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Organic mattress claim put to bed

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When I had my first child, I investigated everything I bought—especially the crib mattress. I researched the companies selling the mattresses and the materials in the bedding. Some parents will spend top dollar for the comfort or safety rating, while others may invest in an organic label. But what if a company makes claims it can’t support? According to the FTC, one company, Moonlight Slumber, LLC, deceptively advertised its mattresses as organic and labeled its products with a safety shield it invented.

The FTC’s first misleading organic bedding complaint has details. Moonlight Slumber, LLC advertised one of its mattresses as “organic” and another as a “safe, organic alternative to traditional crib mattresses.” The truth is that the cores of the “organic” mattresses—the parts that makes up most of the mattress—and the fire barriers are not organic, and about 70% of the cotton covers are not organic. The company also made up a “Green Safety Shield” certification and awarded it to itself.

So what can you do if you’re not sure about a company’s claims about its products?

  • Get the facts: Do your research on the product and the company. Look for reviews on impartial sites not associated with the company.
  • Check out certifications: Seals or certifications can be useful, but only if they’re backed up by solid standards. The package also should tell you about any connections the company has to the organization behind the seal, if that connection might influence your opinion about the certificate or seal. An online search may give you information about how long a certification has existed, and who is behind it.
  • Don’t settle for a shabby product: Disappointed by a product or service you’ve paid for? Use these strategies on solving consumer problems or report it to the FTC.

For more about information about organic claims, read Shopping “Green.”


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Thank you for letting us know. I appreciate your effort.

Well I'm wondering when this big deal Right like im Howie Mandell or something. Btw onward not Newton laws or in so many words. Heres topic but less than convoluted FCC thing ended up taking was a jongleur lawyer-up? or the facts of the fact FTC will light a Blog these days and kind of talk about your feelings in any others but if the FCC says go ahead and put yourself on a Do Not Call List. Likelistening to your high school history teacher or talk about sending a letter to your Congressman or Senator or District representative. Well you askme but idk.. none of it's going anywhere it's all red tape it's all jargon it's almost managed bottom line if you want Real Results go to your FTC representative Federal Trade Commission. I believe they're still handling disputes with creditors non abatement atori credit I owe so many ambulance rides it's not even funny for things I didn't even say Im in rehab like so many. To you,I'd like a little help I need no comment like I didn't comment about the ladies organic mattress take it easy bye bye


I have allergic when my mattress not clean as much. After I awake I got flu and as always sneezing untill I'm in college for study. Its so digusting experience. My mom give me some new matress and it helps decrease my allergic. i'm not sure about cotton but I will try it. Thanks.

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