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Equifax isn’t calling

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Ring, ring. "This is Equifax calling to verify your account information." Stop. Don’t tell them anything. They’re not from Equifax. It’s a scam. Equifax will not call you out of the blue.

That’s just one scam you might see after Equifax’s recent data breach. Other calls might try to trick you into giving your personal information. Here are some tips for recognizing and preventing phone scams and imposter scams:

  • Don’t give personal information. Don’t provide any personal or financial information unless you’ve initiated the call and it’s to a phone number you know is correct.
  • Don’t trust caller ID. Scammers can spoof their numbers so it looks like they are calling from a particular company, even when they’re not.
  • If you get a robocall, hang up. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.

If you’ve already received a call that you think is fake, report it to the FTC.

If you gave your personal information to an imposter, it’s time to change any compromised passwords, account numbers or security questions. And if you’re concerned about identity theft, visit to learn how you can protect yourself.

For more information about the Equifax breach, visit Equifax’s website,  (This link takes you away from our site. is not controlled by the FTC.) or contact their call center at 866-447-7559.


Equifax should not be allowed to handle anyone's information due to the data breach. After all weren't they entrusted with information that was given to them other than you or I? If you get a call from a scammer or from the real Equifax you should ignore both.

I tried to see if my information was affected by the breach. I was unable to sign into Equifax site, at the initial sign in screen there was a continuous loop when entered entered my last name and last six(6) social and then check box I'm not a robot... I would lloop continous. I have tried for two(2) days straight. I also contacted them informed them what was going on and I was told to try later.

No reapose. Same as all complaints listed

The exact same thing happened to me on Sept 13, 2017, but I was told my data was probably impacted and I should enroll in their I year monitoring and they would send me an email with a date to enroll and if I don't hear from them in a couple of days I should check my spam and trash email bins. I'm still waiting for the enrollment date email. I've already had Identity Thieves for the past 20 years, part of a large criminal organization stealing everything they can that they can make money from. The authorities and people in many companies seem to be working for them. I've had trouble a few times with info on my Equifax credit reports being wrong and they even had me divorced with my names changed on the report they sent me. Copies of my ID's were given to a post office worker to give to my original Identity Thieve's Detective! after I posted the package and they wouldn't give it back to me, saying it was property of the post office now. There's more wrong info on my recent credit report inquiry reply...saying my info didn't match their records and wanted more copies of IDs!!! I have hag Extended Fraud Reports on all my Credit Bureaus and businesses I use and the ID Thieves are still changing my info somehow on my Credit Bureaus. I keep fighting, but, it seems futie !

Same here, it's been 6 days and I'm still waiting for that enrollment email. Which I'm starting to think isn't coming.

(Meanwhile, I've received literally 100s of spam emails preying on the victims, trying to victimize them again. Lovely!)

This entire incident is outrageous, and Equifax's pitiful response is making it even worse. I've been through this ID-theft/data-breach dance a few times before, and I have NEVER seen such a slow, irresponsible, incompetent response. And that is truly saying something. It's nothing but negligence, all the way down. GET ON IT, FTC.

<rant>If corporations are going to be collecting sensitive data, they need to secure it. Doesn't matter if that's not their area of expertise-- HIRE experts. My bank doesn't make door locks, but better believe I expect them to buy the finest ones available. And this is no different. Imagine if your bank was still using the locks they originally installed in 1894, no upgrades, no nothing. Then someone breaks in using a hairpin. They'd be 100% liable. Well that's basically what happened here-- old locks. The bank would be liable; how is Equifax not? This is insane.</rant>

Equifax. Enrolled in Trust ID. at 8am 0n 9-24-17. Still waiting for email to complete enrollment. The FTC needs to find out why people are not getting the confirmation email.

I've experienced the same things, with no email link and when you call the equifax phone number (866-447-7559) equifax employee tells you to continue checking!
I receive over a 100 emails everyday! I don't check mine everyday, therefore it takes me a lot of time when I do check! They are at fault so why am I being punished, this is ridiculous! They should be paying us for the time we have to spend looking for a reply!

Same here. I haven't received any email after going through the enrollment. It's been 5 days since I enrolled.

Same here. I haven't received any email after going through the enrollment. It's been 5 days since I enrolled.

I've also had this experience. I went through the initial process & got the enrollment date. Went back after that date to enroll. Went through several enrollment screens. At the end, there was a message that I would receive an email to confirm enrollment and manage the monitoring service. It's been a week, and no such email.

I have gone through the same process. First a postcard stating my info may have been tampered with.Then I received a letter stating I had been a victim of fraudulent activity. My personal information was stolen-name, birthdate, SSN, address, and financial info. I searched about the Equifax scam.

Next day I received a call about my credit report being hacked. Offered their plan of action to correct my credit reports and place a freeze on all credit reporting agencies. The freeze lasting 90 days in order to collect my credit reports and receive a lifetime identity theft protection plan which would include cleaning up my credit report. Although the one time fee of 250.00 needed to be paid before they would mail me the packet with steps to take; forms to fill out and places to mail them. I was told my credit reports would be on freeze for 90 days. They would email me the info and let me know when the packets would be sent. I asked about changing all banking and financial accounts. He said no. The report freeze would cover my banking info. They took money and sent me a packet.

I haven't received an email yet. I received the call beginning of October. Still no email. I attempted to call the number given. Received no answer and no ability to leave a message. Half hour later they returned my call. I would receive an email and their direct number would be included. But I was only allowed to make one call, so I was to make sure it was a call worth making and be sure I studied all info in packet follow as stated. When my letters were sent, they would be notified and an email would be sent. It is now February 11, 2018 and still no other contact, email, call, nothing. Still waiting.

On top of this info being stolen, I received a letter from the state taxes telling me my taxes filed in 2013 were incorrect and I owed $2300.00. H&R Block filed my taxes since 2008. I have been back n forth trying to correct the mess with H&R Block. But they could not find my files and did not know who filed for 2013. 4 times faxed were sent to the number we were given but the fax wouldn't go through. I mailed out the full package of tax info they requested three times. The first 2 were sent to the address given on the letter. A call stated the info was still not received. The third mailing went to the address listed on prior tax papers. I received a letter in response to this last mailing asking me why I sent them the papers. Then last summer I received a letter and a call stating the penalty I owed. The faxes were not received. I sat a whole day with the H&R Block agent trying to figure out the taxes and what they were asking for. She attempted faxing 3 times and would not go through. She then called asking for the correct fax number and insisted the guy stay on the phone until he could tell us the fax was received. Again I received a letter in September saying my 2013 filing was incorrect and the interest and penalty had increased and I could lose my home if I didn't send the full amount due. I don't know what tax filing they received but it did not match the copy I have in my records. Somehow my tax information had been tampered with as well. And no one else has the forms they are responding to. How do I fix this one? I read in the Equifax Scam that tax records were also tampered with and the phishing was just revealed via the public. I think they should be shut down. But I also feel Equifax owes us for all theu had done to us, the victims of their negligent. The provision can be turned over by the executives who cashed in their shares- $18million- and retired. (or ran with their profits) Is it fair they take shares of $18m and leave us in the whole, suffering from their messup?? NOT RIGHT!!!!

It's possible that someone who contacted you was really a scammer. They might have tricked you into sharing personal information. You have a complicated situation. You could call the Identity Theft Resource Center at 888-400-5530 about this. You can also go to to report identity theft and create a recovery plan to repair damage caused by the theft.

They don't send an email with the enrollment date! Once you are able to get through the over-populated "check for impact" botton, the enrollment date shows up on your screen. Then you have to go back and get through the same process all over again to enroll actually enroll. No emails. No reminders. And several failed attempts. But I did get enrolled. Also don't use links in Twitter as those have been breached as well. Hope this helps...

But once you enroll, you are informed you will receive an email to continue with the enrollment. It will take a few days due to the amount of emails they are getting. Mine has been over a week.

MY signed up date was on or after 9/13. We did on the following weekend. Putting in information they requested. Stated you will receive an email to finish off process, and I have yet to receive one. 4 of us did it. Not one has received.

After experiencing the same things as washingtonIma,I received an email on 9/22 from what perhaps is Equifax (who knows what is legitimate at this point), stating that they are behind in signing people up and that they will be sending a different email at some point in the future. No approximate date for the arrival of that email was provided. That second email will supposedly provide a link to enable customers to start the process. I'll keep looking for it, but I am not sure that I will trust that. Also, unlike the process provided by this FTC site for placing a fraud alert on my credit file, the websites for all three companies state that each one must be contacted individually. If you elect to freeze your account, there will still be a charge for both freezing and lifting the freeze despite some media buzz to the contrary.

Started enrollment process on 9/8, enrollment date to return 9/13, returned on 9/14, received link to complete enrollment on 9/28. Also received email regarding delay/thanks for being patient. So the process is taking a few weeks.

If you are using Private Browsing or Content Blockers you'll experience this.

How do I find out if my credit cards been scammed?

I am having the same issue no matter which browser I use. Were you ever able to get into the site?

I also encountered the loop when trying to enroll. I was using Internet Explorer. I was able to enroll after using Chrome. This is my second attempt to enroll. I never received a verification email from Equifax or trustID. I hecked spam.

Hi Nora.
I read an article in the New Your Times stating that the website is fake. It's getting worse and worse. Good luck.

It is Sept 20. tried several times in last 6 days to do 2nd step of trustedpremier signup (recommended action by Consumer Reports); there is a loop in enrollment process - cannot get to 2nd I remain unprotected. Call center cannot pass thru 'technical issue - enrollment 2nd step is non-functional / endless loop' because 'not their job / have no ability to do that'. So - am told to give them time and come back...?? time to fix a problem I can't report? customer svc endless loop

I'm receiving a 404 error. Has anyone else been getting this? I'm SO FRUSTRATED.

Equifax is part of the problem, they have no solutions. Ignore them.

I have attempted to freeze my credit both on line and via telephone....cannot be done. What is the FTC doing about the lack of response from Equifax.

i ran into the same problems. They dont tell you their systems are down until after youve entered your info. The gov should put a freeze on equifax conducting any credit checks since they cant provide this service

I've had now 11 names,SSN's, addresses and 176 debts collections of medical and cellular company's. Credit card that were opened for 2 months maxed and closed. All this info belongs to others. Now I can't move my wife and I into a new apartment or get us a new car. The CFPB says they'll help. I filed complaints any advice?

Equifax call center could not confirm if "may have been hacked" means my account was hacked or verify their web site's security!
Called their customer support site and left a message to call me yesterday. No response.
What are my valid security protection options?

Yes, I think the time has come that no more personal information should be held by companies. Just by having it "connected" to the internet makes it vulnerable. People need to just stop handing it over. They have shown they can't be trusted.

In total agreement. The FTC, or appropriate oversight Government office, should shut Equifax down. There is NO reason that the public should be subject to exposing personal information to 3 separate credit reporting agencies. These agencies don't even consider the public their customer and have not put us first, yet we are the only ones to carry the outcome of such a never ending breach.

Thank you for keeping us updated on the many scammers. I am getting much less phone calls after reporting the numbers and information to you.

Thanks very much for this.

We live in the information age, the problem misinformation and disinformation is information. One must be proactive in addressing cyber issues. K

Equifax does not answer the phone line the call center gives out for putting a freeze on your credit report!!!

I find it rather outrageous that Equifax isn't allowing you to request the free copy of the credit report online but rather expect you to mail copies of social security card etc exposing folks to even more issues via lost mail etc What gives?

I have tried to use your online services and your telephone services to take care of matters that the FTC says I should do in this situation; however, your mainframe is not accepting anything, the websites Equifax directs me to are not responding, and I can not get anything from the phone numbers you have listed. I'm trying to do what you guys are telling me.

Thank you. Good information. I'm sure the Equifax breach will leave a lot of people vulnerable to scammers.

Equifax is one of the most trusted entities in the U.S. How is it that they allowed such a massive hack which resulted in the greatest loss of private information in the history of the U.S. But they delayed telling victims. And their executives sold stock (insider trading). Then they offered a single button to ensure free Premium credit monitoring. But by clicking the "Enroll" button users were unknowingly declining the opportunity to file suit or participate in a class action suit against the company. And then it was discovered that the Enroll button was a fake. I entered ANY name and ANY number and it indicated my data was breached. They were simply using the hack (if there really was one) to trick Americans into signing up for auto-renewal Premium Credit Monitoring. Someone should go to jail.

How, you ask? Because that trust was misplaced, badly. While there is no conclusive attribution yet, the early signs point to a failure to apply patches for known vulnerabilities. Given the sensitive nature of the data at risk, such an omission is criminally negligent. Someone should definitely go to jail for this.

Same happened when I entered my name and a fake SSN. They should spend as much time in jail as any (supposed) hackers.

Absolutely! Can't agree more!!!

Equifax asks for SS number birthday etc. Then when you want their service the pc freezes or at least the screen does not change. Can you trust this is Equifax? With the volume stolen you odds of getting hit are small. Same as before.

I am going back to cash and checks. It may take longer to buy stuff but that may give me time to realize that I don't realy need that "stuff".

Cash or check, credit card, debit card ... unfortunately it no longer matters. Your information is already out there just waiting to be used. We are all sitting ducks, just waiting for the bullet.

Me too!!!

I totally agree, use cash and realize my house doesn't need Stuff to stuff it full. And being unconnected is good!

I Have A Few Problems I Need To Speck Someone A Place That Needs To With Or Other Credit Consumer's About A Scam And Credit Reports And A Place That Took Money From Me

You can report a scam to the FTC at, or call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357.

How about theses novel ideas? How about if the FTC goes after the scammers instead of just telling the public about scams? And how about if the FTC makes it easy to just forward scam calls and / or scam emails directly to the FTC?

Here are some links to help. You can:


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