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Apps to stop robocalls

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Are you getting hounded by robocalls and wondering what you can do about them? Reporting illegal robocalls helps the FTC and other law enforcement agencies go after the scammers behind them. But what can you do to stop those calls now? One option is a robocall-blocking app for your mobile phone.

Robocall blocking apps can give you the ability to do things like:

  • prescreen your calls before the phone rings
  • block certain types of calls, including calls that others have flagged as fraudulent or unwanted calls
  • block anonymous calls that show up as “Unknown” callers
  • use reverse lookup to detect fake caller ID information from call spoofing

Which app works for you might depend on your phone’s operating system. Before you consider downloading any app, think about the call protection that you need and do your research. CTIA, a trade association representing manufacturers and providers of wireless products and services, has a comprehensive list of call blocking apps.

Read Blocking Unwanted Calls for other ideas on stopping robocalls. You also can find out more about what the FTC is doing to fight illegal robocalls at, including several initiatives to develop technology-based solutions.

If your mobile number isn’t already on the National Do Not Call Registry, it’s also a good idea to add it. If you continue to get sales calls, at least you’ll know the callers don’t respect the law. If you continue to get illegal robocalls or other unwanted calls, report them to the FTC. Your complaints not only help us target scammers, but also help telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions.


I hope you can put an end to these calls. I'm on the Do Not Call list and still get 15 to 20 calls a day from sales people and scammers. I screen, but when the number seems to be local, I feel like I need to answer. But they do get a quick Hang-Up.

I have been getting "local" calls with my local prefix and begining numbers also.You can't even answer your phone when you think it is OK because it is a "safe,local call".There is no such thing anymore,I can't believe it!!!

Every day about 10-20 of the same prefix and beginning of my phone also. It's like they took hold of these numbers. Very annoying. I have to mute my phone at work and miss really important calls because of ppl like this.

Did you figure out how to stop these. I get them from a (205) 915-xxxx. Coincidentally my cell starts with 915. Again, i’m Afraid not to answer but they are always a solicitor. Thanks.

The FTC must do way more regarding telecommunications carriers. For example, Verizon charges money if you want to block more than 5 phone numbers and the blocking must be renewed after only a short period of time. You know that way more than 5 numbers are needed, perhaps 5 million? Why can't you work with all telecommunications companies to have them accepting blocking done for free and for an unlimited time (until the user decides to unblock)?

Ajit pai is a verizon lobbyist who is the chair of the fcc. Until he resigns do not expect verizon to care about you. Verizon is so arrogant they challenged the number portability law back in 2003 arguing that phone numbers do not belong to the customer. They suck as bad as wells fargo. I would drop them and go with someone else.

What do you mean as bad as Wells Fargo? Are they scamming people?


The FTC will do nothing to aid in eliminating robocalls or spoofing since all of Congress gets bribe money from all the phone companys that sell the numbers to the scam artists> until you elect people that actually servr you and not their campaign chest, nothing will be done!

I have Verizon and I'm so sick of Robo calls. I've called and complained with no help from them. My friends that have others plans don't have this problem so I'm convinced Verizon makes money off of this. When my contract is up I'm changing providers.

You don’t need to call Verizon to block a number. Just go to the incoming call list on your phone, select the offfendjng number, and block it that way for free.

Not like it does much good anyway. Most robocallers are using spoofed numbers nowadays.

Does Century Link charge also? I had subscribed for their blocking service, but have maxed it out. Is that why I've been charged for 3 robo calls from same number?

I have reported these scam calls in the past. Reporting it is more annoying and time consuming than the scam calls. You have tons of tech out there, find a way to make reporting available the moment (or at least within the minute) the bad call happens.

I need something to help me. fraud callers are using my moble phone number to call people because home owners are calling my cell phone number back complaining that i called them and i didnt,but they have my cell phone number, my house phone rings all day wth those bad calls i am afraid to answer any of my phones

Scammers use technology to hide the number they are calling from. The scammers program a dialing machine so an innocent person's phone number appears when the scammers make a call. They usually change the numbers they use after a few days.

I know what you mean I sadly have Verizons Straight Talk aka TracPhone aka several other Verizon rip off name they use...cause I can not afford a high priced service...I have had my cell number used the same way someone says I called them and I’ve never called anyone... several times I’ve lost far as call blocking it don’t work cause they just use another number and keep calling... I’ve blocked at least 125 or more but they just keep calling and calling !!!

I am on a No Call list. Have been for 20 plus years. I am also unlisted. However, publisher's of phone books include my name, address and phone number. WHY? What should I do? I keep track of "no answer","no caller ID" phone calls etc. Where should I send my list? Thank you for trying to help. ROBO's are nitwits, a nuisance and can take credit for a lot of "identity theft" problems.

Adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry means you will not receive certain sales calls. It does not mean your number becomes unlisted, or removed from public directories. You could contact your phone service provider or the company that published the phone directory if you want your phone number to be unlisted.

You can report the unwanted calls to Thank you.

I agree--more must be done. Is there a directory, in numerical order, of all phone numbers in the FCC database?

This is a good service. These calls are killing us. Thank you

called today from 507-251-5680
I hung up after she said Racheal at Card Holder services

It's already simple to block numbers on our cell phones.
Now help us block calls on our land lines!!!

You'll find more ideas in this article about blocking unwanted calls.

What not do what Canada does. The government has made it illegal to do such thing as well as spam.
It would be nice if our government did their job and did the same thing here.

Do you realize what a robo call is?

There all ready is a great product for "landlines". It's called "nomorobo" and it's FREE. Works great.

Where are the phone companies? They have ways to identify these scammers but do not. I guess they pay their phone bill and money talks.

Do not have a mobile fone. Will these suggestions work as well on my landline? Thank you. antie Em

You'll find some ideas in this article about blocking unwanted calls.

Hi Bridget,
Here is the solution that I want for phone spammers. 99% of mine are robo callers. Can someone develop an app that will answer the phone if the call is not in my contact list and tell the caller to press "1" to continue with the call. If it is a person and they press 1 the call will get through. If it is a computer, the call will not get through. It will not even go to voice mail. This seems simple to me. I have at least 10 robo spammers per day. I have maybe 2 real people spammers per week. I can deal with that. Robert

please et me know how

No matter how many ways there are to claim to stop such calls, they still keep coming no matter what. This is mainly because the scammers will eventually find ways around such systems. Also, even if you can block one number they use, they can always use a different number or in some cases even hide it altogether. Unfortunately, there isn't any sure fire way to block those who don't show their caller ID even when spoofed. It feels that if anything is available to prevent or block such calls that include the National Do Not Call List, it will only work on those who do follow the rules, not on those who don't. The only thing scammers care about is getting caught for their actions, and they know that as long as nobody can catch them, they can continue doing this to us and feel unhindered in the process. I really do hope that the FTC can actually find ways to stop them from ever calling again in the near future, because I'm getting tired of these calls.

Sign up nine months ago and in 2017! Calls coming in hundred miles an hour. Signing up is not doing good at all!

Our main number is for our home phone. We screen all incoming calls with an answering machine with the following message, which has cut down on a lot of calls.

"Please put us on your "Do Not Call" list if you are a telemarketer, scammer, or spammer. Friends identify yourself and we'll answer if available..."

Help the FTC restore the home/cell phone system to a more useful communication system without fraudsters and annoying callers.

Iagree with dweddig! Ive given up reporting the calls. I NEVER had this many until I signed-up for the DO NOT CALL LIST! Did you SELL the list to the telemarketers?

Yes all these calls ring to numbers that are listed on the do not call list. My phone that i didnt list on the do not call list doesnt get any calls. Interesting how that works.

I received a unidentifiable call. They stated they were checking my wi-fi speed and found some problems. I quickly hung up.

Just gave FTC all numbers from calls and texts, Guess what? They can do nothing about it. Looked at the apps to stop this, all chased down from India who stopped SMS in "their" country so here they are in the USA and ours is doing nothing

I clicked on "list of call blocking apps." and I didn't see any apps.

This is excellent information. Am really glad to receive this information - Thank you!

I have tried my best to report all robo calls - I am an 72yrs older adult and it is time consuming.
and it just seems that nothing becomes of it. However on the Lighter side of things many of the repeat offenders have stopped calling. Thank you FTC. As an older adult I have a consumer cellular provider and twice I have called them and have been told twice they have nothing in place. This pertains to my mobile phone Now what?

I get numerous calls from numbers that appear on my cell as local numbers. I get so many now that I have stopped answering calls from any number I don't recognize. I figure if it's something legitimate, they'll leave a voice message, and I can call them back. It's just a shame that it has gotten so far out of control. I'm on the Do Not Call list, so all of these unwanted calls are from people who are breaking the law.

Has anyone tried any of the apps. Which ones do you recommend?

Thanks for all the comments. Kept me from actually wasting my time. I currently reject all unknown numbers or just ignore them. It seems my calls have decreased in number overtime.

Yes, I block numbers everyday and scammers still get through...

The phone companies know how to bill a call so they know who's placing the call. Why don't they just force the true caller-ID to come across. They can allow legitimate companies or government to insert their names for a fee.

This comment is sensible. At least US phone companies can deny service to customers who use automatic dialers to spoof caller ID numbers. Because phones are a public utility Congress can regulate them. It's time for action.

The FTC chooses to do nothing about this. How many prosecutions? How many convictions for abusive scam companies?

You may be interested in the Robocalls Feature page. It has a list of robocall related cases. Here are two recent ones: 

You can find more information about FTC cases at, or subscribe to FTC press releases and scam alerts.

I can't see any reason for ANY robocalls whatsoever. Number spoofing has rendered our phones useless for incoming calls, so we end up answering none, and I would advise everyone to do exactly that. I would guess 90% of calls are unwanted. That doesn't seem right, that the use of the device has been pretty much hijacked. For most of the calls that actually do get recorded, the call is a scam of some type, so the do not call violation is secondary to the illegal fleecing operation that it represents. That this continues means that sadly they fleece a lot of people out of money. More education of the public needs to go on, so that the profit goes out of this.

How does the app know the caller is a scammer? If the app knows the caller is a scammer then why isn't the government stopping this? Why is there always a money grab for me ($$ for apps) or a 'do it yourself' task, but the scammers get the numbers from the government?


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