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Want cosmetic contact lenses? Get an Rx!

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You might want to think twice before buying cosmetic contact lenses – and the reason may surprise you.

What are cosmetic contacts? They’re contact lenses meant to change the way your eye looks, rather than correct your vision. Change can be a good thing – but you’re gonna need a prescription for it.

Let’s start with some facts:

  • All contact lenses – yes, all lenses – require a prescription.
  • Anyone who sells you cosmetic lenses without a prescription is breaking the law.

So why get a prescription? It seems kinda silly, right? Especially if you don’t wear vision-correcting lenses to begin with. But if contact lenses don’t fit your eye correctly or they aren’t used the right way, they can cause:

  • scratches
  • sores on your cornea
  • conjunctivitis, or pink eye
  • blindness

If selling lenses without a prescription is illegal, why are they sometimes sold without one? Great question. The truth is, not everyone is aware of the risks associated with cosmetic contact lenses. Many people think they’re different from standard vision-correcting contact lenses. So it’s easy for sketchy companies to trick people into buying lenses with no prescription info.

Can I still buy cosmetic contact lenses? Absolutely. If you're in the market for cosmetic contacts, see an eye care professional for an eye exam and prescription. Just don't trust any contact lens seller who doesn't require an Rx.

Yes, this makes things a little less convenient. But if someone is breaking the law by selling you cosmetic lenses without a prescription, can you really trust their product? When it comes to your health and beauty, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you come across someone selling cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription, tell the FTC.

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