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Order free FTC publications for your community

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Sharing what you know with your community can help others make sound financial decisions, avoid scams, and recover from identity theft. To help you spread the word, the FTC has created nearly 200 free publications on a variety of topics and in multiple languages. Order now — it’s free!

Whether you’re a member of a community organization, church, school, or are just looking to give advice to coworkers or neighbors, the website helps you tailor your search to the audience, topic, type of material and language that matters to you. You can choose the quantity you need and shipping is also free!

As you’re searching for the publications that best fit your community’s needs:

Ready to share these resources with your community? Visit and order today.


Thank you very much for providing this information that will definitely help protect the population. One piece of information I did not see in the publications is the importance of long passwords. Length is more important than complexity because security increases exponentially with the length.
Thank you for all that you do :)

Thank you so much for providing materials such as these. I share your content on social media hoping others will read it. Educating the public is the first and most important step in preventing fraud. I appreciate everything you do!

Thank you for your diligence!

Thank you for the opportunity to share with otherseniors.

I have been subscribed to your blog for several years now, and the information is very much appreciated. At work I do a couple of blogs a day, and one is the lastest information I get from your blog. I encourage everyone to subscribe to your blog as the information is always something a consumer should be aware of and of course the fantastic job you all do. Thank you, Texas proud from Houston

I just want to say Thank You for all that you do by keeping us aware of what's currently happening worldwide. I do share what I read from your emails with people I know, who then share it with people they know, and so on, etc. Scammers are quick to respond to any dishonest opportunity, but your notices and alerts help to stop some of the loss and disgrace to honest citizens. Many blessings to each of you for all that you do for us. Thank you!!!

Thanks again for the opportunity to move in great future opportunities together

I have bee unable to reach anyone that is in official capacity that is not a criminal participant!!'nn

You can report a problem to the FTC at, or call 1-877-382-4357.

I work at a non-profit agency, and we share your free materials with the public we serve. It is such important information that we all need to know. Thank you for providing this service!

Why are these free publications only available in quantities of 50? This is a great example of the government's inefficiency and waste. Why not send people the actual number they request? That may raise the distribution costs but certainly would pay for itself in saved paper, printing, and postage. I can't even imagine what kind of pathetic explanation someone in government would use to excuse such an obvious inefficiency and abuse of tax payer dollars.

You might have chosen a publication that's available in quantities of 50, but that's not true for every publication.

The minimum order for each free publication is based on many factors, including the cost to print, package, ship, warehouse and distribute to customers free of charge.

I cannot even order less than 100 now on the webpage. I did call and the phone person can take an order for 50. Too bad 50 is not an option. Perhaps this policy needs to be reviewed.

Thank You so much for the boxes of booklets. They arrive today! I know i will be able to help many here in the City of Love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am so greatful to have receive those publication. The Bible said that My people lack of knowledge because they do not read, we need to read articles like the once the Federal Trade Commission publishes so we can be ahead of those that commit fraud. Looking forward for future articles that help our people. Thank You On behave of the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Yours Jose S 

These booklets are so wonderful! It's great and underrated to have access to our rights.... I found the PDF for the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the one with the green cover) BUT I can't find place to order the booklet? Is there perhaps a link?

Yes, we have an entire website full of free material! Go to to find brochures, bookmarks and tip sheets. The material is free, and the shipping is free too.

Please provide these resources in Somali. Minnesota has the largest population of Somalis outside of Somalia and we need these resources translated for them, too.

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