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Ring, ring. "This is Equifax calling to verify your account information." Stop. Don’t tell them anything. They’re not from Equifax. It’s a scam. Equifax will not call you out of the blue.

That’s just one scam you might see after Equifax’s recent data breach. Other calls might try to trick you into giving your personal information. Here are some tips for recognizing and preventing phone scams and imposter scams:

  • Don’t give personal information. Don’t provide any personal or financial information unless you’ve initiated the call and it’s to a phone number you know is correct.
  • Don’t trust caller ID. Scammers can spoof their numbers so it looks like they are calling from a particular company, even when they’re not.
  • If you get a robocall, hang up. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.

If you’ve already received a call that you think is fake, report it to the FTC.

If you gave your personal information to an imposter, it’s time to change any compromised passwords, account numbers or security questions. And if you’re concerned about identity theft, visit IdentityTheft.gov to learn how you can protect yourself.

For more information about the Equifax breach, visit Equifax’s website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com  (This link takes you away from our site. Equifaxsecurity2017.com is not controlled by the FTC.) or contact their call center at 866-447-7559.


What happened?

On September 15th, 2017 I discovered on my own accord that my credit had been compromised by the data breach with Equifax Credit Bureau. At this time I also had my husband check into his status and he too has had his information compromised. At no point since the initial breach, of which the exact date I am not aware, were either of us notified that our information had been at risk by Equifax. Unacceptable. On September 20th, 2017 the company tweeted out a FAKE web address with regard to the above stated matter. A fake website. Unacceptable. At what point does this behavior from his company become malicious negligence on the American consumer? My family have all worked very hard to obtain our current credit. Credit, something we MUST take part in. A company who can make a decision on our future, take our most personal of information without consent and view it how they see fit, and decide our future. Yes, we can work hard and pay every bill on time, take our credit seriously and protect ourselves with our purchase choices. But in the end, credit is something you cannot "get around" in today's life. So how is it that one of the 3 credit bureaus could be so grossly negligent with our livelihoods? Our futures? I want to see that they receive the harshest the government can do on behalf of all of the people who have been affected by this data breach. I want the standards of our information to be kept at the highest level of security. I want to see them not only pay the consumers back the whopping $1 or two we might see in a class action suit, but I would also like the government to investigate and fine all individuals and companies involved in this disgusting act. They are sitting by while millions of peoples lives could potentially be ruined by the Nations leading non-violent crime - Identity Theft. Unacceptable.

I verified, using my last name and ss #, at equifax2017.com the day this hacking was reported in the news. I too got the screen letting me know I was probably hacked,and I was given 9/12/2017 as an enrollment date. On 09/12/2017, I filled-out the online form and the screen thanked me and said it was successful, and I would be getting my activation email in a few days. It's now 09/21/2017 and I have not received an email, my spam filter is not the cause, so I called their help number 8664477559,and after only a few minutes of waiting a person answered and said they are too swamped to process enrollments. I asked what I could do and they said nothing. I let them know this is stupid. So, I enrolled a 2nd time. Guess they really don't care if my identity is stolen. I mean this is very simple SOFTWARE guys. Wake-up and DO SOMETHING TO HELP US FOLKS YOU GAVE AWAY OUR VERY CRITICAL-IN-LIFE INFORMATION!

You must enable cookies to enroll. Their software won't tell you that you must enable your cookies, you just get hung in a loop after you verify you're not a robot.

Haven't heard anything also. And just think gave all your info out again for it to be hacked.

I cannot believe that so many people are having the same problem. Equifax has made it impossible to sign up for the "free" credit monitoring by their "TrustedID" service. Yet there appears to be NOTHING being done by this agency or any other federal agency to rectify this problem. The intial post only talks about scam calls but says nothing about the sham fix that Equifax has supposedly put in place to fix the potential problems with identity theft caused by Equifax's negligent failure to protect our private identity data. Equifax should be fined for misrepresenting that a free fix is available when it is not.

This is still the case as of 12/14/17. I've been trying since they originally offered it. I have twice filled everything out, and then over the weeks continued to try the "Activate TID" button in their email to me. Always get website error.

yep, website error.

I really only noticed I was affected when 2 of my accounts got hacked at different times (few months apart) but the user used the same email address. lindexxxxxxxxx.com

I had bought a new computer and got a new phone, just because it was time, and then I got hacked again. Which made me do some digging and find out I was affected by this.

BEWARE !!! The CBS TV NEWS reported that: The Free Security (Trusted ID)through EQUIFAX was also Hacked. When you go to Sign Up for the services. Another source directs you to their systems to get your information. after you fill it in and hit Sibmit. It comes up as an Error or Can not process at this time. Try again later. It happened to me twice. The next morning I tried it again and a whole different form came up. I filled it out and it was successful and received an E-mail with further instructions and conformation this time. I believe I was a victim again. My credit card was used in June for over $9000.00. Later that day is when I heard about it on the News. I AM SO NOT HAPPY ! P.S. If your having trouble getting through to the Freeze. I suggest putting a 90 day Fraud Alert on first. I had been trying to get to the Freeze Alert for 5 days. Very Frustrating !

Trying to follow recommended steps. Finally got Email to confirm and sign into credit monitoring account. Caught caught in the continuous loop so had to exit everything, so tried again through Email notification, but then it said I was already sign up. So went to Equifax website to sign in, but says password wrong, so try the help to reset password, but says I have no account. How do I know if notification Email is real or fake????????

How do I know which phone numbers or websites are legitimate for Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian? The automated phone system to request security freeze and the websites all ask for SS numbers. I would expect that they would need SS #'s to trigger a freeze, but how can I verify that the site or phone number is legitimate?

I signed up for the Trusted ID protection (farce?)and have been waiting for the email to finalize the setup since 9/14.
Has anyone actually got that email?

After over a week of waiting, I received the E-mail to continue the Trusted ID sign up. I clicked on the link, and entered my birth date, etc. and a box popped up saying that it didn't match their records. It directed me to the sign up page again. I signed up again and waited three days for a new E-mail. This time, when I clicked on the link, they actually sent me a text message with the activation code. I entered the code, and used the drop box arrows to select my birthdate. A box came up to say that the information didn't match their records. That's as far as I got there. Then I went back to my E-mail and recicked on the link to try again, and it said the account was already activated and to log in with an E-mail and password. I never set a password. So, I clicked on the option to reset the password, and it said it sent me an E-mail with the instructions. They never sent and E-mail. Now I don't know if Trusted ID is activated, and I certainly can't get in it if it is. I tried calling Equifax and after over 45 minutes of waiting, I finally got through to someone. The man gave me another number to call for TrustedID. (888-548-7878) I just get a busy signal each time I call. They should change their name to Frustrated ID, because that's what they are. I was able to go into the Equifax website and freeze my credit file last night, and it said the freeze was successful and it issued me a 10 digit code. I think I'm going to give up on the Trusted ID Premier. I just hope I can unfreeze my credit report when the time comes.

Has anyone successfully enrolled in the free TrustedID? What happened once you received the E-mail, and then they sent you an activation code in a text message. After you entered it in the box, were there more steps and questions? Did you set a password? I only got as far as entering the activation code that was sent in a text on my phone, and then suddenly there was a problem. Now they say that it's activated and to enter my E-mail address and password, but I don't have a password. Were there more steps to the process after entering the activation code? Do you think my account is actually activated? This is very frustrating.

I have had the exact same experience. When I just called Equifax/TrustedID and finally got to speak to someone... let me rephase... when someone finally spoke AT ME, she picked up the phone and said "You will need to call back in two hours. Our systems are down right now and I am unable to answer any questions." CLICK. She didn't even give me a chance to speak. And spoke with a tone that sounded like this was all my fault and I was annoying her. I started this process weeks ago. Clicked on the link in the activation email day after day only to receive "site temporarily down" messages. And then when I was finally able to click the link in the email and have it work it says it looks like I've already completed the process and I need to sign in with a password I never created???
I am beginning to think the breach itself was a hoax created so that a bunch of us would fill in our personal info on the "TrustedID" website for their personal use. Anyone else feeling royally duped??
If congress can step in and save GM and any number of other big companies that created their own peril, why can they not step in and help us citizens that are suffering through no fault of our own????

Call or email you Representative in Congress and your US Senators, tell them to require Equifax to provide ID protection immediately. Congress needs to hear from you directly, they don't read this comment line.

So if finally rec'd my e-mail to confirm/finish my TrustedID enrollment, but now I'm afraid to click on link. I went back to Equifax to try and confirm from there, but they would make me start over from the beginning. The link is 2 lines long and not decipherable.

I finally received my email to continue with the enrollment to TrustedIDpremier.com. It took 10 days. I was likely impacted. Good luck to everyone and your credit. I would really like to see someone catch some of these crooks.

Both my wife and I received the so-called confirmation e-mails from Equifax on 9/21 and followed their link trying to complete the enrollment for credit monitoring. After entering my birth date, then got an error message saying "can't process my request at this time". I have been trying the enrollment using their link for the last few days. All I got was a message "system unavailable", is this a scam? Please advise, anyone? Thanks.

I received the same error message and now the web site says account is already activated. When I call their useless call center using 877-742-1415 they asked me to call Equifax support center and gave me the same number.

why does our government allow for someone to run a business on citizens private information? i certainly did NOT give them my information to freely give out to the world.

When I didn't receive the email to finalize, I signed up for trustedidpremier again. The second time, I received the email to confirm two days later. That was yesterday. I tried to access trustedidpremier today, but it didn't acknowledge that the setup had already been processed. Guess I'll give it a couple of days, and then try again.

I signed up and after 2 weeks finally received the link to verify, guess what? Site unavailable is the message I receive when trying to verify the last 5 days. Really makes me think trusted ID might really be a scam.

I received an email from Equifax. Leads to this web:

https:// trustedidpremier. com/ consumer-registration

This web asked for my birth date to continue.

Is this real?

If you did the first step in enrolling, your activation E-mail should say something like this:

Dear (your name).It is time to take the final steps in enrolling in your free product, TrustedID Premier, by verifying your identity. To do this, you’ll need to answer some questions about yourself. Successfully completing this step will conclude your enrollment process and activate your product.

To verify your identity and activate your product, please click the link below:

https:// trustedidpremier.com / consumer-registration/ x/ activate /

The link also includes a second line of letters and numbers that will be unique to you. When you click on the link, it will direct you to a page that asks for your name and birth date. This is where a lot of people are running into a snag, and it either freezes or says that it can't verify the information. I hope it will actually work out okay for you, if you give it a try.

Enter everything false and see if you can get what ever it says.

Just watching and waiting. Enrolled several days ago I get 100+ emails per day so I search through the email system for "Equifax" which led me to this article from FTC. I am still watching and waiting ( for my code or pin or whatever they want to call it).

Has my account been compromised?

This is the Federal Trade Commission blog. The FTC doesn't have information about whether your credit report was compromised. Read about the Equifax Data breach and what you can do.

To find out if your information was exposed, you can start by going to Equifax’s website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. (This link takes you away from our site. Equifaxsecurity2017.com is not controlled by the FTC.)

On that website, click on the “Potential Impact” tab. Enter your last name and the last six digits of your Social Security number. There should be more information about what to do.

Adding my own experience - I went to website 10 Sep and still have not received the promised e-mail to continue the process. We have a cut-off date of 17 Nov to register by, otherwise we're out of luck. Given its already been almost a month, can't help wonder how many of us are going to end up getting denied the "promised" coverage because Equifax wouldn't do its part in getting us the required e-mail/data required to register?

The Equifax site equifaxsecurity2017.com says the enrollment period for TrustedID credit file monitoring ends on January 31, 2018.

I have been trying to sign up since early November after receiving a letter from Equifax that my data was stolen. I have still not been able to get signed up with Trustedid. It NEVER works, EVER! I try all the time and the system is always unavailable. I guess that is their plan - offer free coverage til January 31st, and make sure no one can sign up.

I have been trying for three days to "see if you have been impacted." I click on the button and only get a "this service is not available at this time" type of crap. So I literally have no apparent way of seeing if I am impacted or to protect myself.

The form states "Understand and agree that I am providing "written instructions" in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing TrustedID, Inc., an Equifax company". Let's see, Equifax got breached so now they want me to provide vital, personal information to another one of "their" companies?? I don't think so!!!

This has really been a nightmare with the Equifax data breach. I was on-hold yesterday for over 4 hours trying to get through to the TrustedID Premier folks after being on-hold for an hour prior when I finally got through to the Equifax Customer Care number only to be told that they cannot help me and gave me a different number to try for the TrustedID Premier folks. I felt like I was getting the run-around because no one wanted to help address my questions regarding the email I received from "TrustedID Customer Service" about "Important Information About Your TrustedID Premier Activation". I wanted to make sure the email was legit first off and then try and determine why it was telling me that my account had already been activated (which it had not been). After being on hold for over 4 hours, I was finally able to speak to someone that I could actually understand and she checked the system (which was very slow) to ensure the information was there which it was... there were actually 3 accounts with the same information and she had to delete two of them before I could finish the activation process. She was able to assist me over the phone with the personal questions about my identity which I failed but she reset the questions and I was finally able to get past these questions that was hard to answer (who is going to remember the last 4 digits of a cell phone number you had 10 years ago). Anyway, all is well now but I can say that the TrustedID Premier system looks ancient... Equifax definitely needs to upgrade their software to a more robust user friendly program and make sure the security software is top-notch. Equifax neglected to ensure their database was secure and now we all have to live in fear for the rest of our lives wondering who's hands is our personal information in and check our bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc., every day to make sure someone else hasn't stolen our information. What a BIG mess! I think Equifax should be made to provide credit monitoring services and identity theft insurance for the rest of our lives.

Did first step on 9/13/17. Still waiting for activation email even though I got through to Equifax late at night 2 days ago and was told again I would receive email in 24-48 hours. I too had to hold for over 3 hours last week, but got no one!!! Now the CEO has retired with a nice retirement. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't the SS Administration re-issue our numbers and change just one number at random? Or, perhaps, put a pinpoint above one of the numbers and notify us which one? Why are we left to worry and fret around trying to protect the info - go after those responsible. FREE FRAUD ALERT FOR A LIFETIME!!

Tried to set up the Trusted ID. It freezes and let's me know "We have not been able to successfully create your account." and to call Equifax. Equifax customer service says "huh, you're calling the wrong number, call 888 548 7878 instead". Been on hold as I've been multi-tasking for over an hour now. Really people? Really? Either fix your signup system or fix the FAQ so they actually address the problems. This isn't that hard to fix. I'm irate at this point...I pity the poor person who will eventually pick up the phone.

Same experience as many of you already posted. Checked the Equifax site with my name and SSN and they said I am affected and to go ahead and enroll. I did the enrollment and nothing for many days. Finally I get the email from Trustedid and the link did not work. Finally it worked where it asked for my DOB. Entered and now I get the system unavailable message. Haven't been able to register for two days now as I keep getting the same error message. This is a huge mess. I can't believe they can get away with this.

There are some thing I don't understand. I called Equifax, answered their questions and told they could not use my information to determine if I was hacked. I was directed to a useless site. Beyond how did this happen, how we're Equifax executives able to avoid losses by selling their stock in the company before the story broke. What a coincidence?!

I won't be using my ID for a while

How do I know this email is not a scam?

I emailed them the day after this whole thing hit the news.I didn't get anyone andI don't think i'am protected. So what do we do.

I tried to view my credit report on Equifax, it said I had answered the questions incorrectly and would have to submit a photo copy of my drivers license, or social security card. Are they kidding? They have already shown they can't protect my information, now I am blocked from my report, apparently compromised, without a bit of help from anyone. Thanks Equifax!

I think they shut down their systems to find the problem. That is why we cant access them or receive replies from them.

Now that I have read all the above comments, I am worried that I have compromised both my Soc.Sec. # and my 90-year-old parents' Soc.Sec #s.Did I go to the fake site and enroll? How would I know? I am such a neophyte about all of this and am so upset thinking about it. I guess in the end it doesn't matter what "they" tell you; it's all a bunch of lies anyway.

Equifax should be sued out of existence for this monkey business. They can't responsibly handle our data, and it's clear they can't appropriately address an adequate response/protection for those of us affected. For at least three days, this is my response from the website when I try to sign up for the free credit monitoring from Equifax's own email telling me to do so (as I'm one of the affected accounts): System unavailable, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again soon.

My wife and I have worked our entire lives to save for retirement - - only to discover that an incompetent company [which steals ALL our personal/credit info withOUT our permission] gets hacked THREE TIMES then allows top tier execs to use insider info of the hacked data to make $1.8 million by selling stock options 2-3 days following the second hack [BEFORE informing any of those whose info had been breach at Equifax] THEN, pretending they, as top execs, had NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of them having 143,000,000 accounts hacked] AND several execs THEN magically RETIRE from Equifax again taking with them MILLIONS in bonuses AND MORE STOCK OPTIONS!!?? But Wait their is MORE! In addition to all the previously mentioned inexcusable incompetence, Equifax offers [months after the initial breaches] a paltry ONE year ID 'protection' to those breached [when this coverage SHOULD be for a LIFETIME of ID protection at zero cost] AND IF anyone signs up for the lousy one year ID protection WAIVES their RIGHTS to any future action against Equifax??!! Oh, but WAIT - - their is even STILL MORE!! Unbeknownst to the general public - Equifax has a major business CONFLICT - because they own no less than THREE companies which actually SELL ID THEFT PROTECTION [one is Life Lock - have you heard of them?]?!!?

They steal our data - allow repeat data breaches - do NOT inform public of breaches in a time-sensitive /responsible manner - steal $1.8 in stock options - pretend top execs were UNAWARE of the hacks months afterward - insult potentially harmed individuals with paltry assistance and less than adequate website support - allow several execs to retire super wealthy and 'scot free' immediately following these major data breaches - THEN, covertly, attempt to profit from the publics losses by charging for credit freezes AND SELLING ID THEFT PROTECTION to them!!?? NO ONE is in PRISON FOR THIS - not even discussion of the possibility of PRISON? NO LAWS have been introduced to tighten consumer PROTECTION from predators such as these?!!? NO FREE ID PROTECTION for LIFE?!!? These Equifax execs stole, lied, misrepresented their interests [for all we know, the execs have taken their millions and re-invested the $$$$ into stock in their several other ID THEFT COMPANIES?!!? Just to make even MORE PROFIT on our LOSSES, which THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR?!!?
Some thing is REALLY WRONG with this picture folks!! WAKE UP!! Congress NEEDS to get TOUGH on credit agencies NOW!! Congress NEEDS to LIMIT credit agencies to TWO - NOW!! They have proven incapable of oversight of FOUR credit agencies. Why do we NEED even ONE or TWO!??! let alone FOUR!!??!!?? Also, FTC is fail us as a public - if they have oversight responsibility - WHERE WERE THEY WHEN THE FIRST HACK OCCURRED??!!?? WHY did FTC IMMEDIATELY inform the PUBLIC of the BREACH?!!? It make perfect sense that the 'fox should NOT be responsible to care for the hens' - it should be the TOTAL responsibility of CONGRESS - along WITH the FTC to provided competent protection, trustworthy oversight and IMMEDIATE WARNING to the PUBLIC of ANY such FUTURE breaches?!!? FORCE Congress and FTC to be come responsible and act in OUR BEST INTERESTS?!!? We are being played by ALL of business and our own government - past time to OPEN YOUR EYES?!!? Contact Congress and FTC - TODAY!!!!!!

As another retiree agree with everything you said!! Still no activation email since initial step done 9/13/17. Called Equifax as can't get through at all to TrustedID and am told will receive it in 24-48 hours--never get it!!! When I email them I get emails back with a different "Case# and/or "Incident" #. I have so many of those, if they should contact me it will take me weeks to decide which one to use. Wrote 4 lawmakers in Federal & State-one from the State wrote back saying they were having "meetings" another put me on her newsletter list and the other 2 didn't even bother to respond--NICE!!! So much for lawmakers helping!!! Sign me up for a lawsuit against them all!!!!

9-30-2017: same as all comments. Equifax trusted id program, signed up for it, got an email to go to a website to finalize credit report freeze, the website won't load, Equifax guy on phone (15 minutes wait) gave a different website to reset password, cannot access that site either. TIRED OF THIS ! Is the FTC reading any of this? is anyone of the 535 in Congress reading this? When will Congressional hearings start, maybe next spring? President Trump should sign an Executive Order immediately ordering Equifax to purchase additional bandwith, server access, human operators, to accelerate consumers' access to Equifax to block and protect our credit information. Class action suits? hah that will be 2 years before a judge even hears the case to decide to allow a CA suit to be constructed let alone settle damages with consumers.

I got the activation e-mail and clicked on the link. Entered my birthdate. And then got the "System Unavailable" message. Have tried back several times this evening - same message. Like everyone else, I've been waiting since the news was first announced to complete this process.


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