Call from 877-382-4357? Hang up.

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Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking they’re someone who can be trusted. The practice is called caller ID spoofing, and scammers can fake anyone’s phone number.

Today, we got reports that scammers are spoofing the FTC’s Consumer Response Center’s phone number (877-382-4357). But don’t let that stop you from reporting scammers — it’s still safe to call the Consumer Response Center, and it’s also safe to report scammers online.

If you’ve submitted a report or request to the FTC’s Consumer Response Center, the FTC might call you for additional information. But we won’t call you from 877-382-4357. And the FTC will never ask for money or for sensitive information such as your Social Security number, date of birth, or bank account information.

Scammers are constantly picking new phone numbers to spoof. Here are a few tips for staying ahead of scammers and their unexpected calls:

  • If you get a strange call from a government phone number, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information.
  • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks legit.
  • Feeling pressured to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

If you’ve gotten a call from a scammer, with or without fake caller ID information, report it to the FTC.

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I have received fake calls from people asking for another persons name and when I say they have the wrong number, they say “well maybe you can help me.” I’ve also received calls on my cell phone that have come phone numbers that have the same first 6 numbers as my cell phone.

In short the FTC cannot stop the spoofing of their own number, what does that me for you and I.. HaHAha! you cannot rob a bank and not go to prison but stealing from the old and slow is perfectly fine. Good job on stopping this FTC class act! bravo! How is this a thing? and what about people getting spoofed on either the called or calling side that are using a paid per minute service? does the party have to pay for they spoofed calls that are coming in or going out on their number? WOW get your stuff together and kick down some doors.

if the punishment is very severe for those caught hackers, then we will find less evil in this world.....simple

Hard thing is catching them to then make an example of them

Why don't YOU get a law that bans this?

I was going to give $ to CCI for breast cancer, we got cut off when I was going to give my C/C info...They kept calling me when I wasn't home...then I received calls from Time Warner Cable...after the third time I picked up because I figured they had the wrong #, as I don't have was CCI again telling me we got cut off and she wanted my C/C #...I asked why she was calling from a TWC # and she asked if I wanted to ask a supervisor that, and I said NO and hung's a scam charity for breast cancer...beware!...

I got a call yesterday wanting to sell me term life insurance. They started asking questions like how tall I was, how much I weighed, They already knew my name, address, and telephone number. I told them I wasn't going to answer any more questions and hung up. So that's a new scam.

Do people like this usually get caught or not?


My family and associates are receiving spam calls from our own numbers. I really cant report my phone number as a spam caller yet it is being utilized for such. This is putting extreme stress on us. We are older and am tempted to get rid of my phone. It haunts us at all hours with numbers coming from local known ppl.

Change your phone! Do not give out the new number to anyone you do not trust. I have a cell, but I do not give it out to just anyone who asks for it. Not to to banks, credit card holders, or companies . It is my convieniece, not that of anyone else. I am older and I refuse to be tethered by a phone. I have a land line with an answering machine that has call blocking feature. Worth while monthly fee.

I am constantly being called on my house phone as well as my cell phone to buy a new warranty to repair m y car. I have received over 50 final notices from this one. By mail as well as by phone. If I have not purchase after all this time what makes them think I will now break down and buy from them. The same thing occurs from AARP as well.

I have had the same call over and over regarding an expired warranty on my vehicle. I finally had to ask that they take me off their call list. If anyone calls you and you think it is just a "fishing" opportunity for them to get you info ask to be taken off their call list and hang up.

I have received several calls stating they are from a credit card company and because of my good credit want to lower my interest rates. Have you heard of this scam?

Just happen to me today
Reported to the ftc

Us too, we are getting the same call.

They call us at least once a week. Even when we press the button that supposedly takes us off their calling list, the calls persist.
Should I write down their number and sent it your way?

I get this call at least once weekly.. I just hang up..

I also received a couple of those calls. I was hacked in the Experian breach. I had changed my credit card when I found out. They had the old cc number. I hung up, blocked the calls, and reported the phone numbers to the fraud division of the cc company.

We have gotten the same recorded call several times on cell phones and work phones! Along with "you won a free trip to the Bahamas" recorded calls. I hang up. It's soo annoying especially at work because we don't have caller ID so we have to answer the phone.

I don't answer numbers I don't have stored in my phone with a name. My answering machine is always open. on my land line i get many calls that hang up when my outgoing message is about half done. Friends and family know I will call them back if they just leave a message.
Even when the call is from a trusted business or charitable org. i refuse to provide payment or sensitive information over the phone. With a business I expect an itemized invoice, with a charitable org I insist on a pledge card in snail mail.

What good is reporting a scammer if they are using someone else's phone number? What's the value of being on the do not call # if we still get calls?

because you won't get calls from legit businesses if you are on the list, unless you have had recent business with them...... THEREFORE, when on list , you can assume that whoever calls offering you some deal , IS NOT AN HONEST BUSINESS, BECAUSE THEY BREAK THE LAW BY CALLING YOU.

I am on don't call this number keep calling asking for my bank information the number 1888 561-8190 this a robot call i don't call them back. That my file in they office going be arest, I don't pay Thank you

latest:708-419-9118, 747-282-2166,

We also get calls from "Invalid Number." 99% of the time, we never answer our phone. They can leave a message.

When are you folks going to demand that phone companies lock down caller ID spoofing? I understand that done businesses have legitimate uses for it, such as ensuring returned calls go to their switchboard rather than whatever outgoing line was used -- but legitimate users can afford to spend some time and money authenticating themselves; scammers, by the nature of their "business", can't. This isn't a complete solution by any means, but anything that makes running a scam more expensive and slower helps make it unprofitable and reduces the abuse.

Nearly everyday I and my wife receive phone calls on our cell phone from our same area code, and the first 3 digits of our phone number (the last 4 digits are different) in an effort to spoof that these are LOCAL calls. They are all sales calls.


I still get scam/robo calls daily. Do Not call Registry does NOT WORK!!! So frustrating that we no longer answer any calls... our message says leave a message. Everyone's privacy and peace is being destroyed, we are, literally, being held prisoner in our own homes by scammers and hackers!!!! Must be a way to trace calls and throw the book at these scammers!!!

Agreed, if you find a way or hear of one...we would all like to know how to stop the scam & robo calls. Along with those, please stop the political callers (since most are purporting lies anyways).

ME TOO! Driving me insane with so many calls all day long.

Thanks for the warning. I report a number to my do not call list. Of course they do not call any more. Yet, thanks for the warning.

IIRC I've received 3 or more such calls. I have also received spam with the same kind of thing and similar numbers to call. I do recall at least one of the spams was supposedly from the FTC.

I reported all the FTC (actually, all spam) to the FTC database but did nothing about the phone calls except ignore them.

There must be a way to regulate giving out phone numbers to these people. Perhaps make them prove they are a business. This would sure save a lot of innocent people some major heartache. I keep getting calls from (254) 273-3036 even though I have told them I do not need a health plan and to take me off their call list.

good information to know. Thank you

Thank you for the alerts you send. I have been getting a lot of spoofed numbers. I use a call blocking app which helps a lot to block the numbers.

You have to be aware of these nasty scams otherwise you will end up robbed of your money and other things that follow.

How can you find out where the call is actually coming from? What country?

Get calls from a number that Caller ID identifies as Medical Clinic. Once I answered thinking it was one of my many doctors, turned out selling back braces. Now when I see the number do not answer.


Can the phone companies not be required to stop allowing spoofing?

Calling me to sell me a warranty for my car. I have been getting this from several different numbers. They all sound like foreigners.

There seems to be a lot more spoofing going on. I got "calls" from several local businesses and even a medical clinic that I use. When they did not leave a voice mail, I knew they not legit. I even had a call from my own number.

these are some scam number::213-297-0346,442-237-6051,

Thank you for alerting me to this information.

Received call today. Seems my email is being looked at through another person. Someone is tapping my phone. What to do.

I assume caller ID spoofing is illegal. But how is spoofing even possible? The phone company must know who is making the call so that they can bill the caller. Is the phone company complicit?

575-628-2143 is calling everyday, about Credit Card Interest. This number, is scam. 575-628-213 has called for the past 3+ weeks. The number needs to be STOPPED at once from ever calling anyone.

I received a call from 877-382-4257 stating that I was due a refund for work previously done on my computer. They states they deposited funds into my account that was over the amount they say they owe me. They also want to use my credit card, different from my account and go to Best Buy and purchase a card for $1,500.00.


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