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Scams affect all of us

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How many of us get scam calls? Maybe it’s someone saying they’re the IRS. Or a debt collector. Or tech support. Or a so-called friend in so-called trouble. And they want you to send money. Sound familiar? All of us are targeted for scams. Every one of us. Which is why we created this video to make exactly that point – fraud really does affect all of us, in every community. And we all can do something about it.


Over the past couple of years, you might have seen some of these amazing people who’ve been willing to share their story.

  • Bryan Noyes, a veteran in Maine, told us about the debt collectors trying to collect debts he didn’t recognize.
  • María Juárez nearly sent thousands to settle a supposed lawsuit against her – until her son realized something wasn’t right.
  • Dr. Carolyn Bowers just wanted to get off the phone with a persistent caller, and so gave her Social Security and bank account number to get a new Medicare card.
  • A company promised to pay Dorothy Council’s credit card bills, so she paid them – only they didn’t pay her bills.
  • Two people in Pablo Colón’s family got calls claiming to be about a family emergency – and Pablo warned people about the scam on the radio.

Please share this video in your community. And, if you ever think you’ve spotted a scam, please tell the FTC. Because we know that talking about a scam helps protect you and those you care about from the scam.


I am not sure whether this is a dealership scam to get a few extra dollars, but when I purchased a new vehicle, I paid the dealer the license fee. The car was purchased June 22, 2017; yet when the plates came in the mail, they indicated an expiration date of MAY 2018 rather than June. Why? If you pay for 12 months, why do they expire in eleven????


When is your birthday? Some states set your renewal date as your birth month, regardless of when you buy the vehicle and if the initial registration for a new car expires in less than a year, some states will prorate the first year's fees. Also, license plates are regulated by the state, not dealerships, so unless there was a racket going on between the dealership and your state's Bureau (or Division) of Motor Vehicles, I wouldn't chalk this up to being a scam, because 1) the dealer has to pay those fees to the state; and 2) there wouldn't be any benefit to the dealer when you renew your plates next year. If anything, it was more likely human error as it's not a far stretch to potentially mix up a '5' and a '6', because humans aren't perfect and mistakes happen.

Got a call saying I’ll be taken into custody if I don’t reach out to thre lawyers! Hell no

I had been receiving numerous calls a week from a man w an foreign Pakistani-Indian voice saying he was from the IRS and I better get a lawyer and other threats. I filed reports with tights and I haven't received a call in past week or two let's hope that's the end of that. I know the IRS would send a certified letter if there was a problem,people need to be aware and not give in to bullies who demand money or say a relative is in trouble and pay these criminals. When in doubt call the person or go to the IRS website and ck it out. These scammers have to be stopped.

My elderly mother received the same type of call stating she owed the IRS 4900.00 and if she did not pay today she would be arrested. They then sent a cab to take her to Walmart to buy Itune cards. The cab driver was suspicious and had her call a family member. These people threaten and their tone is very scary.

I've read about many copies of this scam, but yours is the very first to say the scammer sent a cab driver over to collect: WOW. who paid for the cab? I hope you didn't pay.

The video would not play.

Clear your cache and try again.

My husband's cell phone was bombarded with calls from different area codes/phone numbers, but the same message spoken in a very serious tone: "You are being sued, you need to call us right away"

I have been getting numerous calls from a company Global Services, lots of different nos and at least 5x a day

Thank you for alerting me to these scams.

I bought hitman pro a couple months ago,,,,i got a virus that ruined my computer,, I put hitman on the new computer and it won't let me use the last 10 months of my license on my new computer,,, says I have to buy it again,,, to me this is a scam as well.

I had a virus too! My provider told me to go to the AT&T store and get a new one I picked out 3 ! He said sorry out of stock! He pulls the lgv10 out of his pocket and said you will love this! I said I'm not paying 700.00 for all these things I don't use he said its easy toll love it! So after having severe back surgery I wanted to get the phone go home! How dum I was! Then the lgv10(900) getting 3 referbished with issues I called my company and recorded for the safety of both she offered me a brand new galaxy7active or edge or edge I took active i got it over THE phone went to the store to get my contacts and pictures transferred to my new galaxy7active now the 3nd day serious issues ! Hacked 2 important accounts for the galaxy7active my medical chart my walgreens account and crashed recording my talked between my contacts battery is draining faster then my fast charger ya this is so bad it gets worse i called AT&T and talked about to warrenty I the issues she after awhile said by your imei# its not new its a referbished! I said no way I was shocked the lady that gave me the galaxy7active by phone was excited said 3x no I'm not kidding a brand new phone! I was told by the girl that told me it's referbished phone i was upset I was told to go call Assyrian and he did nothing but saying that he had the same phone didnt check anything told me to get a app called scanguard!!!! I'm going to pay 10.00 a month for problems i already have and my biggest thing is how can they lie to you it came in a box and packed as if you got it at the store I font think it was right WE'VE been with AT&T WITH the bundle many years with the uverse bundle told ! My phone is now going on6 months! Samsung reached out to me so I'll call them any suggestions on the phone issues who do i go or talked to! I lost my trust they are not like they use to be with help it seems they font care! I might go elsewhere

You can report problems to the FTC at You can provide information about what the company promised, and what you really got. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Is there any way to identify a Scammer when they call and all that the caller ID reads is "Out of Area"?
Yesterday, I got the call where somebody claims to be your grandson and needs money wired to get out of jail.

Don't answer any number you don't recognize!

Get one of those apps that blocks phone numbers. I use Mr.Number most of the calls I get are some type of scams and if people reported them to this app it will come up as scam. Or google the number they called from you can get information that way also.

I received a call from a person who said he was with Microsoft tech support and my prescription has expired and if I did not contact them my service would be interrupted. I called the proper no. To Microsoft and was advised that Microsoft did not call customers. I was advised to go to Microsoft and report a scam

I received a call too from people who claim to be from Microsoft and before long they high jacked my computer claiming that a message originated from my computer indicated that my firewall was compromised and they are to repair it only to demand money or else and disabled it.

I received this same message on my computer several months ago and called the number that was alleged to be Microsoft technician. The same claim was made about my computer firewall being compromised with the demand that I pay $595 to have another company repair and remove the Trojan Horse virus. Fortunately, my husband and I sensed it was a scam and terminated the call without giving any further information.

Leave message on answering service: State you last name "I am monitoring my calls please state your business, leave your Name and Number". 98% will hang up.

GOod idea. I just plain don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Most hang up at the voicemail. Some robocalls will start talking over the outgoing message and I get partial messages about easy loans that will be deposited right into my account within a day. Right, like I'm going to give them my account number! I report those. Anyone with a foreign accent gets reported, since the only person I know with a foreign accent is my grandfather and he's been gone since 1982. ;-)

Thank you for this info. For months I have been getting e-mails for lottery winnings (scams) and now the internet provider has finally stopped the graphic sex e-mails looking for a partner (scam). I didn't realize that the FTC would take a complaint on this, so thank you for this information.

Lucky! I've been getting those graphic nonsense nonstop. All of them are dating-type stuff. I feel like it invades my privacy and wants me to commit dating-related crime. I can't even date at my age! Any way to stop them?

I hope I made all those Authorization to the right legit agencies in the US. Otherwise, I could've given the enemy access to the most powerful software in the world.

All the best,

I keep getting calls from the IRS, or so they say, and lots of Robocalls. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer the phone. I figure if it is someone trying to get a hold of me, they better leave a message.

I to get calls from the IRS they leave messages and phone numbers to call back I ignore. I figure no government agencies going to call me if they want me I would think they would send something in the mail or knock on my door I don't think they would be calling I also get emails saying they are government agencies wanting something I ignore delete put in the trash I also use block calls

I'm so glad that you have written this article. I too have been scammed with 2 job opportunities, debt collector and IRS. Good thing I have been looking into this prior to me cashing fake checks. My husband and I are on very limited income and we would have been in a serious hurt had I note signed up with FTC. I can't thank you enough for all the reports I get. Thank you!!!

I just got one of these IRS scam calls again this morning. I just hung up, but there are people who panic and comply with the demands. Enough is enough!!

I got a call from the "Naylor. Police Fund." I have my credit card #. As soon as I hung up, I looked in the outer, found it was a scam.

Someone stole my cousins idenity and used his picture to scam me out of a lot of money. Then I called him on a stored number in my phone and he said they messed him up on his facebook.. I do not use my photo and the only facebook is from my grandchildren sending me pics of my great grandsons. I do not use facebook. Only talk to friends that are on it.

If someone is using your personal information to open accounts, file taxes, or make purchases, visit to report and recover from identity theft.

I got a fake $1950 check by mail telling me I can work as a secret
Shopper cash the check keep $400 as my salary and buy
Gift cards for the remaining money peel a side off make pictures
Of the numbers and send the pictures back to a gmail account
I knew it was a terrible scam.
Please be aware!

i was a victim of the same kinda scam ... someone hacked into my cousins facebook account and somehow had my number thru text messaging me that he was a federal grant advisor.. and i am available to recieve a grant ,, never did i ever think it was a scam everything he was telling me sounded kinda legit.. or maybe thats how good they are distracting you ... as io am trying to get them off the phone to take care of my six year old daughter ... they distracted me so good thru the facebook account of my cousin agreeing all the way saying how true and that they recieved thier grant within 24 hours ... smh i usually know a scam .. they wanted me to send my drivers license and some info which i did .. :( also a money wire of $550.00 to cover the fees of the grant .... i feel so ashamed that i fell for this ... i was in a panic as i alerted the federal trade comissions and the highway of drivers license thew credit beurues and all my bank and credit cards to be alerted for fraud ... ughhhh did an online complaint with criminal investigations and social security just incase they have that ,,, which i did not give but who knows these days im sure they can get it ... i also signed up for lifelock and tried to secure my idenity the best i far so good on being alert .. i also found the provider of the number which they were using i am so mad at myself but not worried about the money as much as my idenity ... i contacted the postal general for just incase of an address change ... my next step i think i need to go report this to the local police just for myself .. thank you for all your stories and here is mine to add to the list not believe you are getting a grant from a decon james fleming or a rev paul lambert... its crazy that this scams exsist and its a shame to do this to innocent beings just trying to make it especially with bills and family they have to take care of .... i am very alert nowadays... do not trust people even if you think you know them ... confirm by making that simple phone call first

When the caller pleasantly says "Can you hear me okay?" do NOT say "Yes." They will record your answer and put it on a tape to prove you agreed to buy whatever they're pushing. Could be very expensive. Remember never to say "Yes" unless you know the person calling.

The FTC has heard from hundreds of people who have gotten calls like this. We wrote this post about it — Calls asking “Can you hear me now?”  

I received a call last night and a man asked if I was(name)Like an idiot I said "yes" I did not know who the man was, he said he was calling for a job opportunity reference for Brandi Hinton & asked if I knew Brandi Hinton. When I said no, he said okay thank-you for your time. When I hung up I noticed the number was strange and realized I had most likely been scammed so am now worried about what may happen as a result of my saying yes. I reported to FTC

Did anything come if this? I just received a call like that and only after I hung up, after confirming my number, did I think it was suspicious,

I found NOMOROBO to work. It lets the phone ring once and then hangs up without letting me answer. It's for Robo calls only. I have mine tied in with Spectrum/time Warner. If you have caller ID, it's well worth the extra. Just don't answer the phone if it's an unknown number.

I received RESTRICTED calls every 20 min. I called and reported this. Funny, the calls stopped!!!!

NoMoRobo failed to intercept a telemarketer IDd as coming from Phoenix AZ, so I picked up the call ready to sink my fangs into a telemarketer. 602-338-9972 uses the same recording as the July cell phone calls from "The Call": 727-400-3833.

Both ask for me to leave my full name, cell phone number, and email at the beep and they will call me back in 24 hours. These idiots tell me I can make up to $30k in the first week of their financial program: ya, ha!

I like your new telemarketer call reporting site: nice. I did report these idiots.

I'm thinking I need to be ready for next time they call by having a temporary email with fake name set up just for them and give them my land line number, to see if I can get more info out of them when they call me back. These creeps need to be nailed real bad and I am very willing to help.

I was contacted by a supposed member of the PCH Facebook team advising me that I had won....and by the way I needed to pay a processing fee. My antenna immediately went up one more know that the PCH team never calls and two if you truly win a prize you do not pay processing fees.

I have been a targeted victim of Nigerian
Scams via email for about 6 months now. It is very frustrating and stressful. I never answer them and forward copies to FTC, but I still get them daily. I also get fraudulent checks for Mystery Shopper scams. So far they have sent me over $10.000 worth of checks! I have never cashed one and take them to my bank to be sent to Fraud Department. I am also receiving call that are Scams from IRS and I hang up and block the number but they just call from another number. I no longer answer my phone unless I know who is calling!
It is sad that seniors have to deal with the stress but it is important to stay informed and do the right thing and remain educated through FTC and others.

I get calls 4 8 times a day when they start asking for information I just hang up on them

I often get scam calls about online payday loans. It's various phone numbers and they seem to never be able to produce information I request to confirm the debt. They always threaten in an urgent, frustrated tone to call the police for fraud, have me arrested or garnished, file charges in court, or something to that effect. It's been over 2 years of these calls.

suggest you have isp's provide a list of web sites to check any and all scams - will at least help those with some computer access

The problem is a business does not know it's a victim until the scam is completed. IT support actors for marketing is pervasive on the internet. I have been a victim, however, I was able to correct the damage which is a timely process. Stay local with marketing people, that way you can confront and take action.

i m realy glad i found this has kept me informed and safe.

Over the last few years I scammers have tried every trick in the book to part me with my money. These calls include the following scams, IRS, fake debt collectors, computer tech issues, kidnapping scam, alternative energy scams, chimney cleaning scams, alarm co. scams, credit card scams, fake charities, Nigerian refugee scams, and others I can't think of at the moment. The bottom line is I have never fallen for any of them, in part because of this web site. However, ultimately it is up to you to part with your money and these scammers cannot force you to do so. If you receive these calls use common sense and research the number (probably fake) ,the company or organization calling and talk to people you trust BEFORE you give out any money or personal info. We live in a different world today and if you are not up on the latest scam info., who's fault is that? Be a responsible consumer and protect yourself from this scum by educating yourself and your loved ones, especially the elderly.


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