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Let’s focus on cybersecurity for small businesses

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If you own a small business or work for one, you’re probably concerned with protecting your business’ data. You want to make sure that sensitive information isn’t accidentally deleted, turned over to a scammer, or hacked. So this week, during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let’s focus on making sure you know the resources the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has to help you and your employees understand cybersecurity, maintain your business’ computers and networks safe, and keep sensitive information protected.

Earlier this year we launched, which makes it easy for you to access the privacy and security information you need. For example, at you’ll find:

  • An article about computer security basics to keep your company’s files, devices and wireless network protected
  • Guidance to help you develop a plan to protect your business’s data
  • Videos that explain what you can do if your business is victim of a ransomware attack – when a hacker takes your data hostage – or a phishing scheme
  • Steps to take in case of a data breach
  • Blogs posts to keep you up to date on the latest advice

As we focus this week on small business’ cybersecurity, visit Read the articles, download the videos, and show them to others. You can also order publications free of charge and keep copies available for your employees. And if you subscribe to the FTC’s business blog you’ll stay connected with us this week and all year long.


What is the FTC's stance on using Kaspersky products?

I guess Kaspersky and ivacy vpn are verified by the government.

I like this idea. Because I really think done one harbour acct hacked

What do you do when an ex employee copies all of your computers and then starts using the personal information obtained against you?

If someone has stolen your personal property you could contact law enforcement. You can report identity theft at and create a personal recovery plan. You can use the plan to keep track of your progress to contact businesses and correct problems caused by identity theft.

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