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Working together to protect Texas consumers

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When it comes to meeting ambitious goals, even the Lone Ranger knows that working with partners is more productive than working alone. And that’s why civil, criminal and regulatory enforcement agencies from across the Lone Star State came together in Dallas this week to talk about how to better protect Texans and build better partnerships.

The August 17 meeting in Dallas was organized in cooperation with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas, and included many state and federal agencies. They discussed local and national issues of interest to consumers living inside and outside Texas. Highlights included:

  • Protecting people’s personal information and privacy
  • Fighting unfair lending and deceptive advertising in car sales
  • Exploring the safety, soundness and reliability of consumer banking and lending
  • Fighting frauds affecting older adults, including lotteries, prize promotions, sweepstakes, and Medicare fraud
  • Helping people have access to quality education by challenging deceptive practices in diploma mills and for-profit schools
  • Stopping the spread of illegal pyramid schemes, which are being heavily promoted online, in social media, and through affinity groups
  • Combatting scammers who promote illegal notario and immigration services scams, especially in border communities
  • Enforcing state laws that ban the sale of synthetic drug products

As Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “This event, in which state and federal agencies shared information on protecting Texans from unscrupulous business practices, benefits Texas consumers. The men and women of our office’s consumer protection division work tirelessly to stop deceptive businesses and return millions of wrongfully obtained dollars to Texans each year. I appreciate the Federal Trade Commission organizing this event allowing us to collaborate with others on this important mission.”

The FTC is grateful to the many law enforcement partners who participated in yesterday’s conference. We all look forward to better serving consumers as a result.


Protect my privacy

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Something I cannot understand, why cannot complaint against unknown callers that call everyday, anytime, to same number? Only the system allowing to submit only one complaint per phone #, the problem is that same phone # may receiving unknown unwanted calls, in one day. I think we should be allowed to submit complaints not only once per line. I tried to submit a complaint for fraudulent charges, I was not able, the system rejected.

So financially what does this mean in dollars for another machine of our choice.?who do we file claims with mine was bought at home dollar and supply shop for schools!

I submitted several complaints regarding a registered law firm and licensed attorney in Texas no body ever contacted me back on it. Neither for evidence nor saying that nothing can be done about my case. My case is in Bar Council but the Fraud attorney is confident to get out of it easily and he have been sending me threats in polite words to back off? Where is the justice and rule and regulation when dealing with these criminals licensed to play with law.

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