray that nothing bad comes out of this and I will not be furthered caught off guard again.

Got a call about a 14,000 grant. Gave my info. Be smarter than me!!!

Just received a call from these guys, they told me I got a grant from Federal Government, I can get $14566 and do not need to pay back. They asked my mailing address and drive license number and data birth. Finally I realized something is wrong. They gave their number: 202-932-2941, address: 9000 Rock Villa Pike, Betesda, MD, 20892.
Be careful these scammers.

I got a call from an impersonator saying they were ALSO from the NIH and claimed I had won $14,566 but wanted me to purchase an apple icard for $362 to use as a pretense but ever since I had hung up on them I got a call from a 202-202-2002 just 27 minutes ago.. NO talking, NO message, NO text weird. IF this is how they're trying to get people scare of them then its failing. I tried to say hello to the number but it Hung up on me , just as much AS I tried to get a person on the line. IF YOU WON A GRANT, then you won a grant YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT OUT OF POCKET. NOT EVEN BY A DIME. STUPID IMPOSTERS!!!

Phone number they gave me was 2028669083 but called from # 562 885 128!!?

OMG! I got a call today from this # 56327885129. Good thing I did not give my visa #, but I gave my learners permit #. Most of the time I don't answer phone calls from unknown numbers, but this time I did. After the Indian lady gave me the address now I found out it's a scam!!

Scammers should be banned!! I blocked different phone numbers many times but still they will find a way to get your information. We should be vigilant. I hope they will not use my information in a bad way. Feeling worried here...

I was got a call from scammers

FTC unfortunately your organization is useless to prevent phone scams or any other types of fraud. Not that you don't mean well but you are just not equipped to keep up with all the scams going on today. I filed several complaints and your organization is useless and futile do deal with these types of fraudulent activities. It's a real shame when you own government cannot help innocent victims and their citizens.

They been calling me for the past 3 days and I keep telling then no they took my money so I had to call my bank so they could cancel my card

There is a scam involving some people under the guise of being from the NIH offering a free grant of $14,655. The number she called from was supposed to be 240-817-0148. I was guillable enough to give these crooks my ID number, Social security number, bank account and routing number but I called the NIH and was assured they were fraudulently representing the government. I also called up my bank and and now being protected. The two I spoke with sounded of Indian descent. Regarding the 240-817-0148 number, I was able to contact her and I think they should be arrested. She said her name was Shawn Phillips. Their operation should be shut down. I was told to go to Walmart. I'm sure some have heard of the registration card hustle.

I just left a comment yesterday and lo and behold another scammer who was supposed to be a government employee said I had a free grant of $9000. The number was(360)-112-4000. BEWARE. They belong behind bars.

Steve Garrett just called me I seem to have 14,566 waiting just one call away! Yeah right Grant money SG031 is my approval number

I’ve had to me and call me saying that they were police officers when was the sergeant out of Texas and on and that they found a car with 24 pounds of cocaine and 20 bank accounts using my Social Security number and that there was a worn out for my arrest and if I cooperated that they would uplift the ward and they would do a personal case or a public case and explain the difference and and I don’t even have a record so obviously I was scared and worried about it but I have their information they gave me their badge number of their phone number and is all it is is a scam I’ve already given to another person that called and I was getting a loan and I had to send him $800 and I sent them because he couldn’t put it in the bank they were going to do western Western Union so I had to pay for the transactions 170 then they said I had to secure a loan for 450 and give me some fake number and he said you folded it with the loan would pay up to 12,000 I was trying to get a loan for 9000 to pay off my car so I don’t we have one payment so I called the guy back he picks up and I threatened him and two hours later there they’re calling me in the same guys saying that they’re cheap police and they found all these drugs in laundry money and all these big hands under my name my Social Security number because I don’t do turn them in I am already out all the other thousand dollars and then some guy called me yesterday and did the same thing and I gave this guy more money and he said he was going to give me back with the other people scam for me plus my $400 that I put on a card yet he said he wasn’t going to take off that you did he needed it to register me he said and that he’d give me that money back so I was going to get $14,666 plus the $800 that was scanned before plus the $400 he just took for me so I’m way out and plus the money from when I tried to get a loan I’m out 250 I borrowed 400 from her friend 350 so I’m almost in the debt like 2008 took everything from me by Car Payment my rent they at my bank account may rally number they have all the information my drivers license number I am so beside myself and they put me so far in debt I don’t know what to do and they said that it was from the government and I would I was picked and I had gone on the survey done at a government you know thing to try to get a loan or grant loan next thing you’re calling me and I’m so far in debt that I don’t even have a dime to my name and I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do and I probably never get to see my money I have everyone of my cards that I wouldn’t got money on stream cards and Google cards I have every one of them there should be some way that we can stop these people from doing this to good people like me and so many other people this phone number should be able to be treated by the phone company and shut isn’t shut them down you could hear them they’re all in a room and all these phones are going in everybody’s talking it’s really loud and they’re all doing this to millions of people all at one time if they can get it money for me they can get money from somebody else obviously I didn’t know that you don’t get grants personal grants I thought that it was to better my life pay my car get out of debt I was so so wrong and now I’m so far in dead that I can’t even see it getting out at all it always watch it makes you feel like you don’t want to be here no more it’s so depressing and so sad that you don’t know what to do at all and this is all happened in February 2018 December 2018 January 2018 is what people called me four different times about a grant and you they want you to Sadie certain things are gonna put some in and out education and they tell you this is what you’re supposed to say and don’t tell them to anybody but you know Coach do yeah because if you do tell me that coach will you know I couldn’t get the money in and you’ll be denied it It is horrible and scary and I’m so far down in the ground that I can’t even put my head up I’m so far in debt I don’t know what to do

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Eddie Brown badge number EB 00963 (315) 915-4016 NIH Mental Health Institute address 900 Rockville Pike Bethesda Maryland 20892 grant $7200 asked for my name zip code and street address how many dependants whether I own or rented how much was my rent did I receive any government assistance how did I pay my bills I ended the call he called back tried to assure me that it wasn’t a scam then said he would give the money to someone else I hung up again

I got a call today from this. They know my name, dob, physical address and my new number I have not given out to anyone but foodstamps and doctors. They also know my drivers license number and social security number... I did not give them any information. I made them verify what they knew..

Received a call from number # (217) 044-6394. An Aisian Indian sounding man calling himself Nick White stated I was to receive government grant for $ 14,566 US dollars. When he asked for either my bank account or credit/debit card info I refused, stating I would verify the information. He gave me the following to verify:
US Dept of Grants
National Institute for Health
9000 Rockville Tpke
Bethesda, MD 20892
(262) 872-0892
Approval ID # NW016
The first link on the list was for this scam.

There is a scam. It’s NIH grants. Send cash for processing and get a grant. I have their info. When I figured out it was a scam. I played along. They had information from my Facebook account already. Here is all the info I’ve gotten. The Facebook site is: Paulson Clement with NIH Grant Foundation. Phone: 02-785-8655 Address: Rooney Pappy 4215 N. Major Drive Apt1104 Beaumont, TX. 77713. Email: agentpaulsonnih @gmail . Com. Website to apply: http:/// nihgrant. net/ apply- now. Also have made a fake profile of a friend on Facebook, which they contacted me through. That’s a lot of information. It’s happening right now. It’d be great if you could nail them. Thank you LE

at this very moment I rec. a message from a friend. She then started to ask me if I heard the good news, I thought she was going to tell me she was going to be a grandma again. She then said it is about the federal benefit payment and the NIH grant program. I said I knew nothing about it. She then stated it is a special program for helping the old, retired and non retired with cash for paying bills,l buying homes. She said she rec. $200,000.00 from them and was I sure I never heard of it? I replied wow Nancy that's amazing? I then preceded to look it up online and found this site. She then stated I thinks it's part of life opportunity you need to contact the claiming agent to claim yours too. Did you know how to do that? I said no I don't. She then said Just message her here on her moblile number and it will take you to the online Agent and she will explain more better to you how they got your name on their list to claim...414 -982-5697. Let me know when you've done that okay. Yes I know this is not my girlfriend once I looked this up online but now they are not just calling they are getting your friends name and using them through messenger to contact you and scam you with this. Just wanted to warn you about it's not just by phone! I called the number it said the google subscriber you called is not available please leave a message after the tone. I left no message.

This is ongoing as of March 2019 -- they are now hacking into facebook profiles and then your "friend" tells you they have won this money and saw you name on the list of "winners". From there they put you in touch with someone who congratulates you and asks for a payment in order to get your money delivered to your postal address.

I got a message from a friend on Facebook saying hello, how are you doing. It had their picture and looked normal. Then they replied back to check out the NIH Grant program, saying they received 80,000.00 that they didn't have to pay back. They sent a link to an agent that sent the info below and they said my name was on the list to receive free money.
I called my Facebook friend and she didn't send me the info so I guess they hacked her account.
I blocked the agent and my friends hacked account. I knew it was a scam just wanted to make sure no one else falls for it


I'm currently have a conversation on messenger with a scammer who is posing to be one of my friends. The person is telling me all about how he got $50,000 from this Federal Grant and NIH program. When I said that I already knew about it, because a previous scammer told me, of course he assured me that he is legit and it's not a scam. *eye roll* I reported him.

I just got a call from the same number saying that they were with the Social Security Administration and that I had committed fraud and done criminal acts using my social. And that I would be prosecuted and arrested if I didn't respond. I knew this was a scam so I hit 1 as directed. An Indian man answered and asked my name...I said I had not committed any crimes and my social was fine. And then I said I'm turning this phone number over to the FBI and Social Security Administration. He then yelled as I stated the first part of my sentence. I hung up as soon as I finished that sentence and he was still taunting me to do so yelling at me. So beware of this call. They have changed their scam.

They're doing this scam through FB messenger now. No need to call anybody now. I just got a message from a friend's FB account. She was hacked a week ago. Apparently, she's still being hacked.

Got a call from them a few minutes ago I wouldn’t give info and wasted their time this is getting ridiculous

Recently received a text message from Richard moore claiming to an agent for NIH assistances program offering $150000 to me once I pay $1500 to them fedex to a Yorktown VA address


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