Equifax isn’t calling

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Ring, ring. "This is Equifax calling to verify your account information." Stop. Don’t tell them anything. They’re not from Equifax. It’s a scam. Equifax will not call you out of the blue.

That’s just one scam you might see after Equifax’s recent data breach. Other calls might try to trick you into giving your personal information. Here are some tips for recognizing and preventing phone scams and imposter scams:

  • Don’t give personal information. Don’t provide any personal or financial information unless you’ve initiated the call and it’s to a phone number you know is correct.
  • Don’t trust caller ID. Scammers can spoof their numbers so it looks like they are calling from a particular company, even when they’re not.
  • If you get a robocall, hang up. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.

If you’ve already received a call that you think is fake, report it to the FTC.

If you gave your personal information to an imposter, it’s time to change any compromised passwords, account numbers or security questions. And if you’re concerned about identity theft, visit IdentityTheft.gov to learn how you can protect yourself.

For more information about the Equifax breach, visit Equifax’s website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com  (This link takes you away from our site. Equifaxsecurity2017.com is not controlled by the FTC.) or contact their call center at 866-447-7559.


I have tried to put fraud alerts thru experian, equifax and transunion online none will go thru, i then tried to put it on using the automated fraud alert line on equifax that would not go thru either. i
f you call eqyifax as i did hold time is 15 minutes or you get disconnected, they are useless and are not going to help you and i hope there are million dollar lawsuits

I think the FTC should require Equifax to provide free credit monitoring in perpetuity to all those effected by this breach. Furthermore, their executives should be penalized (including jail time!) for insider trading prior to releasing the information about the breach.

I am also concerned with the $$ Equifax will make off the very consumers whose info was exposed. When the year of "free" monitoring ends, they will earn millions to cover their own mistake. They are monitoring credit reports; what about bank accounts, social security numbers ... They sat on that information for a reason, or reasons.

Pathetic, company officers sold their stock right before the release of the breach. Equifax is NOT trustworthy after this serious breach and wonder if they will be forced to close up shop because I do not want anything to do with this company. They have failed to the extent this is not forgiveable.

Shame on Equifax, exposing consumers' most sensitive info, not being available for the volume of inquiries and consumers who want to freeze or use fraud alert. Many numbers to call are confusing.And all the warnings we get/heed to protect our own data...and THIS happens...AND we don't have a choice as to the MAJOR 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring Companies.No calls being properly channeled, no easily understandable directions, no easy access to complete inquiries to online/phone services.WHO was RUNNING the DATA SECURITY of EQUIFAX?WAS the US President's DATA compromised?
How do wealthy people protect their DATA? I'd like to know.
Now the working average citizens' most vulnerable to this breach. I thought this was a goverment protected site. My CABLE COMPANY HAS BETTER SECURITY!

When I looked up my account it said I may or may not been hit. How do I find out if I was or not? I called Equifax and they wanted me to sign up a one year credit watch with them in order to find out and I was not comfortable doing that. Is there another way?

Yes, Equifax phone and online services have been jammed, but just give it a little time and patience . I couldn't get in one night but was able to the next day.

I have been able to place a freeze on my Experian credit report and take advantage of the TransUnion free True Identity program. Equifax, which caused the breech and all these issues, has an unresponsive website and phone system.

I have been calling Equifax since 9/9/17. I managed to freeze my husband's account (all three bureaus as well as my accounts with the other two, after paying $20 to do, but that's another story) so all that's left is a freeze for me at Equifax. I have called every number I can find. The phone system would not take my freeze, the online Equifax site only lets you choose monitoring, I don't want that, I want a freeze, the Incident call center is staffed with a bunch of kids who I feel terrible being mean to as I try to hold my temper while they repeat a two line script and talk over me, and they say a message is taken for someone to call me when I hang up the phone, but it's been a week and no return call. Does anyone, anywhere know how to get your credit frozen with the clown outfit? Apologies to all legitimate clowns.

I was able to place a freeze on both my husband and I by going through my bank for the correct place to call and the correct email address that is set up only for this exact purpose.
We live in a small town where everyone knows everyone so it is common not to be treated as only just another banking customer. You may want to try your bank to see if they may have any recommendations for you as well as I did not save the information.
The customer service representatives at Equifax are indeed poorly trained understaffed, over worked and simply do not have the answers to many questions. . I am sure they were brought in just
to handle the massive call volume only as temporary help.

In addition to all consumers needing to freeze their credit reporting indefinitely, any company (like Equifax) that has a breach, and is not able to accurately identify specific impacted consumers from their own infrastructure reporting, then needs to to be held accountable by having to buy the consumer information on the Dark Web, so impacted consumers and banks can readily cross reference (this purchased list), to reduce the risk of future account takeovers and new deposit and lending fraud. While purchasing the data from the fraudsters will not guarantee, the fraudsters from further exploitation of the breached consumer data, this additional effort will help reduce the risk of future fraud of impacted consumers.

equifax does not answer any of their phone lines and on their website to able consumers to place a freeze on credit report account also the answering machine message indicates for you to send by mail all your personal information (SS# DOB ADDRESS ) in order for equifax to place the freeze. This is totally wrong as exposes consumers to more danger if all this personal information gets lost in the mail. Please give the consumer some more detailed information on how to solve this problem this is totally unacceptable behavior by equifax

Equifax's web site seems to be down and phone is "busy" ,..... or maybe off the hook! I did manage to get the monitoring of both me & wife account, but cannot get a freeze on there site. Other two credit "security" accounts I froze. At 10 dollars a pop,...and everybody worried about ID thieft,.... I can understand why many think this whole thing is a scam!

Good luck getting a freeze on your accounts! After spending 20 minutes on the phone with Experian and inputting all the requested info, I get a recorded message that tells me they can't process my request!! Huh? Equifax had me fill out the online form and then I get a message saying "System Unavailable Error 500" When I call, the guy tells me to call back later when it's not so busy! How about saying that on the error message?? Error 500 means nothing to me! Wow...

1. Prosecute Equifax VP, CEO, CIO.
for fraud, negligence and treason.
2. Legislate protections to allow consumers to determine how personal data is used and stored.

FEAR, FEAR, FEAR !!! Getting people to believe that they should sign up for a protection service so companies can collect a resisdual income from millions of people. It is no different then what the MAFIA would do to business owners. The ones that should be held accountable are the ceo's and other business officials. Most of these people come from criminal backgrounds. Its time we put a stop to this type of corprate scamming.

I have been trying to place a freeze on my credit with equifax for 4 days. I've been on hold listening to intermittent music for a total of 8 hours... no success. I've tried their website, also with no luck. I've managed to get freezes placed at the other bureaus but not this one? I hope this gets straightened out VERY SOON !!

Having the same experience not getting the enrollment link and should not have to wait days on end for verification. People rightly feel violated and that no one cares! I guess I will contact my Congress person. At least I have Doris Matsui in CA's office to help. This is unacceptable!

I agree that Congress should open an immediate investigation and also force the Credit Bureaus to put a freeze on all outgoing information immediately. None of us can afford to have our information freely floating around out there.

We also signed up for the free credit monitoring on September 12th and the notification we got on the website stated we'd receive a confirmation email in several days. It's been five days and no email!!!! Shut these people down and jail the Executives who knew about this and cashed out!

I put in my information and they say you will get a link never got one and when I call Equifax they say there is nothing they can do horrible. They need to get sued. What is the FTC trying to do to help us.

I waited until the day I was allowed to sign up for their free protection (according to equifax, my info was impacted). On the day, I signed up for trustedpremier, and still have not received the email to finalize signing up. It's been 4 days. I called equifax, and they literally were no help. Are they doing anything??

I think all these credit reporting companies are in cahoots with eachother and maybe even the government. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words, I believe this is the beginning of a setup to steal everyone's money...bank accounts, brokerage, property, EVERYTHING. The government is NOT going to help you. The US is over 20 trillion $$$ in debt and and they are going to get that money by whatever means necessary. WE ARE BEING SCAMMED!!!! Don't say you weren't warned!

Equifax people should be jailed!!! I signed up for the Trusted ID protection on Sept 13, to this day the 18th I have yet to receive email confirmation.. What is the FTC doing on this? There top brass sells stocks before telling public?

Enrolled in the free credit monitoring offered by Equifax and just like other comments, still waiting to receive a confirmation email from them to get started.

I attempted to enroll in the Equidax monitoring on Sept 12 as directed. I successfully entered my information and was told I'd get an email in a coupl days to activate. It's a week later. No activation code email, not in Junk or Spam folders either. No instructions what to do if you don't receive an activation email. Really poor.

I was finally able to confirm that I was affected by the breach as well. I registered for the Trusted ID Premier credit monitoring service offered by Equifax, but still have not received the link via email to confirm enrollment. This is being handled so poorly!

I too am waiting for the email that never comes. In theory I still have credit monitoring from myidcare from when the us government office of personnel management gave out millions of people's information from a hack that was apparently believed to be chinese government hackers. At this point, is there anyone left on earth who DOESN'T have all my information? I should just tattoo my social security number on my forehead. I watch my credit carefully as there is basically no one on earth now who doesn't have enough info to take accounts in my name. Cue the influx of equifax scammer emails next trying to get info from people not already compromised.

I checked the first day and it said I may have been compromised. So, I signed up and it gave me a date to come back. That date was 09/13/17, so I went back in again. Provided a little info and the website said I'd get an email with info required to continue. I never got the email. Checking spam daily. It's been 7 days.

I have waited same email since 9/11. No email at all.

Just like everyone else here I am still waiting for the email to finish enrollment. Way to create the issue Equifax then dump us to the wolves. Your day will come, I can only hope it's before you hurt other people that would prefer to not be involuntarily monitored by you.

Credit Reporting agencies have always been a conundrum to me - how they could sell your private info that is not public info and you have to pay to see it yourself? Equifax is a new low - they allow a breach, don't honor their phone freeze request line and, the worst, extort you to use their credit protection service - if they are not shut down and prosecuted, they evidently have friends in high places - which will it end up being?

Equifax does not care about those who were hacked since we are not their "customer". Their customer is buisinesses. Since we cannot boycott Equifax like you could Target after their breach, they just really don't care. However, wouldn't it be nice if when we apply for a loan, we ask the the bank we are doing business with who they use for credit check, and if they say Equifax, we say "No thanks, I'll find another lender". If millions of people use the practice we can watch Equifax stock drop. I too have not received an email to continue my enrollment. It has been 6 days now. I have not attempted to freeze since I have seen so many complaints. This is wrong but unfortunately since we are not their customers they could care less. Social Security numbers have been abused. SS# was never intended to be a unique identifier for our everyday lives.

I have been trying for 3 weeks now to sign up for the free credit monitoring.I have spent countless hours on the phone and when you try to visit their webpage it says page can not be displayed.I am sick & tired of this useless company.

i do not know what Captcha is

What i said was basically why not ask Hillary, what happened. really! it is a shame that we cannot freeze our account and are not told when it will be possible. It seems Equifax is organized about taking our information, but not when we need information from them. this is a set up for the Mark. The people on their phones are reading off a script and cannot even pronounce some of the words. I was given a second number to call that was busy and called back to the first and the rep was not familiar with the second number. She has a website though and it took about three minutes to understand the letters she was calling out. Once at end of applying to freeze the account, they said they were too busy to do it, but no idea when they would be unbusy.Oh well, guess none of this is a real big deal to want to hurry about.

I tried by phone to freeze credit with Equifax, when I got to a point that asked for what state I was from, and said Maine, I got a message that I would not be allowed to freeze my credit over the phone, to go on line. I went on line, entered the info asked, with trepidation, then got a message that my request was being processed and that I must download a page with info on it in case I ever wanted to unfreeze my account. And they informed me that in five business days I would get an e mail message from them as confirmation. The page with the info/ pin on it to unfreeze in the future was a blank page, empty. And over a week now, no confirmation. Have they just shut down completely? The other two credit agencies were easy to navigate, got the confirmations and pins no issue,but Equifax...nothing so far.

Put a mandated freeze on all credit agency accounts IMMEDIATELY, and notify each holder it has been done!!!!

I signed up for Equifax credit monitoring a week ago and haven't received the promised e-mail with information to complete the process. FTC, what do you know about this? Their registration process isn't working, so their "offer" is meaningless. Would you contact someone over there please. We can't get to anyone who knows anything.

Enrolled in Equifax Trusted ID on 9/13. Still no confirming Email six days later.

I too enrolled on my appointed date for the trustedid premier. It's been a week and I have not received the email from Equifax!!

have enrolled 3 times and have never received any return email or text as indicated

Same deal as most. Enter your name, last 6 of SSN and then the full page of personal info. wait for the email - click the link, and go back through the same thing - name last 6 of SSN and the full page. wash rinse repeat. *sigh*. After 3 tries I figured it was Equifax being morons...

So agree with everything said!! I too signed up for the free credit monitoring and am still waiting for an activation email. Also can't get through on Trusted ID's phone line. One day I did get through, put my phone on speaker and waited 3 hours--nobody came on the line!!! If you do get through to Equifax, they really don't help and give you the Trusted ID "customer service" phone #. Did manage to get the free monitoring on my husband, but when I check his account, there was "an error" and I should contact customer service. Again that same phone # that nobody can get through on!!!!! I TOO WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO FIX THIS AND PROTECT US ALL. APPARENTLY NOTHING!!!! NOT OK IN MY BOOK.

Zzzzz still waiting on email after enrollment 9 days later

i too tried to sign up for the equifax coverage after entering my information and being told my info was hacked. I finally (after several attempts) was able to register on the date I was told to do so and got a message saying to look for an email to complete the process. that was over a week ago. there is no information or followup about any of this. what is the FTC planing to do to protect consumers and insure they are protected since equifax apparently is doing nothing?

It has been a week and, like so many others, I am still waiting for the infamous email to complete my enrollment in the Equifax TrustedId. And there is nothing that the FTC can do to help us?!!

Same as everyone else. Checked both wife's and my information and both came up as potentially "stolen". Registered info w/ the TrustedID page and haven't received any emails w/ the scheduled dates to enroll. This smells more and more like a cover up. How is Equifax even allowed to continue to handle personal information when they had info stolen that accounts for more than 1/3 of the U.S. population?

Signed up Sep 13. I have still not received the completion email that is supposed to enabled me to complete my registration.

I attempted to place a security freeze on Equifax's website, and it almost completed, but then I received an error message which said to try again later. I tried again a few days later, and was the security freeze apparently did go through. However, I never received a PIN to use whenever I need to temporarily unfreeze in the future. The only way to get the PIN is to send my personal information via snail mail, which I am uncomfortable doing. This is so ridiculous! I agree that the 3 credit reporting bureaus should be required to put a freeze on everyone's credit. Isn't this a safer way to do this?!?


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