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Scams affect all of us

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How many of us get scam calls? Maybe it’s someone saying they’re the IRS. Or a debt collector. Or tech support. Or a so-called friend in so-called trouble. And they want you to send money. Sound familiar? All of us are targeted for scams. Every one of us. Which is why we created this video to make exactly that point – fraud really does affect all of us, in every community. And we all can do something about it.


Over the past couple of years, you might have seen some of these amazing people who’ve been willing to share their story.

  • Bryan Noyes, a veteran in Maine, told us about the debt collectors trying to collect debts he didn’t recognize.
  • María Juárez nearly sent thousands to settle a supposed lawsuit against her – until her son realized something wasn’t right.
  • Dr. Carolyn Bowers just wanted to get off the phone with a persistent caller, and so gave her Social Security and bank account number to get a new Medicare card.
  • A company promised to pay Dorothy Council’s credit card bills, so she paid them – only they didn’t pay her bills.
  • Two people in Pablo Colón’s family got calls claiming to be about a family emergency – and Pablo warned people about the scam on the radio.

Please share this video in your community. And, if you ever think you’ve spotted a scam, please tell the FTC. Because we know that talking about a scam helps protect you and those you care about from the scam.


American people everyday get so many junk calls, similar to that I get many junk calls. My advice to all American people: Please ignore these calls. By ignoring the junk calls, we can STOP these annoying calls. The scammers and criminals keep calling as the "Do Not Call" list does not apply to them, that is what they think. It is almost impossible to explore all complaints by goverment. So, please ignore unwanted phone calls and these calls may disappear one day for all of us Americans.

I keep receiving these on my voicemail. The I have visual voicemail so it types out what is said on the voicemail. I want to share this because maybe you can pick out the poor grammar and can see this is totally fraud ..
From the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. The number to reach us is 954-507-1261. I repeat 954-507-1261. Thank you.

This one keeps going around, I still get those, with varying callback numbers.

Calling as well from tel:9894956889 take care !!! Scammers are on fire !!!

Just got one of those myself from 864-302-7419. Looked into the number, and it's from McCormack, SC. Never been there, and no reason if it were real local PD would be robocalling from out of state.

Denise, I also got multiple voicemails today exactly like yours but this time the phone number is 606-280-8755. Isn't there a way to report these phone numbers?

You can report unwanted robocalls to the FTC at

You can report a robocall (a call that uses a recorded message instead of a live person) even if your phone number is not on the National Do Not Call Registry. Robocalls are usually illegal, unless you gave written permission for that company to call you.

Thank you so much for commenting on this! I just got this voicemail and while was pretty dang sure it was a scam, it's always good to 100% confirm it! Though the number that contacted me was 360-209-8910

I just got the same message, I laughed when it said I would be taken into custody by my local cops. Yes, with serious matters the irs uses slang words like cops. You can totally tell the scammer is foreign because of the terrible grammar as well.

I got the same call today and felt like my stomach was going to fall out of my mouth. Clearly any reputable business would use correct English and definitely not warn you or threaten legal action over a voicemail. These people are truly wicked.

I just received the same call, but from 413-248-7678. I found your comment because you copied and pasted from visual voicemail. Thank you so much!

I have been getting these every single day this week. today the number was 901-217-9280

I just got this same call today; message was the same, except with a different callback number.

I just got the same call this morning. Freaked me out! Then saw your comment, thank you. The number they left on visual voicemail is 818-561-6928.

I'm so glad I found this comment because I got the same call today

I received the same message on my cell phone, only their call back number is 818-570-9705

I got the same call today on my cell. Same message but they left the number 716-371-9698. I knew it was fake right away because police departments do not refer to themselves as cops. If they are trying to catch someone for whatever reason they are not going to call and warn them first, they will just show up and take them into custody. I've had messages from the one asking if you can hear me too. Thank you for the warning I won't get caught by that one.

What about messages on my computer claiming my drivers are out of date? How do you address these kind of scams?

If you’re having issues with a particular piece of hardware, you can check the support section of the manufacturer’s website to make sure you have the latest driver for that device installed.

If a message pops up on your screen telling you that your drivers are out of date and you need to pay to have them updated, your system may be infected with malware.  For more information, check out the FTC article, Malware. If you think your computer has malware, the FTC wants to know. Please report it at

I am older, 66, and get these calls constantly, like 7 just today, 8-17-17. Most seem to be about reducing my credit interest rate, but I have also got them from people claiming to be from the IRS, from people claiming to represent Microsoft, and a host of others.

I am severely disabled, answering the phone can be a lot of work for me, even just reaching for it can put me at risk for injury.

My phones, the ones I pay to have and have the pleasure of being taxed for (note sarcasm) should be for my use, not for scammers or people too lazy to check a do not call list.

I don't do business with anyone that cold calls me, or knocks on my door.

The video will not load. Clicking Play only results in a blanked out video area and nothing ever loads, as though it is going into a loop that never ends and never sends any data to my screen.

We are a spamfighting group, so am interested in the video.

Please clear your cache and try again.

Some need to remember that most of those who the scammers pretend to be will never cold call you let alone alert you with a phone call.

I've shared it. I hope everybody reading this does the same.

I am getting numerous calls daily from TN numbers. Company called Global Services has to be scam. Havent answered and keep blocking these nos

On my home ph., I keep getting someone with an Indian accent saying they received a warning from my computer that there was a problem. I just hang up-I don't pay for caller ID on the home ph. since I rarely use it. On my cell, I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Afterwards, I check my voice mail, if they didn't leave a message, I block the number. In the past, I've googled the ph. # only to learn that many others had the same issue. I'm passing on the FTC web address and ph.# to friends and family. Thank you.

WARNING Don't fall for a scam calling you and offering DISH TV FREE FOR ONE YEAR its a scam call is coming from India number they are calling from is 188 625-0057

Recently receiving robocalls saying the IRS has issued a warrant for my arrest because of unpaid taxes. One from Washington DC and the other from NY. I'm sure they are faked numbers. I called back and spoke with several Eastern Indian sounding men and women. Some with accents so bad, I could hardly understand them. Clearly a scam. I played along with one to the point of him asking me to get Walmart gift cards!! LOL!! I never knew the IRS accepted Walmart cards! Too funny. But this last one from New York, The girl was a pro. She played it very professionally until I asked her to provide proof of her allegations of me "attempting to defraud our government." She finally hung up. I called back again and got some Pakistani sounding man. He was not a pro and blew it in the first minute and then cussed me out. If I wasn't as keen as I am, I may have fallen prey to these guys. I'm sure if they get some of these little old ladies, they'll scare them into paying. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED.

Receiving magazine that never ordered Call the magazine co and they told me a third party has ordered them in my name " Subco Inc" canceled them
and now I am worried that I will get a bill from Sunbco Inc.

If you get a bill from Sunbco, Inc., tell them the same thing you told the publisher... You don't remember ordering the magazine, and want the subscription cancelled. For more subscription tips, please see the FTC blog post, Extra! Extra! Read all about this subscription deception.

I have been getting numerous, frequent, automated telephone calls from companies saying that I need to update my google business listing. If I choose the option of talking to a representative, they tell me I need to pay them a fee to get my listing updated or my business will be shown as closed, or that my listing will be removed. When I ask that my phone number be removed from their call list, they say they will remove it, but the next day they call again. The latest such annoying phone call came from 1-201-733-2359 at 3:15 pm on August 23, 2017. I have registered my phone number with the Do Not Call Registry, but I continue to get these calls almost every day, sometimes multiple times in one day.

got an email today from jerry brown. threating a lawsuit against me from cash usa. asking for a settlement of $804.50. I contacted cash usa the did not file anything against me. I say its another scam 916-469-1154. crazy stuff...

I just received this same email. I didn't know whether to respond to it or not. Did you respond?

Here's the main part of my FTC complaint about "The Call"
7:10 PDT tonight. Telemarketer, sounds like a financial pyramid scheme. They call themselves "The Call" and call every week, changing phone number every few weeks. When they called my land line the message left on my voice mail (one minute) included press 1 to talk to them, press 9 to never hear from them again. I did NOT answer their call. Caller ID = Starnet inc orl.
I called the caller id number (321-323-1091), which leads directly into a very long (12 minute) automated message that asks you to give them your name, cell number, and email address at the end of the message. The message says after receiving that info from me, they say they will call me back within 24 hours with their web site address, which contains more information. FYI: I did report this new number to NoMoRobo.

The main reason this is worth mentioning here is that they are changing numbers often and doing something that dodges being intercepted by NoMoRobo. The other difference is they sometimes leave a voice message. They sound like a pyramid scheme that needs to be shut down.

212-685-5182 claims to be the us government wanting to give you $9750 it's a scam. They have called me several times each day for 3 days now. If you tell them you know someone that works for the government they quickly hang up

Robo call on my phone always start with a mechanical or water "blip" sound before voice or computer message begins. Listen or not, but hang up. Whitepages directories are passing out complete information, ages and relative's names for "amunition" against us!

I'm NOT going to report the scam calls to the FTC anymore. It is a waste of time! They still call and call (even numbers Ive reported)Id like to have both phones TAKEN OUT and my computer too!

I encourage you to rethink this. The FTC doesn't have magical powers that allow them to stop scammers the second someone files a complaint.

1) As there are over 300 million people in the U.S., I'm sure the FTC receives LOTS of complaints, and it takes time to determine which complaints are legitimate or not.

2) There are many different scammers out there; they aren't all working in connection with one another, so a lot of investigative work must be done by the FTC before taking action in order to minimize the risk of potentially being in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

3) The FTC needs LOTS of evidence in order to take down scammers, and complaints from citizens are a form of evidence the FTC relies upon, so if you stop making complaints you're essentially becoming a passive part of the problem, rather than helping to contribute to the solution.

We receive phone calls up to 6 times a day from various people and recordings, claiming to be with Google or Bing, requesting we "varify our Google business listing" or it will be deactivated. One day our business owner actually took time from his extremely busy schedule to talk to "Google" who wanted $280 to verify our listing. I did it for free on Google'S website and called Google MyBusiness to see if this was a scam, which it was and they directed me here.

FYI: Google does not charge to verify business listings and their business advertising is customizable starting at a $100 cap, NOT any weird, set number.

The business I work for is receiving tons of calls from a company stating it is google trying to confirm our google business listing. I have asked them to remove our number. To no avail they keep calling. The number that keeps calling is 814-924-0070. Please investigate so they will quit calling. I received 28 calls since last Tuesday.
Thank You

Here's anew one - I got a call saying "You just won a big prize fron Publishers Clearinghouse and we need your bank information so we can send you the money," and knowing it was a scam, I said "Oh, really...? If you are from PCH, why aren't you at my front door with my bouquet of flowers and a huge check instead of sending me the money and WHY are you speaking with s JAMAICAN accent?" I got the number from my caller ID and did a reverse phone number look up on the computer - sure enough, a Jamaican number and a Jamaican location. I called and reported it - I'm not as dumb as the scammers think I am. Also have gotten several "your computer has sent a message to Microsoft" and the IRS one, too.

I had a Lawyer call my mom looking for me to settle a law suit against me.. I never called them back and haven't heard anymore from them

phone number 216-868-7237 has called several times saying the my Google business account has not been verified. Normally I hang up as the call is an automated call, but responded the call today. The individual on the other end state when asked that they were a Google employee. With further questioning, he became frustrated and started to get very rude. At that point I hung up and called Google Business directly who led me to this site in order to report it.

received a phone call from 201 696 3585 automated service stating imy google business is about to be closed for non verification. i called google my business to verify this info and i was told that everything is fine with my account.

I got a request from a customer named Jerome to pick up at Santa Clara st opp to county building I waited there for few mins I tried to call the customer he didn’t pick the call , immediately I got a call from someone named Jonathan he claims that he is calling from uber and asked me to cancel the trip since the customer don’t need the trip anymore and he says I get $25 as cancellation credit and $300 in credit for loyal with Uber so far and asking for my user name n password ,

I was like confused totally then I asked him again why he needs the account details he said without the account details they cannot credit the money. I immediately told him I don’t need any credit and can’t share the details he requested but then he immediately threatened me that my account will be deactivated

I said pls go ahd n do that and disconnect the call. So pls beware of such scams never share ur account details with anyone who says calling from uber or asking for account details.

I received a very negative phone call from 716 266 1225 demanding that i pay money or i will be removed from google search.Winsome White

I had just had surgery on my knee and one day while I was recovering I answered one of those annoying calls on the telephone. A number you do not recognize and normally do not pick up. Well I picked it and a woman with an accent told me that I owed the IRS $8000.00. She told me if I paid it now that I wouldn't get in trouble. It scared me. It sounded like she was in a busy office I could hear a lot of talking in the background. She told me her supervisor would be calling me back in 10 minutes to tell me where to send the money. I was shaken and scared. When the supervisor called I listen and heard the exact sounds in the background so I knew something was not right. I called her bluff and never sent the money. The IRS never calls you they only send letters in the mail so don't fall for that scam

I received a voicemail 11/13/17 that I needed to call them immediately and that I was going to be turned over to the authorities in the meantime they call my daughter and son in law with the same message to turn over my personal information or whereabouts or I would be arrested. I know this is a scam but this is out of hand they need to be stopped and they need to be in jail and turned over to the authorities. Their number is 855-303-5749. You can tell it's a voice over because it sound very muffled and fake.

662-701-3781 "Will get expired and next 24 working hours and once again expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 662-701-3781 I repeat 662-701-3781 thank you…”

Just received the very same message from 434-260-6618. I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the number. I read the message on visual voicemail and saw that message, then listened and heard robot voice leaving that message.


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