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Call from 877-382-4357? Hang up.

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Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking they’re someone who can be trusted. The practice is called caller ID spoofing, and scammers can fake anyone’s phone number.

Today, we got reports that scammers are spoofing the FTC’s Consumer Response Center’s phone number (877-382-4357). But don’t let that stop you from reporting scammers — it’s still safe to call the Consumer Response Center, and it’s also safe to report scammers online.

If you’ve submitted a report or request to the FTC’s Consumer Response Center, the FTC might call you for additional information. But we won’t call you from 877-382-4357. And the FTC will never ask for money or for sensitive information such as your Social Security number, date of birth, or bank account information.

Scammers are constantly picking new phone numbers to spoof. Here are a few tips for staying ahead of scammers and their unexpected calls:

  • If you get a strange call from a government phone number, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information.
  • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks legit.
  • Feeling pressured to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

If you’ve gotten a call from a scammer, with or without fake caller ID information, report it to the FTC.

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I agree. I feel the same way. Going through it at this moment. Prisoner in your own dwelling. No shame now a days.

Thanks for the warning. I report a number to my do not call list. Of course they do not call any more. Yet, thanks for the warning.

IIRC I've received 3 or more such calls. I have also received spam with the same kind of thing and similar numbers to call. I do recall at least one of the spams was supposedly from the FTC.

I reported all the FTC (actually, all spam) to the FTC database but did nothing about the phone calls except ignore them.

There must be a way to regulate giving out phone numbers to these people. Perhaps make them prove they are a business. This would sure save a lot of innocent people some major heartache. I keep getting calls from (254) 273-3036 even though I have told them I do not need a health plan and to take me off their call list.

good information to know. Thank you

Thank you for the alerts you send. I have been getting a lot of spoofed numbers. I use a call blocking app which helps a lot to block the numbers.

You have to be aware of these nasty scams otherwise you will end up robbed of your money and other things that follow.

How can you find out where the call is actually coming from? What country?

Get calls from a number that Caller ID identifies as Medical Clinic. Once I answered thinking it was one of my many doctors, turned out selling back braces. Now when I see the number do not answer.


Can the phone companies not be required to stop allowing spoofing?

Calling me to sell me a warranty for my car. I have been getting this from several different numbers. They all sound like foreigners.

There seems to be a lot more spoofing going on. I got "calls" from several local businesses and even a medical clinic that I use. When they did not leave a voice mail, I knew they not legit. I even had a call from my own number.

these are some scam number::213-297-0346,442-237-6051,

Thank you for alerting me to this information.

Received call today. Seems my email is being looked at through another person. Someone is tapping my phone. What to do.

I am Just trying to find out The Same Thing Too, I Know My Email Account,Has Been Compromised,Or Someone Else Who Has A Phone That Was Supposed To Have Been,Cleaning All My Information, And Bring Back My,External SD Card, I Had Left In It,(because, I Had Moved And App,Into IT), And Then They Were Going To Change My Email Account And Information To Their Own,Yet I Never Got The Phone Back, And This Was A Neighbor I'd Known Along Time, And Trusted!

I Asked Her About IT Many Times, And She Said She Hasn't Done It Yet, And Finally She Claimed Her Kid's Must've Done Something With It, And She Can't Find It, I Am Now,Getting That Same Phone, And My Same Account Information,Coming Through My Browser Window"!"I Don't Know What To Do Either,About This, I Don't Own Any Computer, And, I And My Wife's Not Well And Going Through Cancer Center, And Treatments, And This Extra Stress IS Not Helping Us Either"!"We're Even Getting Call's Like This ON Our Basic Non Smartphone, And Messages Too, I Don't Know What To Do,It Seems Like Google, And Networks,Ect.Tend To Treat Me Like The Bad Guys"!!"

I Am Thinking Since Their Probably Using My Personal Information, And Even Changing Some Important Details,So I Don't Know What They're Changing About My Account Details,But I Can't Find Anyone Who Will Actually Try To Help Me With All This"!?"I Have Been Having Problems With This About,Two Years Now, And I'VE Still Not Found Any Help For Me And My Wife"!"What's So Wrong With This World That The Innocent People Have To Also Pay The Price,For What's Being Done To US, And The Poor, And Sick , Rather Than The Guilty One's Behind All This Thanks

If you are getting calls from numbers you don't know, they are probably scam calls. The scammers use computers to dial many people and leave recorded messages. If you get annoying scam calls, that does not mean that someone hacked your phone.

I assume caller ID spoofing is illegal. But how is spoofing even possible? The phone company must know who is making the call so that they can bill the caller. Is the phone company complicit?

575-628-2143 is calling everyday, about Credit Card Interest. This number, is scam. 575-628-213 has called for the past 3+ weeks. The number needs to be STOPPED at once from ever calling anyone.

Thanks for the email as we routinely do not answer unfamiliar numbers, toll free calls, as we aware they are either scammers or solicitations, despite our being registered on the DO NOT CALL EXCHANGE. If we keep getting these unsolicited calls is there anything we can report to anyone since we are listed on the DO NOTCALL EXCHANGE?

You can report unwanted calls to

I received a call from 877-382-4257 stating that I was due a refund for work previously done on my computer. They states they deposited funds into my account that was over the amount they say they owe me. They also want to use my credit card, different from my account and go to Best Buy and purchase a card for $1,500.00.

781-591-4227 Robo call hung up without leaving message, the prefixes are first six of our calling area when I called after caller id missed call function, spoke with the owner who had not called me. I explained that their # appeared to have been spoofer

Kepp getting crank calls about the I.R.S.going to arrest me if I don't pay what they say is back taxes They sound from Inda, I tell them about you the F.T.C and they hang up.

I get these type of calls all the time. I would never give out any personal information about myself unless I was the one who initiated the call. Like they say, "it's free", well I know there's nothing that's really free in life.

I got a call from this number. What is it your advice

We've been getting toll free call, with a long number of digits above the telephone number.

I am very satisfy from my heart concerning the habit of posting , i love to stated my mine.

I have been getting so many calls, it's totally ridiculous.....I do not answer as much as possible, but I am ill and always waiting for hospital , clinics, i DO SOMETIMES ANSWER WHEN BY INADVERTANCE...i DO NOT LOOK AT THE CALLER id, WHAT AM i AM SUPPOSED TO DO ??? i WILL REPORT TO THE ftc AGAIN, WILL YOU FOLLOW THIS UP

Phone companies have the ability to determine when caller ID data is spoofed. Why are they still allowing this to continue by neglecting responsibility?

How or Is it possible for me to get this money back on these's twoscams and I promise that this will not happen to me ever again.

I'm seeing more and more calls to my cell phone from numbers in my area code and exchange. (Example: 1-555-293-xxxx where the exchange is "293") This is an attempt to make the target (me or you) think that the call is local. Wish there was true ID on all calls ...

We're getting scamming texts for wanting money to help stop the removal of landmarks in Indiana. When I blocked them after telling them no that I did not want them calling me on that Sunday,and asked to be removed from their list, it got ugly. I blocked the number and about 3 min later received another text from the same number, different area code. +18187219240 blocked n the next call came from +18087219240

We were scammed by someone posing as an Apple technician. They gained access to our computer and tried to get my wife to pay for problems I don’t think we had. The information they could have gained is scary.

The advice provided above conflicts with the FDCPA, where 3rd party collection agencies must ask that a consumer confirm personal information prior in order to discuss account details. It would be nice if there were a caveat in the post stating something to that effect.

I have been getting those types of calls on land line and cell. I keep track of the calls. Many are same area code and exchange. Somedays I will answer others I won't because no one is there.
215-438-5612,215-771-5923, 215-519-8147, 215-519-5459,215-519-8998,210-899-0033,215-519-1530,215-519-8436,215-519-3803,215-519-8704,215-580'7800,

I have been harassed for over 2 months with phone calls and emails. Daily, 10 -20 calls per day sometimes. I just received a call yesterday stating it was the FTC verifying my report to your department of harassment. The person who I spoke to knew all my information. Stated that there is a lottery I won (again) that I need to claim. Can the FTC verify this information? 206 629 9442 is the latest number used. Is this the FTC?

The FTC will never call you and say you won a lottery, or ask you for money. Also, the FTC doesn't have a department of harassment. It sounds like imposters have been calling you and using the FTC name.  A scammer can use technology to spoof a phone number, and make it look like he's calling from a real FTC phone number.

If someone says he's from the FTC, tell him to send you an email from his FTC account. If he really works at the FTC, his email will end with ""

I have registered two land line phone numbers, one which is unlisted and two cell phone numbers with the FTC and continue on a daily basis to receive many unwanted bogus phone calls on each of these phones. After receiving these calls I often times try to redial the number only to find the call will not go through. Very annoying!!!!

Since the fires in northern California see we've been getting calls with Firefighters in ID window. We block and do not answer. Another scam so heartless! We've donated through other channels.

I received a call from 877-214-5967 shortly after taking out a new credit loan with a furniture store. I went to the store and they verified that is the bank they do loans with, but now when i looked up the bank, this number is not theirs. the caller verified my phone number and i am not sure what else they asked me as it was a few days ago. I am concerned about ID theft.

Until the ftc starts tracking down and arresting these robocalling scammers the volume and sophistication of these scam calls wil continue to call. Warnings about "hanging up" or ignoring the calls does NOTHING to stop this growing threat to our phone system.

I have received one (1) call from a person using someone's local phone number AC (813). Hung up on her. I called the phone number later, a man answered and told me that he was trying to stop whoever was using his phone number for business purposes.

At 11:15am today I received a call that displayed the name of a local elderly friend and his local phone number. It was a robocall!! I called my friend back to verify that he was ok and had NOT called me. He verified both. This ID Theft is not a "spoof" at all!! A "Spoof" is defined as good natured fun. This is dangerous! If I had not answered for fear of a robocall and it was really a friend needing help, the end result could have been tragic. This is NOT FUNNY and NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! I am on the DNC list! I dialed *57 and received a busy signal. My Verizon landline says they do not trace these calls and I received no satisfaction from them.

Scam calls saying you owe IRS & they are filing a lawsuit. For further information call 1 646 375 2296. The calling phone number is 1 810 522 8419. They call 3 or 4 times a day & if you don't answer they leave a phone message.

All day for days now caller ID Houston TX 832-996-2717 calls, starts leaving voicemail before the beep, and after the beep something about chronic pain. Why isn't there a way to report this on your website?

You can report to

Another 877 number came through tonight. It is as follows: 1-877-219-5613. Who knows, perhaps more bad numbers to follow down the road.

Best regards to all.

Just don't answer calls from any number you don't recognize. That's what voicemail/answering machines are for.


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